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BDO Horse Breeding Guide

Image Credit: Ascaeldor

This BDO Horse Breeding Guide gives a quick summary and an in-depth look into how to obtain Higher Tier horses in Black Desert Online. Horse Breeding has been a part of Black Desert for a long time and is frequently discussed in an active and friendly horse community.

Horse Breeding Benefits:

  • Increased Base Stats:
    • Speed – affects AFK and Sprint running speed.
    • Acceleration – time to get to full speed
    • Turn – time to turn
    • Brake – Important for stability during Drift + Instant Accel animation cancel. Brake can reduce Drift animation significantly. A horse with Brake at 150.1% makes the sliding from Drift almost non-existent. Above 150.1%, there is no noticeable difference.
    • Health – influences how quickly the horse will die if hit
    • Stamina – how far the horse can travel before being fed.
  • Increases Maximum Horse Skills
  • Opens up locked Horse Skills
  • Opens up new Horse coats

An increase in horse Tier, usually means better base horse stats, but there are some exceptions. For example, there is one Tier 2 horse (2C) that has 3% lower base Speed than a Tier 1 horse (1A). But if you’re more interested in Turn/Brake at that Tier, it is stronger.

HAPPY Horse Breeding!!

Horse Breeding Basics

  • Breeding only occurs with opposite sex horses that have Breed Counts above 0
  • You can Exchange two horses that have Breed Counts of 0, for one foal. This will destroy the parents.
  • Breed Counts: Males can breed twice and Females once without resets
  • Breeding Resets: An item that can reset horse breeds for Tier 1 to 8 horses can be purchased in the Pearl Shop.
BDO Horse Breeding Reset

Breeding Horses at the <Stable Keeper> gives you a chance to gain a higher Tier horse. There is a difference between Horse Tier and Horse Level. Horses can level up to 30 maximum level by riding them on your character, with or without a wagon.

At the moment, available Horse Tiers are 1 to 9. Tier 9 is called a Dream Horse and is not obtained by normal horse breeding and capture.

Obtain Higher Horse Tiers By:
  • Horse Taming: up to Tier 5
  • Horse Breeding: up to Tier 8
  • Racing Reward:
         Tier 6 Horse

    Speed 122.5%
    Accel 122.5%
    Turn 125.5%
    Brake 125.5%
    Health 1729
    Stamina 3272
    Carry 90LT
  • Rare Events: Attendance Rewards
    BDO Horse Attendance Reward
  • T5 Quest Reward: Complete a quest Seal of the Secret Guards or Entrusted Seal of the Secret Guards. You can complete one of these quests to get a special horse emblem.
    • Seal of the Secret Guards

      • You can accept the quest from NPC Martha Kiyen after you complete the quest The Qualities of a God and accept the Calpheon main quest Another Way Through.

    • Entrusted Seal of the Secret Guards

      • You can accept the quest from NPC Bevel, the Stable Keeper of Trent, after you have completed the quest The Qualities of a God or [Boss] The Witch of Horrors, if you have not accepted or completed the Seal of the Secret Guards.

    • You cannot do both Seal of the Secret Guards and Entrusted Seal of the Secret Guards.

    • The horse emblem you will get for completing either quest is for a Tier 5 male horse. The horse has already learned Sprint and Instant Accel, and both skills are already at 100%.

    • You can read more about the above quests under the “Suggested” tab in the Quests window (O).

  • Horse Market: Don’t forget to look in at the Horse Market. Every Tier is available. Low Tier 1-4 Horses are cheap, but expect to pay for the fastest horses. The price for Dream Horses may cause a disrupt in behavior…
  • Shining Shakatu Seals: Tier 8 Horse (with S: Instant Accel) for 50 Seals (Horse Coat: T8D) Shining Shakatu’s Seals Guide

Basic Horse Breeding Example:
Lets look at a very basic and easy breed using Tier 1 parents: Level 1 + Level 1 = Tier 1 Female (34% chance) or Tier 2 Male (66% chance)

Leveling Horses to Improve Tier Chances
Leveling the horses you breed, often increases your chances for a better Tier, but not always. Using our previous example, when we level just one of the parent Tier 1 horses to Level 2, then we are guaranteed a Tier 2 foal. As another example, you greatly increase your chances of at least a Tier 4, if you level both Tier 1 parents to Level 23.

