[Manor] Fireflies is a softly glowing decor item for manors.

It is a quest reward from finding the quest NPC, “Firefly” hidden in the grinding spot, “Pila Ku.”


[Manor] Fireflies


Unlike [Manor] Atanis Fireflies, it can only be installed in the exterior yard. It is more of a mood decoration than a functional light.


Q. Why did the Caphras Follower jail the firefly?
A. He wanted a night light.

Manor Fireflies

Manor Fireflies Location

Quest Name: [Manor] Destruction-seeking Firefly

Quest NPC: “Firefly” (hidden object)

Quest Reward: 2x [Manor] Fireflies


Pila Ku Jail is a node located in the SE section of the Great Desert of Valencia Territory.

It is almost directly south of Valencia City, but closer to Muiquun. (It is NE of Muiquun.)

View Map.

Pila Ku Node Map

Pila Ku Entrance Location

Pila Ku Jail Entrance

Pila Ku has several entrances. You want the one with the large carved entrance, NW of the node icon on the world map.

This is Great Desert territory, so you will need a compass, if you don’t know the way.

Pila Ku Jail Entrance

Turn Left After the Entrance

After passing the Node Manager, Botadin <Katan Officer> inside the entrance, turn left.

Pila Ku Jail Entrance

Turn Right Up Steps

After turning left from the Jail entrance, run up some steps, then take the first right, up some more steps.

Pila Ku Jail Stairs

Firefly Location

The quest NPC object “Firefly” is invisible until you walk up to it.

It is also very dark where it is located. Bring an Atanis Firefly. (I lightened the images to help you locate it.)

You will need to step onto a jagged little piece of rock jutting out. Almost at the very edge. Be careful not to fall.

Pila Ku Jail Firefly Location
Pila Ku Jail Firefly Location
Pila Ku Jail Firefly Location

Manor Fireflies Quest

Once you find it just accept the quest and it finishes without any other requirements.

Be sure to get the other 3 Manor Fireflies locations!

4 Manor Fireflies Locations:

TOTAL Fireflies: 10

Manor Fireflies Visibility

[Manor] Fireflies can be difficult to spot, unless you know what you are looking for.

At times, you can’t see them at all.

They look like glowing specs of differing faded colors of violet, yellow, and green. They float around and fade in and out of view, randomly.

Placement & Retrieval:

Once placed onto the manor yard, they are nearly impossible to find and pick up again. Pay close attention to where you place them.

To retrieve them, click on their icon in the furniture icon list window. They will have a check mark and be faded in color.

You can also use “Retrieve All” button to move all furniture to your inventory.

Manor Fireflies

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