This guide will teach you how to breed and exchange horses in BDO. With some knowledge and persistance in horse breeding, you will produce a new horse of a higher tier than its parents.


Horse Breeding Benefits:

  • Increased Horse Tier: potentially obtain a higher tier horse up to Tier 8
  • Horse Skill Improvement:
    • Can increase amount of horse skills
    • Can open up previously locked horse skills
  • Horse Coats: new horse coats become available
  • Improved Horse Stats: higher tier horses usually have better base stats
    • Speed – increase AFK and Sprint running speed
    • Acceleration – improve top speed for Instant Acceleration horse skills
    • Turn – how sharp a horse can turn
    • Brake – Important for stability during Drift + Instant Accel animation cancel. Brake can reduce Drift animation significantly. A horse with Brake at 150.1% makes the sliding from Drift almost non-existent.
    • Health – influences how quickly the horse will die if hit
    • Stamina – how far the horse can travel before being fed

At the moment, available Horse Tiers are 1 to 10. Tier 9 and 10 horses are called Dream Horses and are not obtained by normal horse breeding or taming.

BDO Horse Breeding Stable in Velia

Breeding Horses at the <Stable Keeper> gives you a chance to gain a higher Tier horse.


An increase in horse Tier usually means better base horse stats, but there are some exceptions, depending on your goals. For example, there is a Tier 2 horse (2C) that has 3% lower base Speed than a Tier 1 horse (1A). But if you’re more interested in Turn/Brake at that Tier, it is stronger.


Horse Tier is different than Horse Level. Horses have a maximum level of 100. You level horses by riding them on your character, with or without a wagon.


How to Breed a Horse: Step by Step

  1. “Check In” 1 male horse and 1 female horse at the <Stable Keeper>
    • IMPORTANT!!! only certain stables allows horse breeding to occur
    • Horse Breeding Stable Locations: Trent, Keplan, Calpheon, Epheria, Velia, Heidel, Duvencrune, and Altinova
    • If you don’t have a male horse, you can use the Breeding Market to rent someone else’s male horse to use its breeding chance.
  2. Make sure parents have “Breedable” counts great than 0. (If one has 0, you can “Exchange” it instead. See details below.)
  3. Recover both horses to ensure full Stamina, or you will get a “No Energy” error message.
  4. Ensure the mother’s stable has one empty stable slot for the foal.
  5. Click male horse then “Register at Breeding” button on the menu that pops up
  6. Select “Show Only Me” unless you want to sell his breeding chance to others.
    • “Show All” shows the “Price” you will obtain if another player uses him for breeding.
    • “Show Only Me” will cost 35k silver and makes sure other players can NOT buy his Breed chances.
  7. Click your female horse
  8. Click “Breeding Market” button at the bottom of window
  9. Click “My Horse List” tab
  10. Find your male horse and click “Apply”
  11. Wait 2.2 hours until the female shows “Complete”.
    • View Breeding Timer in the Mount list (from the Stable at the World Map) which shows the amount of time remaining for Breeding.
    • Breeding Time is also shown at the bottom of the Mare’s stat window at the Stable Keeper.
    • Optionally, click “Complete Now” in her stat window. Costs 130 Pearls to bypass the Breeding Timer.
  12. Click on female horse and then “Receive Foal”

Horse Breeding Images

Image showing the “Register at Breeding” button, after “Check In” of your male horse with the <Stable Keeper>.

Make sure you are in a correct stable in order to see this!

BDO Horse Breeding Register

Image showing the option to “Show Only Me” when you register your male horse.

Costs 35k silver.

BDO Horse Breeding: Register at Market

Female horse shows “Breeding” notice for 2.2 hours.

You don’t have to wait, if you would like to spend Pearls.

BDO Horse Breeding: Female Notice

Image shows a female horse’s time left inside the Stable while breeding.

“Complete Now” button will cost 130 Pearls. (optional)


BDO Horse Breeding: Female Breeding Time

Image showing the button “Receive Foal”, when you click on the female horse after 2.2 hours.

