Caphras Stones are used in BDO as a safe form of gear Enhancement.

Caphras Stones bypass the failstacking system and give 100% Enhancement Chance.

Weapons and armor that are TRI to PEN can have up to 20 Caphras Levels. Start at 0 level and gain experience towards the next level by using Caphras Stones.

Every Caphras Level adds attack or defense stats. These stats are added to the character’s sheet stats, for the purpose of determining DP and AP Brackets.

To start Enhancement with Caphras, summon Black Spirit (,) > Enhancement > Caphras tab


Caphras Exclusions:

  • Blackstar Weapons and Defense Gear
  • Accessories
  • Main quest gear
  • Naru and Tuvala Gear
BDO Caphras Stone

Caphras Stone Enhancement


100% Guaranteed Enhancement

  • When gear reaches Caphras Level 20, you can increase its Enhancement level by 1. For example, upgrading from TET to PEN.
  • Make sure your item is at 100% Max Durability and click the ‘Upgrade Enhancement’ button.
  • NOTE: upgrading gear to the next tier will reduce Max Durability to 0 and reset the Caphras Level

What happens if I want to stop early?

If you get tired of waiting on your gear’s Caphras level to reach 20, you can still attempt to Enhance the traditional way via Concentrated Magic Stones and luck.

  • Enhancement Failure with Caphras EXP
    • without Crons: if your enhancement level drops, only 50% of the item’s EXP will be kept.
    • with Crons: If you fail enhancement using Cron Stones, 5% of the Cron Stones will be converted into Caphras exp.
  • Enhancement Success with Caphras EXP: only 10% of the item’s Caphras EXP will be carried forward to the next level

TIP: As you can see, attempting traditional enhancement with Caphras EXP can be very costly! See below how to extract Caphras Stones instead!

Caphras Extraction

Want a refund of your Caphras Stones? You can extract Caphras Stones from your equipment, but you will loose 5%.


How to extract Caphras Stones:

  1. Visit the Blacksmith to remove Caphras Stone from your gear.
  2. Click Extraction > Extract Caphras Stone
  3. 95% of the Caphras Stone used to enhance the equipment will be returned. see event notes
  4. Enhancement level of the equipment will remain the same even if you extract Caphras from it.
  5. Costs 100,000 Silver per Caphras Stone extraction. see event notes

Tranan Underfoe

Caphras Event:

Dec 29, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance until Jan 12, 2022 (Wed)

  • Can extract 100% of Caphras Stones used for Caphras Enhancement on gear
  • Costs 1 Silver per Caphras Stone extracted

Caphras Stone Recipe

Simple Alchemy:


1 Caphras Stone Recipe
   5x Ancient Spirit Dust Ancient Spirit Dust

+ 1x Black Stone (Weapon/Armor) Black Stone (Weapon/Armor)

= 1x Caphras Stone Caphras Stone

10 Caphras Stone Recipe
   50x Ancient Spirit Dust Ancient Spirit Dust

+ 10x Black Stone (Weapon/Armor) Black Stone (Weapon/Armor)

+ 1x Black Stone Powder Black Stone Powder

= 10x Caphras Stone Caphras Stone

Caphras Stone Grinding Locations

Caphras Stones are dropped by many monsters. Some of the most difficult grinding spots in BDO have the best drop chance.


Caphras Stone Locations:


Caphras Grinding Zones
Desert Naga Temple
Bashim Base
Titium Valley
Fadus Garrison
Crescent Shrine
Tshira Ruins
Cadry Ruins
Gahaz Bandit’s Lair
Polly Forest
Waragon Nest
Protty Cave
Red Wolf Village
Basilisk Lair
Ruud Sulfur Mine
Pila Ku Jail
Sherekhan’s Tomb
Navarnn Steppe
Schultz Guard
Sycraia Upper & Lower
Manshaum Forest
Forest Ronaros
Mirumok Ruins
Aakman Temple
Thornwood Forest
Marie’s Cave
Hystria Ruins
Kratuga Ancient Ruins
Stars End
Padix Island
Gyfin Rhasia Temple
Ash Forest
Crypt of Resting Thoughts


Typical Drop Rates:

Valencia grinding spots: 5 to 10 per hour.



Best Caphras Stone Farming Locations


Highest Drop Rates:

  • Olun Valley (O’dyllita) map
  • Kratuga (deep inside Hasrah Ruins) map
  • Aakman Temple
  • Hystria Ruins
  • Crypt of Resting Thoughts

According to May 25 2022 patch notes, “The following zones gained the trait of having a higher chance to drop Caphras Stones compared to other zones of similar recommended AP levels.”

Recommended AP 240: Manshaum Forest
Recommended AP 250: Thornwood Forest


Caphras Stones via Dark Rifts

Solo bosses, from Dark Rifts, reward Ancient Spirit Dust in small amounts. Most of the time, I get 2-3 Ancient Spirit Dust for each Dark Rift boss looted. Although the Ancient Spirit Dust amount is small, they are still worthwhile to do because of the other loot you obtain from doing them. Read more in our Dark Rift Guide.

