Cooking in BDO allows you to make a large variety of foods that buff just about anything you can think of, giving everything from Combat to Life Skill buffs.

Cooking Benefits:

Cooking is a fun Life Skill that can be as simple or complex as you feel like each day.

Already had a complex day and hankering for a simple meal with few ingredients, but great reward? Vinegar!

Looking for a dish that will require a calculator, notebooks, and a phone call to a friend? Every other dish! Ha! Just teasing.

BDO Cooking

Our Cooking Recipe List shows Cooking EXP, Cooking level requirements, food stats, and ingredients with filters and search.


Cooking NPC Vendors

Cooking requires you to know how to locate Cooking Vendors.

Most importantly, you will need a General Cooking Vendor, located in all major towns and cities.

  • General Cooking Vendors: sell basic Cooking Utensils and common ingredients like Sugar, Salt, etc.
  • Cooking NPCs have titles like Innkeeper, Farm Vendor, Cook, etc.
  • Find the nearest one by clicking the Find NPC icon on the top right of your window (It looks like a magnifying glass)
  • You can find other important Cooking vendors this way as well, by typing into the search. For example, you can type, “Fruit” or “Seed”. If it is in their name or title, it will show.


BDO Find Cooking NPCs

Cooking Vendor for Fruit & Vegetables

There are a couple other unique Cooking vendors you should know about as well.

  • Fruit & Vegetable Vendor: Milano Belucci in Calpheon City
    • buy Strawberry for 700 silver each. (Strawberry is the cheapest fruit and can be used for all fruit recipes.)
    • buy Paprika for 850 silver each. (Paprika can be used for all vegetable recipes.)

NOTE: NPC Cooking vendors usually have more expensive pricing than the Marketplace. But NPC vendors have an unlimited supply. Basic fruit is probably one of the most difficult to obtain cooking ingredients on the Marketplace.

Milano Belucci <Imported Fruit Handling>
Location: Calpheon City


Cooking Ingredients via Farming

Ingredients can also be obtained via the Farming Life Skill.

  • Seed Vendor: Ahr in Calpheon City
    • buy Seeds to plant your own food crops.
    • costs from 220 silver to 4.5k silver each
    • Carrot Seed
      Garlic Seed
      Grape Seed
      Hot Pepper Seed
      Olive Seed
      Onion Seed
      Pepper Seed
      Pumpkin Seed
      Strawberry Seed
      Sunflower Seed
      Withered Acacia Seed
      Withered Grape Seed
      Withered Sunrise Herb Seed
      Withered Wheat Seed

Ahr <Seed Vendor>
Location: Calpheon City

Many cities have seed vendors that only offer a few Withered Seeds. The Seed Vendor in Calpheon City has some of the best seeds available from an NPC vendor. With these you can rent a fence and farm your own Cooking Ingredients.


Cooking Utensils

After obtaining your Cooking Ingredients for your first recipe, you will need to choose a Cooking Utensil.

Get a Cooking Utensil:

  • NPC Cooking vendors (very limited selection)
  • Marketplace (nice selection, but supply and demand pricing and availability)
  • Craft one by purchasing a Tool Workshop type of housing and hiring a worker

New Player Advice:

If you are new to the game with little Contribution, money, and resources, just purchase a cheap Cooking Utensil from the vendor for 1,000 silver. David Finto is the local chef at the inn in Veila and sells everything needed to make beer except for the grain. You can pick grains in the fields around Velia. View our guide on how to make beer.

If you can afford an Advanced Cooking Utensil (currently 900k silver) on the Marketplace, it is one of the best available, giving a Cooking time reduction and a good amount of Durability.

BDO Cooking Utensil Advanced

Cooking Utensil Durability: Each recipe you cook, will reduce the Durability on the cooking utensil by 1. (Higher Cooking Mastery will allow you to cook more using the same Durability.)

NOTE: Some higher durability Cooking Utensils have a penalty buff that slows your cooking time and are best used for extended periods of AFK cooking or overnight cooking.

A Balenos Traditional Cooking Utensil has 500 durability, so you can make 500 batches of beer before the utensil becomes useless and needs to be discarded, but it also adds 5 seconds to each cook. (Without Cooking Mastery)


 Cooking Utensil List


Cooking Utensil Durability Cooking Time Tool Workshop Recipe Ingredients
Cooking Utensil
100 Level 1

Buy at Cooking Vendor:

1k Silver

Balenos Traditional Cooking Utensil
500 +5 seconds Level 1

Buy at Cooking Vendor:

50k Silver

Intermediate Cooking Utensil
500 Level 2 25 – Rough Stone
10 – Log
15 – Melted Iron Shard
7 – Black Stone Powder
Serendia Traditional Cooking Utensil
1250 +6 seconds Level 2 15 – Rough Stone
20 – Log
15 – Melted Iron Shard
15 – Black Stone Powder
Advanced Cooking Utensil
900* -1 second Level 3 20 – Polished Stone
5 – Usable Scantling
20 – Melted Iron Shard
14 – Black Stone Powder
Calpheon Traditional Cooking Utensil
2000 +7 seconds Level 3 15 – Polished Stone
8 – Maple Plywood
30 – Melted Iron Shard
30 – Black Stone Powder
Supreme Cooking Utensil
5000* -1 second can’t craft Exchange ONE of:
40 Resplendent Medal of Honor
500 Golden Seal – [Imperial Cuisine]
15 Dark Spirit’s Greed

* repairable

Repairing Cooking Utensil Durability


Supreme Cooking Utensil and Advanced Cooking Utensil can be repaired.