BDO Horse Breeding: Receive Foal at Stable Keeper

Horse Breeding Basic Example

Lets look at a very basic and easy breed using Tier 1 parents:

T1 level 1 + T1 level 1 =

Tier 1 Female (33% chance)

OR… Tier 2 Male (67% chance)

The chance to gain a Tier 2 foal is not bad! But we can increase this by leveling the horses.

The horse calculator images in this guide are from Thanks Famme! 🙂

BDO Horse Breeding Tier Chance

Breeding Tip: Level the Parents

Leveling the horses you breed, often increases your chances of obtaining a higher Tier foal, but not always.

Using our previous example, when we level just one of the parents to Level 2, then we are guaranteed a Tier 2 foal!

Now that’s a huge improvement for not much effort.

As another example, you greatly increase your chances of at least a Tier 4, if you level both Tier 1 parents to Level 20 / 19. (See the row labeled 9 in the image.) Leveling your T1 horses this high, will take much more time, however.


Horse Breeding Limits

  • Breed Counts: males can breed twice and females once without resets
  • Breeding Resets: An item that can reset horse breeds for Tier 1 to 8 horses can be purchased in the Pearl Shop.
BDO Horse Breeding Reset


Horse Breeding Stables: Their Locations & Expansions

Breeding Horses at Different Stables:

The parents don’t need to be in the same stable. They do need to be in Stables that allow breeding market registration:

  • Trent
  • Keplan
  • Calpheon
  • Epheria
  • Velia
  • Heidel
  • Altinova
  • Valencia
  • Duvencrune


Stable Expansions via Horse Ranch

The default amount of Stable slots is 2 or 3, but you can expand many of them by purchasing a “Horse Ranch” building.

BDO Horse Breeding: Ranch Expansion

Horse Ranch Stable Expansions:

  • Velia 4 Stable slots
  • Heidel 6 Stable slots
  • Glish 6 Stable slots (No breeding)
  • Calpheon 7 Stable slots
  • Trent 6 Stable slots
  • Keplan 6 Stable slots
  • Altinova 6 Stable slots

How to Increase Your Stable:

To expand the default Horse Stable slots available in these cities, go to your World Map and Filter “Horse Ranch” housing, after clicking on the city icon.

Be aware that buying Horse Ranch housing can be costly in Contribution Points. Many of them have prerequisite houses you have to buy.


Stable Expansion with Pearls

You can buy up to 10 Stable slots per territory for 300 Pearls.

TIP: Calpheon Stable Expansion Coupon includes 3 cities that allow Breeding:

  • Calpheon City
  • Trent
  • Keplan


BDO Horse Breeding: Ranch Expansion with Pearls

Horse Breeding Tip: View the Stable locations of your horses by opening your world map (M) and clicking the city then click the horse icon at the bottom right. You can also view your horse’s location at the Stable Keeper.


Breeding Timer: The 6 hour wait between breeding attempts was removed in June 2018.


Horse Deaths: March 28, 2018 patch notes state that death count no longer affects breeding results.


Horse Breeding Market

Using the Breeding Market

Usually, there is no shortage of male horses. If you do need one, you can sometimes find some nice high level horses that will save you time leveling one yourself. It will cost you though!

Only male horses are available on the Breeding Market.


Horse Breeding Market Prices:

  • Tier 8 L30: 48.9 million silver
  • Tier 8 L30 Courser: 176.3 million silver
  • Tier 7 L30: 19.3 million silver
  • Tier 7 L30 Courser: 69.8 million silver

Breeding Market prices decline as the horses become lower in Tier. Lower levels also decrease the price. Courser icon triples the price.

BDO Horse Breeding Market


Horse Exchange

What is Horse Exchange?

If both parent horses have Breeding counts of 0, you might want to Exchange them and immediately produce a new foal.

But both parents will be destroyed!!

There is no 2.2 hour breeding timer. Horse Exchange costs 35k silver. This is only an option, if you really don’t like the parents. 🙂

At the <Stable Keeper> click the “Exchange Horse” button.

