The <Honey-licking> Bear is a rare wild animal you can hunt with a matchlock. It can be found in Northern Serendia, among tall trees dripping with fat Beehives. It spawns in fairly safe areas with low level kuku birds, bugs, foxes, and bees.

Rare hunting mobs are difficult to find, but drop an unusual amount of loot from butchering them. Respawn is randomly between 12 and 24 hours. The map below shows potential spawn locations.

Honey Bear Hunting Mechanics

When approaching spawn locations, you’ll first notice a large, glowing, pulsating Beehive seemingly floating in midair. The tree with double Beehives appears soon after. After shooting the Beehive to less than half health, the <Honey-licking> Bear spawns with a roar and a message at the top of your screen.



The Honey Bear appears fierce but does little damage. His smacking can interrupt matchlock reload so after shooting 3 times, reload while walking, then repeat. After butchering the Honey Bear, be sure to finish off the glowing beehive and butcher that too for Top-Quality Cooking Honey.

Honey-licking Bear Knowledge and Titles

The first time you kill the <Honey-licking> Bear, you will gain knowledge under the category: Ecology > Rare Hunting Guide.

Completion of this category will allow you to obtain the Rare Hunting Guide from Lacy which then allows you to exchange energy for Manor Olvian Furniture designs.

You also have a chance to obtain 3 different titles while killing the Honey Bear:

– Honey Keeper
– Honey-Sweet
– Sweet

<Honey-licking> Bear Loot

Butchering the Honey Bear yields Bear Meat, Hard and Sharp Black Crystal Shards, Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast, and Energy-exuding Hide which is used to craft Manor Olvian Furniture. Butchering the Beehive will yield Top-Quality Cooking Honey. Hunting mastery makes a difference in the amount of each loot type and gives you the chance to obtain rare hunting loot like Sharp Tooth and Supreme Hide. Low mastery can still proc high mastery loot rarely as a crit.

A picture of the chat window was taken to show the loot obtained by butchering the Honey Bear and his Beehive. Please see pics below for examples of loot obtained with low mastery and 920 mastery.

Bear <Honey-licking>
Level: 50 page

Honey Licking Bear Lore

A bear that goes crazy for honey. Drawn by the sweet, sweet smell of honey, the bear lingers around the largest beehive it can find, fiercely guarding it so that no one else can take it when it drops to the ground.


Behr Gossip:

Bear: Sometimes bigger beehives appear where there are a lot of beehives. Hives are a problem, but bears around them are a bigger problem. There are bears looking for honey around big beehives.


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