Cron Stones are used in BDO to protect an item during failed enhancement.

Without using Crons, weapons and armor of DUO grade or higher can decrease 1 level from failing enhancement. Accessories are destroyed and all materials are lost after failed Courser Awakening.

Anyone need a hug now? 🙁

But there’s hope with Cron Stones to the rescue!

  • Weapons and armors are protected from downgrading a level
  • Protects 50% of your materials on Courser Awakening failure.
  • Accessories have unique rules.
    • The accessory is not destroyed.
    • 60% chance the accessory will not degrade
    • 40% chance the accessory will downgrade a level
  • All Cron Stones used are destroyed regardless of enhancement success or failure
  • Failstacks do NOT increase on failures
  • Cron Stone amount required usually increases with item grade and enhancement level



Cron Stone

Cron Stone Chart

Obtaining Cron Stones

Where to get Cron Stones?

Pearl Shop Premium Outfit Set

Extract Cron Stones from Premium Outfits

Pearl Shop outfits can be taken to a <Blacksmith> and extracted to obtain Cron Stones or Valks Cry.

Pearl Shop Outfit Valks’ Cry Cron Stone
Helmets 36 108
Armor 87 261
Gloves 29 87
Shoes 29 87
Main Weapons 54 162
Sub-weapons 32 96
Awakening Weapons 64 192
Total 331 993


How to extract Cron Stones:

  1. Visit any Blacksmith to obtain Cron Stones from an outfit.
  2. Click Extraction → Extract Outfit
  3. The quantity of Cron Stones extracted depends upon the outfit part selected.
  4. The outfit will be destroyed.

Tranan Underfoe <Blacksmith>
Location: Velia

Cron Stone Cost

There are two different ways to value a Cron Stone, depending upon your cost and luck obtaining a Pearl Shop outfit on the Marketplace.

Pearl items are normaly sold at maximum price and on pre-order. Current max price is 1,630,000,000 Silver for a Premium Outfit Pack.


Cost of Crons at NPC Vendor:

  • 3,000,000 silver per Cron Stone

Cost of Crons using outfit purchased on Marketplace:

  • 2,185,297 silver per Cron Stone (2,170,000,000 silver / 993 Cron Stones)


    Cron Stones via Board Game

    The board game, Black Spirit’s Adventure has several ways you can win Cron Stones.

    • Land on a “Special Board” square.
      • portals you to a new board with squares giving 0 to 30 Cron Stones
    • Land on an “Advice of Safety” square on the 3 normal boards

    Special Board Square is purple.

    Game Board Special Square

    30 Cron Stones next to FINISH.

    Game Board Special Square

    Cron Stones from Dark Rift

    Dark Rifts can give Cron Stones in a small amount, but you also obtain other goodies as loot.

    A random amount of 0 to 5 Cron Stones are given from opening a Dark Rift chest.

    Dark Rift loot from Bheg.

    Dark Rift Bheg Loot

    Cron Stone Calculator Terms

    • Green Grade Gear:
    Green Grade Defense Gear
    Fortuna’s Luck
    Hercules’ Might
    Heve’s Strength
    Steel Taritas


      Green Grade Main Weapons

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