Breeding a Horse: Step by Step

  1. “Check In” 1 male horse and 1 female horse at the <Stable Keeper>
    • Horse Breeding Stable Locations: Trent, Keplan, Calpheon, Epheria, Velia, Heidel and Altinova
  2. Make sure parents have “Breedable” counts great than 0. (If one has 0, you must “Exchange” it instead.)
  3. Recover both horses to ensure full Stamina, or you will get a “No Energy” error message.
  4. Ensure the mother’s stable has one empty stable slot for the foal.
  5. Click male horse then “Register at Breeding” button on the menu that pops up
  6. Select “Show Only Me” unless you want to sell his breeding chance to others.
    • “Show All” shows the “Price” you will obtain if another player uses him for breeding.
    • “Show Only Me” will cost 35k silver and makes sure other players can’t buy his Breed chances.
  7. Click your female horse
  8. Click “Breeding Market” button at the bottom of window
  9. Click “My Horse List” tab
  10. Find your male horse and click “Apply”
  11. Wait 2.2 hours until the female shows “Complete”.
    • View Breeding Timer in the Mount list (from the Stable at the World Map) which shows the amount of time remaining for Breeding.
    • Breeding Time is also shown at the bottom of the Mare’s stat window at the Stable Keeper.
    • Optionally, click “Complete Now” in her stat window. Costs 130 Pearls to bypass the Breeding Timer.
  12. Click on female horse and then “Receive Foal”

Horse Breeding Images

At the <Stable Keeper> click the male horse and “Register at Breeding” button >>>

BDO Horse Breeding Register

Click “Show Only Me” option, costing 35k silver >>>

BDO Horse Breeding: Register at Market

Female horse shows “Breeding” notice for 2.2 hours >>>

BDO Horse Breeding: Female Notice

Female horse shows time left inside the Stable while breeding. “Complete Now” is a Pearl optional >>>

BDO Horse Breeding: Female Breeding Time

Click on female horse and then “Receive Foal” after 2.2 hours >>>

BDO Horse Breeding: Receive Foal at Stable Keeper

Horse Breeding Stable Locations & Expansions

Breeding Horses at Different Stables: The parents don’t need to be in the same stable. They do need to be in Stables that allow breeding market registration: Trent, Keplan, Calpheon, Epheria, Velia, Heidel and Altinova

The default amount of Stable slots is 2 or 3, but you can expand many of them by purchasing a “Horse Ranch” building.

Stable Expansions via Horse Ranch:

  • Velia 4 Stable slots
  • Heidel 6 Stable slots
  • Glish 6 Stable slots (No breeding)
  • Calpheon 7 Stable slots
  • Trent 6 Stable slots
  • Keplan 6 Stable slots
  • Altinova 6 Stable slots

To expand the default Horse Stable slots available in these cities, go to your World Map and Filter “Horse Ranch” housing, after clicking on the city icon. Buying Horse Ranch housing can be quite costly in Contribution Points. Many of them have prerequisite houses you have to buy.

BDO Horse Breeding: Ranch Expansion

You can also buy up to 10 Stable slots per territory for 300 Pearls. Note the Calpheon Stable Expansion Coupon includes 3 cities that allow Breeding: Calpheon City, Trent, Keplan.

BDO Horse Breeding: Ranch Expansion with Pearls

Horse Breeding Tip: View the Stable locations of your horses by opening your world map (M) and clicking the city then click the horse icon at the bottom right. You can also view your horse’s location at the Stable Keeper.

Breeding Timer: The 6 hour wait between breeding attempts was removed in June 2018.

Horse Deaths: March 28, 2018 patch notes state that death count no longer affects breeding results.

Horse Breeding Market

Using the Breeding Market
Usually, there is no shortage of male horses. If you do need one, you can sometimes find some nice high level horses that will save you time leveling one yourself. It will cost you though! Only male horses are available on the Breeding Market.

Horse Breeding Market Prices:
  • Tier 8 L30: 48.9 million silver
  • Tier 8 L30 Courser: 176.3 million silver
  • Tier 7 L30: 19.3 million silver
  • Tier 7 L30 Courser: 69.8 million silver
BDO Horse Breeding Market

Breeding Market prices decline as the horses become lower in Tier. Lower Horse Levels also decrease the price. Courser icon triples the price.