Example Dark Rift Boss Loot:

Dark Rift Bheg Loot

Dark Rift Boss: Bheg
Difficulty: Very Difficult

Dark Rift Loot from Red Nose

Dark Rift Boss: Red Nose
Difficulty: Normal

Dark Rift Loot from Dim Tree

Dark Rift Boss: Dim Tree
Difficulty: Difficult

Caphras via Villa Quests

Villa quests are located in the Valencia Territory.


Quest Name Reward
[Daily] Kunid’s Message  Ancient Spirit Dust x25
[Daily] Karashu’s Message
[Daily] Amir’s Message
[Daily] Alsabi’s Message
[Daily] Gahaz’s Message
[Daily] Tasaila’s Message
[Daily] Shandi’s Message
[Daily] Atosa’s Message
[Daily] Dudora’s Message
[Daily] Oberin’s Message

Caphras Quests in Valencia


Quest Location Quest Name Caphras Stones
Aakman Temple [Daily] For Bolero  Caphras Stone x5
Roud Sulfur Mine [Daily] Code of the Mine
Hystria Ruins [Daily] Endless Threats
Pila Ku Jail [Daily] Monstrous Force
Bashim Base [Daily] Hostile Tribe  Caphras Stone x3
Taphtar Plain [Daily] Redeeming Our Land
Waragon Nest [Daily] Moria’s Fervor for Research
Basilisk Den [Daily] Unsubdued Grudge
Cadry Ruins [Daily] You Wanna Tango?
Gahaz Bandit’s Lair [Daily] Subduing the Force
Crescent Shrine [Daily] Fuming Frenzy
Desert Naga Temple [Daily] Disruption
Titium Valley [Daily] Deep Grudge


Muiquun Area:

Quest Name Sprit Dust
Pila Ku Jail Extermination  Ancient Spirit Dust x5
Desert Fogan Extermination
[Daily] Argos Black Crystal

Caphras Quests in O’dyllita


Quest Location Quest Name Reward
Thornwood Forest [Daily] Defeat the Fallen Ahibs Caphras Stone x5
[Daily] Glowing Statues Ancient Spirit Dust x10
[Daily] What It’s Like to be Subjugated
Crypt of Resting Thoughts [Daily] Flawed Turasil’s Power Caphras Stone x5
Ancient Spirit Dust x10
[Daily] Gargoyles Gone Wild  Caphras Stone x2
Ancient Spirit Dust x10
[Daily] A Greater Darkness for a Darkness  Caphras Stone x3
Ancient Spirit Dust x10
Tunkuta [Daily] Unknown Stench  Caphras Stone x3
Ancient Spirit Dust x10
[Daily] Turo Scouts Who Lost Their Minds Caphras Stone x3
[Daily] Foreign Invasion Caphras Stone x5
[Daily] Suppress the Strongest Ones Caphras Stone x3
O’dyllita Territory [Daily] Suspicious Black Things Ancient Spirit Dust x10


Caphras Quests in Kamasylvia


Quest Location Quest Name Reward
Manshaum Forest [Repeat] Struggle for the Forest  Caphras Stone x3
[Repeat] Unwincing Tenacity  Ancient Spirit Dust x5
Navarn Steppe [Repeat] Symbol of Valor Caphras Stone x2
[Repeat] The Most Beautiful Feather Ancient Spirit Dust x5
[Repeat] Smothered in Black Oil Ancient Spirit Dust x10
Tooth Fairy Forest [Repeat] Forest Guardian? Pfft. Ancient Spirit Dust x5
[Repeat] Things that Bother Us Ancient Spirit Dust x10
[Repeat] Strange Forest Objects
[Repeat] Forest Ronaros Weapons
[Repeat] Forest Ronaros Feather Ancient Spirit Dust x5
[Repeat] Using Spirit Stone Fragment Ancient Spirit Dust x3
[Repeat] Raging Guardian of the Forest Caphras Stone x5
Loopy Tree Forest [Repeat] Supplying Acher Gear  Ancient Spirit Dust x5
[Repeat] New Cleaning Tool  Ancient Spirit Dust x3
[Repeat] Stubborn Fadus
[Repeat] Defeat the Boss  Ancient Spirit Dust x5
[Repeat] Full-Scale War  Caphras Stone x3
Kamasylvia Territory [Repeat] Bold Investment  Ancient Spirit Dust x5
[Repeat] Master of Acting  Ancient Spirit Dust x3