BDO Horse Exchange


Horse Breeding with Coursers

Benefits of Breeding with Coursers

Coursers are horses with a specific set of skills. They have golden horse icons.

They are over 3x more expensive in the Breeding Market.

When you breed two Coursers, you get a foal with 2 horse skills. If just one parent is a Courser, you only have a 50% chance of getting two skills.

Starting with 2 skills is a benefit because it increases your chances of obtaining an above normal amount of skills. Many low Tier horses struggle with learning 2 skills.

NOTE: Exchange of courser parents produces foals with only one skill.


Courser Skill Requirements by Tier

Tier Required Horse Skills for Courser
1 & 2 BDO Horse Skill Charge
3 & 4 BDO Horse Skill ChargeBDO Horse Skill Drift
Charge / Drift
5 & 6 BDO Horse Skill ChargeBDO Horse Skill DriftBDO Horse Skill Sprint
Charge / Drift / Sprint
7 BDO Horse Skill ChargeBDO Horse Skill DriftBDO Horse Skill SprintBDO Horse Skill Instant AccelBDO Horse Skill Sideways
Charge / Drift / Sprint / Instant Accel / Sideways
8 BDO Horse Skill ChargeBDO Horse Skill DriftBDO Horse Skill SprintBDO Horse Skill Instant AccelBDO Horse Skill SidewaysBDO Horse Skill S: Instant AccelBDO Horse Skill S: Sideways
Charge / Drift / Sprint / Instant Accel / Sideways / S:Instant Accel / S:Sideways


To view a detailed list of horse skill info, visit our BDO Horse Tiers, Skills, & Stats List.


Horse Breeding Guide for Somethinglovely Calculator

Keep in mind, horse breeding doesn’t always produce a better horse. It might even be worse or lower Tier than one or both parents. Horse breeding calculators like somethinglovely will help you see the chances of obtaining a higher Tier horse.

Click horse Tier and Level in the calculator and it will show you up to 21 Breeding brackets.


BDO Horse Breeding Calculator


Breeding bracket 3 for T1 Level 1 + T1 Level 1 shows a 33% chance of the foal not gaining a Tier. This would be a bad Breeding choice.

If you increase just one of the parent horses to Level 2, you would jump up to the next Breeding bracket of 4. Then you are guaranteed one increase in Tier.

The numbers with the diagonal colored backgrounds represent each Breeding Bracket or Level.

As you improve the Level of your parent horses, you will notice the red box move toward the bottom right. If you increase the female parent’s Level by 1, the red box will move down by 1. If you increase the male parent’s level by 1, the red box will move right by 1. The bottom right Breeding Chance Level is the best possible outcome for the two parents you chose. In the image above, the highest possible Breeding Chance Level is 12. That would require both horses being Level 30.

Breeding Chance Levels often include a wide variety of Horse Levels. For example, to reach the next Breeding Level of 5, we could level the horses both to level 5 or do T1 L1 + T1 L10.


How Many Horse Levels is Best?

Improving a horse’s level does not always put your Breeding Chance into the next Tier. Always look ahead to see if it’s worth your time to level the parents.

In our example, it would do no good to level both horses to level 8, since they would still be in the same Breeding Chance Level of 5. But once they both hit Level 9, it would put them into the next Breeding Tier. But is that worth your time?

Breeding two Tier 1 parents can result in a Tier 6 foal, but it would take allot of time to level both parents to 27 – 30.


Horse Breeding Results in Lost Tiers? What?!

The higher you go up in Horse Tiers, the more chance you have of actually getting a lower Tier horse.

Breeding two T7 L30 horses still gives a 16% chance of getting a T6 foal. Who knew horse breeding to be so risky? Do you feel lucky?

BDO Horse Breeding with Tier 7

But on the flip side, you would have an 32% chance of gaining a tier 8 foal! Gooooood luck! 😀


Horse Breeding: the Ultimate Advanced Uberness!

Players that love training and horses, will want to learn about the complexities behind horse breeding.

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