Horse Exchange

When to Horse Exchange?
If both parent horses have Breeding counts of 0, you may Exchange them and immediately produce a new foal. Both parents will be destroyed and there is no 2.2 hour breeding timer. Horse Exchange costs 35k silver. This is only an option, if you really don’t like the parents. 🙂

At the <Stable Keeper> click the “Exchange Horse” button >>>

BDO Horse Breeding Exchange Window

Horse Breeding with Coursers

Benefits of Breeding with Coursers
Coursers (horse head icon is gold) are over 3x more expensive in the Breeding Market. When you breed two Coursers, you get a foal with 2 skills. If just one parent is a Courser, you only have a chance of getting two skills. Starting with 2 skills is a benefit because it increases your chances of obtaining an above normal amount of skills. Many low Tier horses struggle with just learning 1 skill. You can change Horse skills with a Pearl item, so having two skills early is nice.

NOTE: Exchange of courser parents produces foals with only one skill.

Courser Skill Requirements by Tier

Tier Required Horse Skills for Courser
1 & 2 BDO Horse Skill Charge
3 & 4 BDO Horse Skill ChargeBDO Horse Skill Drift
Charge / Drift
5 & 6 BDO Horse Skill ChargeBDO Horse Skill DriftBDO Horse Skill Sprint
Charge / Drift / Sprint
7 BDO Horse Skill ChargeBDO Horse Skill DriftBDO Horse Skill SprintBDO Horse Skill Instant AccelBDO Horse Skill Sideways
Charge / Drift / Sprint / Instant Accel / Sideways
8 BDO Horse Skill ChargeBDO Horse Skill DriftBDO Horse Skill SprintBDO Horse Skill Instant AccelBDO Horse Skill SidewaysBDO Horse Skill S: Instant AccelBDO Horse Skill S: Sideways
Charge / Drift / Sprint / Instant Accel / Sideways / S:Instant Accel / S:Sideways

To view a detailed list of horse skill info, visit our BDO Horse Tiers, Skills, & Stats List.

Horse Coats

Each Tier has a unique number of coats you have a chance of obtaining after Horse Breeding.

Horse Coat Determines:

  • Base horse stats
  • Available horse skills
  • Horse skin (outward appearance)

Within the horse community, coats are represented by letters. Horse Breeders have some control over the coats they can acquire by looking at the parent’s coats and their color values.

Horse Coats Determine Available Skills
Example: a T1B can learn Drift, Sprint, or Instant Accel, but a T1A can’t.

Horse Coats Determine Base Stats

  • A T8 Purebred White (T8E) starts with Speed 136%, Accel 136%, Turn 112%, Brake 112%.
  • A T8 Purebred Black (T8C) starts with Speed 128%, Accel 128%, Turn 136%, Brake 136%.

The image below shows the available coats for Tier 3 horses. The green number is the Tier and the green letter is the coat:

BDO Tier 3 Horse Coats

Image credit:

The numbers at the bottom represent the Red, White, and Black values.

The color values are added together, when you breed, to determine possible coat outcomes.

The combined parental RWB values are compared to all possible offspring. The parental RWB must be greater than or equal to the offspring RWB in JUST ONE color value for the offspring coat to be obtainable.

BDO Tier 8 Purebred Horses

Purebred Horses
Color theory becomes important if you desire a certain horse skin. Purebreds are popular. Many, but not all of them, have top ranking stats. All purebreds have all their color value in just one color. For example, a T8 Purebred White (T8E) has a white value of 8. Red and Black are 0. To breed a pure bred T8 white foal, the parents must have a combined total of 8 White. The parents must have a combined colour total in one colour that equals the Tier of the foal you want.

Purebred Horse List
T1A, T4B, T4I, T5J, T5K, T5L, T6A, T7A, T7B, T7C, T8C, T8E

Horse Coats with Min/Max Stats

Are Min/Max stat horses the best?

Best Speed/Accel % Best Brake/Turn %


Horse Stat Caps/Brackets

BDO Horses have what players call “Caps” or “Break Points”. This means you cannot see or feel a difference in your horse speed until you go past a certain number. All stats in a certain bracket feel the same. The Caps are every 10 points: Ex. 140.1%, 150.1%, and 160.1%

You’ll be just as fast at 150.1% as 160% Speed.

For T8, try to obtain horses that can reach above 150.1% with gear. Turn is the least important.

The most important two skills are Drift + Instant Accel animation cancel. Sprint is also beneficial.