You must have the appropriate repair tools in your inventory to repair their durability.

One tool will repair all the durability.

Approach your Cooking Utensil installed in your residence and press the “Repair” button.



Obtaining a Repair Tool

Exchange one Cooking Utensil with max durability to an NPC in a major city to exchange it for one repair tool.

Repair Tools can be stacked, placed into Storage, and moved by Maids/Butlers.


Tools Repair Tools How to Obtain

Advanced Cooking Utensil

Baermalo Hona’s Advanced Cooking Repair Tool
[Velia] Islin Bartali
[Heidel] Constante
[Calpheon] Fredelles Herba
[Altinova] Edman
[Valencia] Nerasabi Alom
[Grána] Luansei
[Duvencrune] Maopan
[O’draxxia] Elena Kanin

Supreme Cooking Utensil

Baermalo Hona’s Supreme Cooking Repair Tool
[Velia] Islin Bartali
[Heidel] Constante
[Calpheon] Fredelles Herba
[Altinova] Edman
[Valencia] Nerasabi Alom
[Grána] Luansei
[Duvencrune] Maopan
[O’draxxia] Elena Kanin


Cooking Basics: Obtain Residence

After you have gathered your Cooking ingredients, you will need a Residence.

Many players choose Calpheon City for their Cooking head quarters because of the Cooking ingredient vendors located there. Sometimes ingredients can be hard to find on the Marketplace.

However, I usually use Heidel or Velia, because I am there most often fishing or enhancing.

For a detailed guide on the best Residence locations, please view our Residence Guide.

Cooking Utensil Placement

After you have purchased Residence housing and gathered your Cooking ingredients, go inside your Residence and click “Place Mode” button at the top of the screen.

Look for your Cooking Utensil icon in the furniture inventory window. It will be at the top left, before the Pearl furniture options.

Click the Cooking Utensil icon then mouse over to the room and click again. Press the down arrow key (or spacebar) to place the utensil. You may move or rotate the utensil if you wish. Press Esc key to exit placement window.

Approach the Cooking Utensil and press the R key to open up the cooking window. All Cooking recipes are shown. There is also a crafting database in game (F2 button).


Side Note:

Pearl shop items have a P for Pearl Shop. Feel free to place Pearl Items to see what they look like. You won’t buy them unless you click the purchase all button at the right of the screen.


BDO Cooking Utensil Placement

Place ingredients for 1 batch only in the cooking window, then choose the Batch Production button to make more than 1 batch.

For previous recipes, select the Cooking recipe in the list. It will also show all the variations you have Cooked. Select which batch you want to duplicate. Hit the Select button to add those ingredients to the cooking window.

BDO Cooking Interface for Recipes

Our Cooking Recipes list will allow you to filter to view only beginner cooking recipes.

Beer and Grilled Bird Meat are good recipes to get started with if you use workers.


Cooking Skill Benefits

There is a theory that higher levels of cooking skill make it possible to use less materials to make the same recipe, but the recipe is not guaranteed to succeed.

According to Summer, only the following can be verified about this claim:

BDO Cooking Mats

Image credit: Summer (thanks Summer!)


  • Whenever you fail a recipe, the ingredients are destroyed in the process. So experiement at your own risk!

Crits on Recipes:

Cooking Skill opens up critical versions of recipes. For example, after your cooking skill reaches Skilled level 1, you will sometimes crit and make the crit version of Beer, which is Cold Draft Beer, that restores 1 more worker stamina.

Cooking Skill Impacts Cooking Mastery:

The higher your cooking skill, the more Cooking Mastery you will obtain. This gives many different beneficial Cooking buffs. Cooking Mastery Guide.


Cooking Mastery Buffs

Cooking Mastery buffs begin early on. You will start to see Mass Cooking once every 10 Cooks.

Mass Cooking allows you to cook 10 batches at one time using 10x the ingredients, speeding up Cooking Time and saving Utensil Durability.

Below is just the first few levels. For more details, please visit our Cooking Mastery Guide.


Mastery Max Dishes Chance Higher Grade Max Amount Chance Higher Grade Chance Mass Cooking Chance Imperial Cooking Silver
0 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
50 0.64% 0.64% 0.25% 10.89% 1.85%
100 0.96% 0.96% 0.36% 11.76% 2.96%


Cooking Substitutions

Cooking Ingredient Grades:

Normal > T2 Green Grade > T3 Blue Grade > T4 > T5

Ingredient amounts in recipes can be changed based upon the grade of the ingredient.

