Ancient Relic Crystal Shards are valuable because they provide a method to obtain Memory Fragments.


Each Relic Shard gives about 1 Memory Fragment, when used to create a boss scroll.


Ancient Relic Crystal Shards are found on mobs in Calpheon territory. You can also obtain them from fishing in both fresh and sea waters.


Ancient Relic Crystal Shards are often called “Relic Fragments” and “Boss Scroll Pieces.”


Easiest Boss Scroll Piece

Of all the boss scroll pieces, Relic Shards are the easiest to obtain for new players. A bit of AFK fishing or low level mob grinding will give you 5 pieces to craft your first boss scroll.

Ancient Relic Crystal Shard Pattern

5xAncient Relic Crystal ShardAncient Relic Crystal Shard =

1x Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll


After you have obtained 5 Relic Shards, you can arrange them in your inventory to create a boss scroll.

Click the icon for Yaz’s Combinable’s Pouch inside your inventory to arrange them in a + shape.

Scroll Time Limit: 7 days

Relic Storage: Relics can be stacked in your inventory and Warehouse, consuming 1VT each. Scrolls do not stack anywhere.

Arrange Relics in a + pattern.

Ancient Relic Crystal Shards From Fishing

Ancient Relic Crystal Shard drops from fishing

Get 5+ Relic Shards from AFK fishing overnight.

For those with low fishing skill and small inventories, it is best to fish where there is more low grade fish, which can be automatically deleted. (Make sure the option to throw away low grade fish is selected.)

If you have max inventory space, you can maximize your profits by fishing in areas that give more high grade fish. Max inventory allows you to AFK fish the entire night and make more silver because you can keep and sell the higher quality fish.

You can reduce your AFK fish bite time by utilizing “Abundant” waters and items like the Balenos Fishing Rod.

Best Fishing Spots for Relic Shards


Tooth Fairy Cabin

Fishing Spot: Tooth Fairy Cabin
Location: Kamasylvia (north of Grana)
Pros: fish in a Safe Zone
Cons: popular fishing spot due to safety
Relics: average of 20 per night for veteran fishers
Detailed Tooth Fairy Cabin Map: posted in Discord

Ancient Relic Crystal Shard Farming

Ancient Relic Crystal Shard is dropped by mobs in Calpheon territory.

Low AP Monster Zones:
(Level 42 to 51)

    Higher AP Monster Zones:

    Marie Cave: Traitor’s Gravestones

    Spawn undead mobs by attacking Traitor’s Gravestones.

    Location: Marie Cave node. SE of Calpheon City. East of Behr.

    View Map on

    Recommended AP: 140+
    Recommended DP: 300+

    Green Orc Skeleton Warrior

    • Attack a “Traitor’s Gravestone” to attract “Grudge-Bearing” enemies
    • Enemies will spawn and try to destroy the Traitor’s Gravestone
    • If they destroy the gravestone, you will have to wait for the tombstone to respawn or travel to the next Traitor’s Gravestone.
    • You can rotate between 5 Traitor’s Gravestones.
    • A new elite Green Orc Skeleton Warrior will respawn every time one is defeated.
    • There is never a resting period, when nothing spawns, unless the tombstone is destroyed.

    Best Relic Farming Location

    Abandoned Monastery

    Relic Spot: Abandoned Monastery
    Location: SW of Calpheon City (north of Trent)
    Pros: 300 million silver per hour in goods
    Cons: higher AP/DP + 2 person party recommendation
    Relics: average of 10 to 15 per hour
    Node Map:
    Duodecil’s grinding/loot video

    Ancient Relic Shard Bosses

    Relic Scrolls summon 3 bosses, using two different methods.

    Use a Device for increased speed and difficulty or use the traditional method of right clicking the scroll. Learn more in our Relic Groups guide.


    Saunil Siege Captain


    Relic Scroll Loot

    • Hunter's Seal Hunter’s Seals (exchange for Black Stone, Reform Stone, or Sharp Black Crystal Shards
    • 18,000 – 33,000 silver
    • random amount of regional loot to exchange for gold bars (20-30 pieces)
    • Rough Ruby – used to make Ruby furniture items and jewelry
    • 50% chance of a Memory Fragment if leeching a party member’s boss.
    Memory Fragments and Loot from Boss Scrolls

    Example Relic Scroll Loot
    (10 Scrolls)

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