For Tier 8 horses, Brake of at least 150.1% is important for Horses using Drift + Instant Accel animation cancel. However, Speed is important for AFK running and Sprint skill.

Recommended T8 coats for well-rounded stats are the 8A, 8B and 8D. 8E has the best Speed, but also usually the worst Brake. 8C excels at Brake, but looses in Speed.

Tier 8 Horse Comparison for Base Stats

Horse Coat Tier Code Speed Accel Turn Brake LT HP Stam Exp/Lv
8 8B 128.5% 128.5% 125.5% 125.5% 90 1613 3290 20120
8 8C 128.8% 128.8% 136.0% 136.0% 135 1620 3361 20120
8 8D 130.0% 130.0% 124.0% 124.0% 135 1651 3409 20120
8 8A 131.5% 131.5% 122.5% 122.5% 90 1783 3296 20120
8 8E 136.0% 136.0% 112.0% 112.0% 135 1675 3441 20120

Thank you to CobrinoHS for their work on the image below.

BDO Best T8 Horse Stats

Bouwplan’s Color Theory Explanation & Info-Graphic

Thank you Bouwplan for the detailed color theory breakdown below and the Color Theory image. FYI the health stats in the image are incorrect.

BDO Horse Coats, Colors, and Stats

The Color Theory explanation below is a copy of Bouwplan’s orginal forum post, dated 11 Jul 2016

Seems like people are still confused about the color theory, so i will explain it to the best of my abilities.

For this example i used my chart over at

I will point out horses from my chart in the following manner: T stands for Tier, followed by the tier number and the letter associated to the horse. So for example the green horse (“the Hulk”) in Tier 4 would be, T4-E.
Each horse has 3 different colors with a value assigned to them. The lower the tier, the lower the values.
In this topic the word “purebred” will be mentioned quite a few times and it simply means that it only has a value greater then 1 in only 1 of the color values.
All following horses are considered purebred horses: T1-A, T4-B, T4-I, T5-J, T5-K, T5- L, T6-A, T7-A, T7-B, T7-C, T8-C, T8-E

As you can see in the list, each horse has a value assigned to it and for the first example i am going to take 2 horses from the 5th Tier, T5-C and T5-D.
T5-C has a Red value of 4White value of 1 and a Black value of 1.
T5-D has a Red value of 3White value of 0 and a Black value of 2.
These values are something we need to add up, in order to give us insight of the possible foal it can produce (this also after having leveled up your horses to the appropriate levels).
This would give us the following: a combined Red value of 7, a combined White value of 1 and a combined Black value of 3.
To make it a bit easier to see, i will shorten it down to 7/1/3
During the roll for the foal, it will choose a color channel, this can be either Red, White or Black, before it picks a number between 1 and the maximum number of the combined values.
For this example that would be either 1-7 if it picked Red1 if it picked White and 1-3 if it picked Black.
At all times when breeding horses, the desired horse’s value must be matched or exceeded in at least 1 of it color channels (so in either RedWhite or Black).
The horses you could expect as a result is as following:

– Any horse that has a Red value between 1 and 7 if the chosen color was Red.

– Any horse that has a White value of 1 if the chosen color is White.

– Any horse that has a Black value between 1 and 3 if the chosen color is Black.

Remember that it picks only from 1 color and as you can see, that leaves you open for a lot of potential horses. The dominant color of the parents, does not have to be the dominant color of the foal, as long as there is a color that matches in 1 of the 3 colors.
This is the reason that purebred horses are highly sought after. Let us take the white purebred horse. At tier 4, they have a color value or 0/4/0, Tier 5 it would be 0/5/0, Tier 7 0/7/0 and tier 8 0/8/0. As you can see, it is the amount of the tier the horse is.

The benefit of these purebred horses are the 0’s in their color values. What this does is skip that color and only picks the color that has a value higher then 1. This increases the chances of getting the next purebred horse. Say you go for Tier 7, then having 2 white tier 5 purebred horses will give you a better chance on getting the Tier 7 white purebred horse. Again i’d like to stress that you still can expect a horse with 1 in white and be dominant in another color (T5-H for example).


Hope this helps, and good luck in your horse breeding efforts! 


Got my fourth T7 yesterday:


Horse Coat Starting Stats vs Leveled Stats

Horse Tier and Coat determines a horse’s starting stats, but RNG can make a huge difference to stats as a horse levels.