  • 1 green = 3-4 white (4 for most recipes, 3 for a few like coconut pasta and delotia recipes)
  • 1 blue = up to 8 white. (For example, one blue vegetable works for pickled vegetables, which requires 8 vegetables.)

Other Cooking Substitutions:

There are many more substitutions that you can use.

Grain Substitution Example:

  • The Wheat requirement listed for the Beer Recipe can be replaced by any “cereal” such as Barley.

Fish substitution example:

  • 1 fresh fish can be replaced by 2 dried white fish and vice versa.
    • Dried fish show white grade, but keep their original grade.
    • 1 green grade Dried fish = 1 fresh fish
Ingredient Category Ingredient Substitutions
Vegetable, Cabbage






Grain, Cereal, Starch




Sweet Potato


Reptile Meat

Lizard Meat

Worm Meat

Waragon Meat

Cheetah Dragon Meat

Bird Meat

Kuku Bird Meat

Flamingo Meat

Chicken Meat


Wheat Flour

Barley Flour

Potato Flour

Sweet Potato Flour

Corn Flour

Meat 1

Deer Meat

Fox Meat

Rhino Meat



Raccoon Meat

Weasel Meat

Bear Meat

Wolf Meat

Lamb Meat


Ingredient Category Ingredient Substitutions

Wheat Dough

Barley Dough

Potato Dough

Sweet Potato Dough

Corn Dough




















Flower or Plant




(assume fresh)
2 Dried Fish
1 Dried Green Grade Fish
Green Grade Fish 4 Dried Fish
2 Dried Green Grade Fish
1 Dried Blue Grade Fish
Salt Sun-dried Salt
Mineral Water Purified Water


Cooking Byproduct

While cooking, you will proc an extra dish, called Witch’s Delicacy. It is turned into the cooking vendor in Olvia for milk, beer, or CP/Cooking Experience.

To easily find the NPC, right click the dish and select NPC Location. Autopath (T button) and done.

Witch’s Delicacy aka “the milk byproduct” has a 2% chance to be acquired each cook. That means every 500 recipes cooked, you can get 120 milk.

Read our guide on Witch’s Delicacy.

BDO Witch's Delicacy

Cooking Quests for Beginner Cooks

There is a Cooking quest line for beginners that will help you learn the basics and gives Cooking Exp and a Cooking Utensil. (and other rewards)

Requirement: Gathering Beginner 5

  • To obtain Gathering Beginner 5, you can gather with a tool or complete the [Gathering] quest line under “Sugested” tab in the Quest (O) window.

After obtaining Gathering 5, head to the Velia Inn and talk to Shelly, the NPC standing next to the chef, David Finto.

– Potatoes for the Chef

David Finto <Chef>
Location: Velia Inn

Cooking Time Gear

Base cooking time is 10 seconds.

The goal is to eventualy obtain 1 second Cooking time.

Cooking Mastery Gear can be used during cooking, if it doesn’t interfere with your Cooking Time gear.

Equip Cooking Mastery Gear before turning in any Imperial Cooking Boxes to increase your silver.

1 Second Cook Time Example:

  • Advanced Cooking Utensil
  • Canape Pearl Costume
  • +3 Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes
  • Cron Seafood Meal
  • Sharp Alchemy Stone of Life

Cooking Time Gear List


Icon Cooking Time Reduction Item Decreased by: Acquired By:
teff bread Teff Bread 0.3 seconds Cooking Utensil (Beginner Lv.6)
Teff Flour x5 + Mineral Water x3 + Leavening Agent x2 + Salt x2
teff sandwich Teff Sandwich 0.5 seconds Cooking Utensil (Professional Lv.1)
Teff Bread x1 + Freekeh Snake Stew x1 + Grilled Scorpion x1 + Red Sauce x3
seafood cron meal Seafood Cron Meal 0.6 seconds Simple Cooking
Balenos Meal x3, Calpheon Meal x3, Margoria Seafood Meal x1, Ancient Cron Spice x1
advanced cooking utensil Advanced Cooking Utensil 1 second Tool Workshop Level 3
20 Polished Stone, 5 Usable Scantling, 20 Melted Iron Shard, 14 Black Stone Powder
Alchemy Stone of Life Alchemy Stone of Life 0.5 – 2 seconds Alchemy Tool (Skilled 5)
8x Shining Powder, 5x Blood of the Sinner, 6x Powder of Time, 9x Pure Powdered Reagent, 9x Clear Liquid Reagent
life spirit stone Life Spirit Stone 1.1 seconds RNG drop from Kamasylvia mobs
verdure draught Verdure Draught 1 second Simple Alchemy
Worker’s Elixir x3, Elixir of Swiftness x3, Elixir of Time x3, Tears of the Falling Moon x1
silver embroidered cook's clothes Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes
(up to +5 enhancement)
1-7 seconds Costume Mill Lv.1
9 Cotton Fabric, 10 Powder of Earth, 15 Black Stone Powder
canape costume Canape Costume Set 2 seconds Pearl Shop Outfit