Hawk <Dwindling-Light> and Shadow Black Leopard <Moon-Eclipsed> are rare wild animals you can hunt with a matchlock. They were added to NA on June 2, 2021.

Rare hunting mobs are difficult to find, but drop an unusual amount of loot from butchering them.

Respawn time is random between 12 and 24 hours.

BDO Rare Hawk Loot

Example Rare Hawk Loot from butchering.

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(600 Hunting Mastery)

Hawk <Dwindling-Light>
Level: 50
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Shadow Black Leopard <Moon-Eclipsed>
Level: 50
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Rare Hawk Map

Hawk <Dwindling-Light> is a rare hunting mob located in Balenos. He likes very high locations.

Hawk drops feathers at the spot where it lands, when it falls from the sky, giving a small amount of Supreme Lightweight Plumes.

BDO Rare Hawk Map

Shadow Black Leopard Map

Shadow Black Leopard <Moon-Eclipsed> is a rare hunting mob located in Kamasylvia. SE of Tooth Fairy Cabin and north of Grana.

Even low DP players can hunt him, although stumbling upon the normal Kamasylvia mobs might prove challenging.

He only appears at night.

BDO Shadow Leopard Map


Sources & Additional Info



Below text and images copied from official patch notes.


Behr, the village of hunters, is filled with rumors of new and rare hunting monsters. These monsters include a hawk that gives off a unique light and a dangerous black leopard that prowls about hidden in the darkness of the night.

* According to the hunter rumor mill in Behr, there have been new sightings in Balenos and Kamasylvia. They say you can find the hawk with its fading light as the highest point in Balenos, and that you’ll need to pay close attention for movement it loses its light entirely. As for the black leopard that prowls while hidden by the dark nights of Kamasylvia, it is said to be drawn out by the moonlight, near where the cries of the old trees can be heard.


[Dwindling-Light] Hawk

[Moon-Eclipsed] Shadow Black Leopard


– Hunting these rare monsters will give you a chance to learn their Knowledge, and if you satisfy certain requirements, you will be granted the following Titles:


Monster Title
[Dwindling-Light] Hawk

Flying as a Hawk

Dreaming of Flying

Wings of a Hawk

[Moon-Eclipsed] Shadow Black Leopard

Vanquisher of Darkness

Chaser of Darkness

Moonlight in the Dark