When a horse levels, there is a roll to see if it will acquire a new skill. There is also a roll to determine stat increase amount.

RNG Rolls For Each Horse Level:
  1. Will a new skill be learned?
  2. Stat increase amount: +0.1% to +1.3%

With 30 levels, you can get really lucky and one horse could have 37.7% more Speed than another horse with the same coat, if it only got 0.1% increases each level instead of 1.3%.

The stat increase is a completely random amount and is not influenced by anything like Horse Training Life Skill, gear, current number of Horse Skills, etc.

Horse Skill Gain Chance Theory

The Discord image below is tinfoil, although it does seem like some skills are easier to obtain than others.

BDO Horse Skill Theory

— Quoted from GM Salome —
“Keep in mind that the brand is only increasing the chance that your horse learns the skill, and it’s all random regardless. I know you’ve had higher expectations because you invested Pearls into the brand stone, but the item is sadly not meant to guarantee said effect.

The brand stone however has other uses, which are guaranteed:
– recovery and revival 30% cheaper
– 50% mount gear durability consumption decrease”
Source: horse branding stones

Mount Brand Spell Stone
There is a Pearl item called Mount Brand Spell Stone that promises to increase Skill gain chance, but several players report it doesn’t work like expected.

Benefits of Mount Brand Spell Stone
– “chance to learn skills increases” (debatable)
– recovery and revival 30% cheaper
– 50% mount gear durability consumption decrease

BDO Horse Mount Brand Spell Stone

To view a detailed list of horse info, visit our BDO Horse Tiers, Skills, & Stats List.

Horse Breeding Using Somethinglovely Calculator

Keep in mind, horse breeding doesn’t always produce a better horse. It might even be worse or lower Tier than one or both parents. Horse breeding calculators like somethinglovely will help you see the chances of obtaining a higher Tier horse.

Input your horse Tier and Level in the calculator and it will show you up to 21 Breeding Chance Levels.

BDO Horse Breeding Chance Levels
BDO Horse Breeding Chance Levels

Breeding Chance Level 3 shows a 34% chance of the foal not gaining a Tier. This would be a bad Breeding choice. (T1 Level 1 + T1 Level 1). If you increase just one of the parent horses to Level 2, you would jump up to the next Breeding Chance Level 4. In this case, you are at least guaranteed one increase in Tier.

BDO Horse Breeding Chance

The numbers with the diagonal colored backgrounds represent each Breeding Chance Level.

As you improve the Level of your parent horses, you will notice the red box move toward the bottom right. If you increase the female parent’s Level by 1, the red box will move down by 1. If you increase the male parent’s level by 1, the red box will move right by 1. The bottom right Breeding Chance Level is the best possible outcome for the two parents you chose. In the image above, the highest possible Breeding Chance Level is 12. That would require both horses being Level 30.

Breeding Chance Levels often include a wide variety of Horse Levels. For example, to reach the next Breeding Level of 5, we could level the horses both to level 5 or do T1 L1 + T1 L10.

Improving a horse’s level does not always put your Breeding Chance into the next Tier. Always look ahead to see if it’s worth your time to level the parents. In our example, it would do no good to level both horses to level 8, since they would still be in the same Breeding Chance Level of 5. But once they both hit Level 9, it would put them into the next Breeding Tier.

Breeding two Tier 1 parents can result in a Tier 6 foal, but it would take allot of time to level both parents to 30.

The higher you go up in Horse Tiers, the more chance you have of actually getting a lower Tier horse. Breeding two T7 L30 horses still gives a 19% chances of getting a T6 foal. Some of these breed Tiers are just a pain.

Horse Breeding for Silver by Eminent

A lot of people consider horse breeding to simply be a method of grinding out a tier 8 horse. I think it’s a bit more dynamic than that.

Of course breeding is going to be the primary way to get a t8 (the other method being to buy one from the market). However, if you are seriously into horses, you should be aware of the capabilities breeding has.

Most people consider horse training to be an awful way to make money. They’re mostly correct, but I think you’ll find that with a little creativity, you can make training semi-competitive AFK silver (this is with requirements in mind. You can make good silver from horses on a brand new account, but this won’t be competitive with an endgame player’s silver).

I’m going to talk more about making money with horses in the “Leveling Horses” section, so this is only part of it.

