Concentrated Boss Aura is an ingredient required to make a PEN level Resplendent Reform Stone used in Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear.

You can obtain it via Simple Alchemy and NPC exchange.

You will need 30 Concentrated Boss Aura for each PEN gear.



This guide does not cover the other Boss Aura needed for the Blackstar questline. That is a completely different item. Go here for that ➔ Blackstar Weapon Guide.

Concentrated Kzarka Aura

Obtaining Concentrated Boss Aura


Simple Alchemy

Use Processing (L) ➔ Simple Alchemy on boss gear.

Enhancement Level Product
Not Enhanced Concentrated Boss’s Aura x1
PRI (I) Concentrated Boss’s Aura x10
DUO (II) Concentrated Boss’s Aura x15
TRI (III) Concentrated Boss’s Aura x30


Boss Gear List for Concentrated Boss’s Aura

The boss gear you process are transformed into Concentrated *boss name* Aura.

Only the base gear up to TRI level of enhancements works.

Open the Processing window (L) then Simple Alchemy on one of the following items to get Concentrated *boss name* Aura.

Boss Armor:

  • Giath’s Helmet
  • Bheg’s Gloves
  • Griffon’s Helmet
  • Leebur’s Gloves
  • Red Nose’s Armor
  • Muskan’s Shoes
  • Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor
  • Urugon’s Shoes

Boss Weapons:

  • Kzarka
  • Kutum
  • Nouver
  • Offin Tett
  • Dandelion

Boss Aura via Exchange

You can exchange 2 Concentrated Boss’s Aura to Jetina to get 1 Aura of a different boss.

Example: Concentrated Kzarka’s Aura x2 = Concentrated Offin Tett’s Aura x1.

Jetina <Old Moon Guild Manager>

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