Caphras Quests in Drieghan


Quest Location Quest Name Reward
Tshira Ruins [Repeat] Bronks Closing In Ancient Spirit Dust x5
[Repeat] Move Bronks’ Camp
[Repeat] Guides of the Swamp
[Repeat] Too Big to Not Notice
[Repeat] Can’t Really Sit! Ancient Spirit Dust x3
[Weekly] Tshira Ruins Elimination Ancient Spirit Dust x250
Blood Wolf Settlement [Repeat] A Moment in Time  Ancient Spirit Dust x3
[Repeat] Signal of the Beacon Tower
[Repeat] Battle of the Canyon Ancient Spirit Dust x5
[Repeat] Not Up for a Fight
[Repeat] Enormous Blood Wolf
[Repeat] Kagtum’s Faith Ancient Spirit Dust x3
[Repeat] Defeat Main Forces Ancient Spirit Dust x5
[Repeat] Before Gaining Strength
[Repeat] Wipe Out the Blood Wolf Ancient Spirit Dust x15
[Weekly] Blood Wolf Settlement Elimination Ancient Spirit Dust x250
[Repeat] Desire for Revenge  Ancient Spirit Dust x3
Sherekhan Necropolis [Repeat] The One to Face the Test Ancient Spirit Dust x15
[Repeat] Mad Garud Ancient Spirit Dust x5
[Repeat] Destructive Lateh
[Repeat] Silent Belcadas
[Repeat] Swift Nybrica
[Repeat] Federik of Protection
[Weekly] Sherekhan Necropolis (Day) Elimination Ancient Spirit Dust x250
[Weekly] Sherekhan Necropolis (Night) Elimination
Ahib Conflict Zone [Repeat] Locking the Backdoor Ancient Spirit Dust x3
Dreighan Territory [Repeat] The Moving Stone Ancient Spirit Dust x3


Caphras Quests in Sea Region


Protty Cave:

Quest Location Quest Name Reward
Protty Cave [Daily] Detecting Danger Ancient Spirit Dust x10


Sycraia Underwater Ruins:

Quest Location Quest Name Reward
Sycraia Underwater Ruins [Daily] Preparations for an Escape I Ancient Spirit Dust x5
[Daily] Get Me Some Time! Ancient Spirit Dust x15
[Daily] Preparations for an Escape II Ancient Spirit Dust x10
Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Abyssal Zone) [Daily] Mysterious Investigation Ancient Spirit Dust x15
[Daily] Hostile Monsters Ancient Spirit Dust x25
[Daily] Origin of the Eerie Sound Ancient Spirit Dust x10


Caphras Quests for Red Battle Field


Quest Location Caphras Quest Reward
Red Battlefield Victory at Red Battlefield! Ancient Spirit Dust x100


Caphras from Solo Boss Narc Brishka

Narc Magic Sealing Stone Reward Bundle has a chance of obtaining Caphras Stone. You get this Reward Bundle by completing the level 56+ quest [Solo] Narc Magic Sealing Stone. This will summon a solo boss Narc Brishka.


If you failed to defeat the boss, you can summon the Black Spirit to accept the ‘Weakened Narc Magic Sealing Stone’ Quest.
  • This is a Solo Quest, so you cannot summon the boss while in a party.
  • You cannot form a party while summoning the boss.
  • The boss will disappear if it is idle for 5 mins., or if it is not defeated in 30 mins. from the point it is summoned.
  • There is no penalty for being killed by the boss. However, Mounts must be placed in a safe spot.


Caphras Stones via Gathering

Gathering has a small chance of giving a Caphras Stone or Ancient Spirit Dust. Gathering includes Skinning, Mining, Butchering, Lumbering, Fluid Collection, and Underwater gathering.

Some items are better to gather than others.

Best Items to Gather for Caphras Stones:

  1. Gathering trees with a Fluid Collector for sap or with a Lumbering Axe.
  2. Gathering ore with a Pick Axe or wild herbs with a Hoe.

Caphras Charts for TRI, TET, and PEN

I have Caphras Charts available on seperate pages.

There are two different versions for each chart.


Caphras Chart
Caphras Sheet

Caphras Quantities & Silver Costs for All 20 Levels

Silver costs based upon a Caphras Stone price of 2.65 million silver each. (Market prices fluctuate with supply/demand/events.)

Boss Armor:

  • Dim Tree
    • TRI: 1,706 (4,521 mil)
    • TET: 11,189 (29,651 mil)
    • PEN: 24,460 (64,819 mil)
  • Other Boss Armor
    • TRI: 1,483
    • TET: 9,729
    • PEN: 21,744

Boss Weapon:

  • Dandelion
    • TRI: 1,823
    • TET: 17,689
    • PEN: 33,768 (89,485 mil)
  • Boss Main Weapon
    • TRI: 1,590
    • TET: 15,240
    • PEN: 29,403 (77,918 mil)

Lemoria Armor:

  • TRI: 580
  • TET: 3,630
  • PEN: 10,104

Liverto Weapon:

  • TRI: 1,123
  • TET: 10,763
  • PEN: 20,964

Green Armor:

  • TRI: 360
  • TET: 1,950
  • PEN: 6,612

Green Mainhand/Awakening Weapon:

  • TRI: 494
  • TET: 3,990
  • PEN: 9,615

Sources & Additional Info