Let’s say I do 4 hours of taming and in the process I get 2 female tier 5s, and 6 tier 4s (mixed gender). Most people would sell the low tier horses (t1-3 or maybe t1-2 depending on the person) to the npc for half the market price (this is done in order to free up space in your stable). As for the tier (3?) 4 and 5 horses, those would likely be sold on the horse market for a decent price or leveled in order to breed for a tier 7.

If you are going for a t8 horse then it’s an obvious choice to level them and breed. However, if you’re simply doing taming for xp (idk if anyone but me actually does that), then it might be a waste to sell your higher tier horses to the market.

Horse Market Pricing
Because of the wonderful work of Elynixi, we can come close to figuring out what influences a horse’s value. View Elynxi’s detailed forum post

The price of a horse (on the market) is determined by 6 horse stats:

  1. Tier
  2. Horse Level
  3. Your Training Level
  4. Skills
  5. Breed count and Breed reset status
  6. Courser/Dream Horse status – 20% of the overall price (recent patch increased this 3x to 60%)
  7. Gender – Females gain 20% more of the tier + level value.

Elynxi’s Horse Market Price Formula:
((((TierBaseValue + (TierLevelValue * Level)) * GenderMod * BreedMod * ResetMod) + (SkillValue * 0.3 * Tier)) * CourserMod) = TOTAL1

Marketplace Tax: 30%

Training Skill Bonus: (TOTAL1 * TrainingSkillMod) + TOTAL1 = TOTAL2

The Training Skill Modifier is applied to the amount you originally got from the horse market before the patch. For example, if a horse is worth 100 million, you get 70 million after 30% tax. If your Training Skill is Master 1 then the bonus is 20%. This is applied to the 70 million for an increase of 14 million. Total silver received would be 84 million.

:: Patch Notes – January 30th 2019 ::

Courser & Dream Horse Value Increase: The monetary value of Tier 1–8 Coursers and Dream Horses have tripled at the Horse Market, Breeding Market, and Imperial Delivery. Additionally, the Horse Market fees will decrease depending on the Training Level in a future update.

:: Patch Notes – February 13th 2019 ::

Training Level & Horse Value: A new system where the funds claimed in Horse Market and Breeding Market will vary depending on Training level has been added.

  • Currently, 30% tax is implemented on the Silver claimed in Horse Market and Breeding Market.

  • In order to make up for the tax increase that appears big with the recent price soar of Courser and Dream Horse, a new system where the funds claimed will vary depending on Training level. (This applies to cases where the Silver for selling a Horse in the Horse Market has not been claimed yet before this change is implemented.)

  • The Silver increase range depending on Training level for Horse Market and Breeding Market is as follows.

Training Skill Horse Price Modifiers
Training Level % Silver Increase Training Level % Silver Increase Training Level % Silver Increase Training Level % Silver Increase
Guru 20 30 Master 25 24.8 Artisan 10 15 Skilled 5 2.4
Guru 19 30 Master 24 24.6 Artisan 9 14 Skilled 4 2.3
Guru 18 30 Master 23 24.4 Artisan 8 13.5 Skilled 3 2.2
Guru 17 30 Master 22 24.2 Artisan 7 13 Skilled 2 2.1
Guru 16 30 Master 21 24 Artisan 6 12.5 Skilled 1 2
Guru 15 30 Master 20 23.8 Artisan 5 12 Apprentice 10 1.9
Guru 14 30 Master 19 23.6 Artisan 4 11.5 Apprentice 9 1.8
Guru 13 30 Master 18 23.4 Artisan 3 11 Apprentice 8 1.7
Guru 12 30 Master 17 23.2 Artisan 2 10.5 Apprentice 7 1.6
Guru 11 30 Master 16 23 Artisan 1 10 Apprentice 6 1.5
Guru 10 30 Master 15 22.8 Professional 10 7.7 Apprentice 5 1.4
Guru 9 30 Master 14 22.6 Professional 9 7.4 Apprentice 4 1.3
Guru 8 30 Master 13 22.4 Professional 8 7.1 Apprentice 3 1.2
Guru 7 30 Master 12 22.2 Professional 7 6.8 Apprentice 2 1.1
Guru 6 30 Master 11 22 Professional 6 6.5 Apprentice 1 1
Guru 5 30 Master 10 21.8 Professional 5 6.2 Beginner 10 0
Guru 4 30 Master 9 21.6 Professional 4 5.9 Beginner 9 0
Guru 3 30 Master 8 21.4 Professional 3 5.6 Beginner 8 0
Guru 2 30 Master 7 21.2 Professional 2 5.3 Beginner 7 0
Guru 1 30 Master 6 21 Professional 1 5 Beginner 6 0
Master 30 26 Master 5 20.8 Skilled 10 2.9 Beginner 5 0
Master 29 25.6 Master 4 20.6 Skilled 9 2.8 Beginner 4 0
Master 28 25.4 Master 3 20.4 Skilled 8 2.7 Beginner 3 0
Master 27 25.2 Master 2 20.2 Skilled 7 2.6 Beginner 2 0
Master 26 25 Master 1 20 Skilled 6 2.5 Beginner 1 0

TierBase PricePrice/Level

Horse Value/Price Calculator. Right click web page and choose “Translate”.

Remember in our example, our t5s are female and our t4s have a few males. Wouldn’t it be better to breed the t5s before dumping them onto the market?

You don’t need to level them, just breed and see what you get.

While the price of your t5s would drop a bit by exhausting their breeds, you can’t ignore the price you’ll fetch from the foal. What you’re banking on here are the skills that your foals learn at birth.

If you get a skill of low value, like Forechop, your foal should still make up the cost of the breed. However, if you get a high value skill like Sprint, the price of your foal will go up 3,315,000!

Remember, breeding takes pretty much no effort, it’s completely AFK. If you’re planning on selling your horse (with breeds) anyways, consider your options:

1. Sell the horse immediately for instant payout
2. Sell the horse a day later (after it breeds) for potentially a couple mil silver totally free

If you have just a little bit of patience, the extra payout you get from breeding is worth the minimal effort you just put in to breed your horses.

Let’s take it a bit further. Let’s say you tamed a female tier 5 level 10 (this is actually the best possible horse you can catch). Later that day you go to the horse market and find a male level 30 t5 with breeds.

You, being the intelligent person you are, notice that this level 30 t5 can actually be traded to the imperial horse dude for a profit. Again, you have 2 choices:

  1. Sell it via Imperial Horse Delivery for immediate profit
  2. Breed it first

You literally have nothing to lose by breeding it first, and you’ll profit 100% of the time in this case anyways.

BDO Tier 5 Breeding

Given this hypothetical situation, these are your chances for various tiers of horse if you decide to breed.

That’s a 28% chance of a tier 7. If that tier 7 gets a good skill at birth, you just made even more money. If it’s a female you could even breed it again with the level 30 t5 you have.

For no risk and no work, that’s some pretty good chances at a good horse (and some ok silver).

Now, this is definitely not going to make you rich. What I’m trying to illustrate here is a method of maximizing your profit. You were going to list your t5 horse on the market anyways, you might as well get an extra 1-2m from it for no extra work.

I’m not someone to give advice that I don’t personally follow, so here’s some data from my own spreadsheet (updated automatically as I add more data).

Total Breeds 13
Average Stallion Level 20
Average Stallion Tier 3.38
Average Mare Level 15.58
Average Mare Tier 3.83
Average Foal Tier 5.00
Total Profit 18,413,370.00
Average Breed Value 1,416,413.08

If you want to see the raw data, you can see my spreadsheet here.

Remember, none of those horses were leveled by me. All of them were either caught or bought. If they were bought, they were only bought because they would profit or break even by imp’ing them. All of that breed money was just additional cash.

All of that breeding took me like 5-10 minutes at most.

While breeding low level/low tier horses might seem like minimal profit (indeed, 2-3m silver/day isn’t much), if you think about the profit in relation to the time you spent, it turns out to be phenomenal.

If you’re someone who checks the horse market a lot, this can help to provide a bit extra passive silver.

If you’re someone who does taming for Training xp, this can make it a bit more of a worthwhile activity. Of course, people who play for xp aren’t necessarily concerned with maximizing silver, it’s always a good feeling to have a pile of cash after a long grind.

I understand that this section was more about an implementation of breeding than breeding itself.

While this section might not have answered all of the questions you have about breeding (it probably didn’t), I think it helps to illustrate the repeating theme of this Life Skill guide — think for yourself and play creatively.

I’ve done a fair amount of research on Training, and I’ve never seen a guide telling people to breed low value horses for extra profit. In fact, almost all of the things I do with horse training are things that I thought of myself.

I’m not claiming to be the person who came up with any of these ideas (just looking at the horse market will prove that bad-horse-breeding is a fairly popular practice).

If nothing else, I hope that this implementation of breeding can inspire you to think more creatively about how you can implement various features in this game.

It is my personal belief that it’s impossible to get ahead in this game without creative play (and, of course, a lot of effort).

So feel free to copy my method, and feel free to come up with your own. Through brainstorming and testing you might just find that there exists methods that are far better than what I’ve come up with.

If you come up with super-sick, super-secret methods that are better than things I’ve come up with (for any Life Skill) you better share it with me :^)

Leveling Horses & Horse Exp Chart by Eminent

Leveling up your horses is one of the most fundamental aspects of the Training Life Skill. Let’s talk about it.

Horses gain xp simply by running around. The max level for a horse is 30, and each level requires more xp than the last.

BDO Horse Leveling & Horse XP Chart

From horse discord, idk who originally made this

You could probably infer it just by looking at the chart, but horse xp is gained on a tick system. After x amount of time (1 “tick”), your horse will gain y amount of xp.

The benefit of riding a horse solo is that you can level it extremely quickly. On the other hand, a merchant wagon will level your horses more slowly, but it will train 4 of them at a time.

You could also use a peridot wagon if you feel like spending half a year to make a wagon that gives the exact same xp/h as a merchant wagon.

To train your horse (either solo or on a wagon) just find a path and auto loop back and forth. To be safe, it’s best if your route is in a safe zone (although not totally necessary). It’s also good if your route is in a fairly lag-free area (no heidel!).

Here are some example routes:

BDO Horse Leveling Route Map Calpheon

Route credit to ʝεŋʝıo (míѕѕ_чunα)

BDO Horse Leveling Route Map Olvia

Route credit to Jezirea – NA

BDO Horse Leveling Route Map Calpheon

Route credit to KMD

BDO Horse Leveling Route Map Calpheon

Route credit to MesaFalcon

You can also loop on the path out of north calpheon (although it’s not safe), or on the road north of epheria.

Remember that some routes might be really good for solo horses, but awful for wagons. When you set your route, watch your horse/wagon run through it once or twice before you go AFK. There’s nothing worse than seeing your horse stuck on a rock for 15 hours.

That’s pretty much the basics of leveling, just throw your horses on a wagon and then AFK run them back and forth for like 15 hours at a time.

Horse Training Gear & Training Exp

The Training Life Skill improves the speed at which horses master the skills they know. It also increases mount exp by a small amount. Training boosts the amount you obtain from selling at the Horse Market and it unlocks daily quests at Stonetail Ranch with Professional 1 and Master 1 Training, rewarding T9 materials.

  • Trainer’s Clothes – +10% Training EXP, +15% Mount EXP, +15% Taming Success, and +15% Mount Skill EXP. Can be made into a costume with Equipment Tailoring Coupon (reward for Achievement: You became [Professional Trainer]! and can be purchased at Luxury Vendor.)
  • Silver Embroidered Trainer’s Clothes – 5/10/15/20/25/40% Mount EXP (0 to +5)
  • Fine Horse Trainer’s Clothes – 7/13/19/25/31/40% Mount EXP (0 to +5) Obtained via Exchanging Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Delivery]
  • Training Elixir – 8 or 10% Mount EXP
  • Time Elixirs – 8 or 10% Life EXP
  • Whale Meat Salad – 10% Life EXP for 75 minutes
  • Seafood Cron Meal give 10% life exp and last for 2 hours
  • Fresh Whale Meat Salad – 15% Life EXP for 90 minutes
  • GM blessings buff Life EXP
  • Loyalty Life Exp Scroll +10% Life Exp for 1 hour
  • Pearl Shop Items
    • Venia Riding Attire +20% Mount EXP
    • Value pack +10% Life and Mount EXP
    • PETS: Choppy, Hedgehog, Penguin, Marmot, Shadow Wolf, Little Lamb, and cat pets +1% Life Exp per Tier (up to +20% for 5 pets) and has a chance to learn a Training EXP buff (up to +25% for 5 pets)
    • Extra Mount EXP Scroll +20% Mount Exp for 1 hour (40 Pearls)
    • Extra Life EXP Scroll +10% Life Exp for 1 hour (50 Pearls)

You can cook Carrot Confits, which restore 12,500 stamina and 5,500 HP instantly with a 5 minute cool down.

The best way to level up horses – NoobvsPC