Combat Exp buffs are a great help to reduce leveling time.

Combat Exp buffs come in a variety of ways:

  • Combat Exp items like scrolls, food, and elixirs
  • Servers that reward Combat Exp buffs like Season and Olvia
  • Special mechanics that reward a Combat Exp buff

Combat Exp buffs do not impact Combat Exp from quests. Sorry!

Combat Exp Buff Event that ended on 12-29-21.

Combat Exp Buff for Faster Leveling

Combat Exp buffs are beneficial for both grinding spots and AFK Leveling.

Combat EXP Items & Methods

This is a quick list. For details, please see below!

Icon Combat EXP Item Combat EXP
Lighstones & Lighstone Combo Effects up to 400%
Splendid EXP Elixir or Beast’s Draught (Alchemy) 15% or 20%
Crystals (Quest Line or event gift. Stack 16.) 10% to 320%
[Villa] Skill and Experience (180 min.) or [Camp] Mercenary’s Experience 10%
Milk Tea or Simple Cron Meal (Cooking) 8% or 20%
GM’s Blessing (1h) (event item) 10%
[Event] item like Cold Dark Beer or Halloween Candy 10-200%
Value Pack (Pearl Shop) 30%
Any Pearl Outfit (4 set effect) 10%
Church Buff (give 3 million silver to NPC) 15%
Fever Time, Event, Olvia, or Season Server 100%+
Secret Book of Old Moon (Pearl Shop) 100%
Event Cakes (Anniversary, Birthday) 100%+
Blessed Message Scroll (Pearl Shop) 200%
Tachros Spirit Stone (Loyalties + Season Leveling Aid Box + graduation) 50%
Undying Crow’s Insignia from Pit of Undying 5% to 30%


Icon Combat EXP Item Combat EXP
Daily Focus Time! (Challenge Reward) 200% or 600%
[Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger V (Challenge Reward) 100%
Extra Combat EXP Scroll or Book of Combat 100%
Experienced Cry (Guild Skill) 10%
Call to Battle (Guild Skill) 10%
State of Perseverance (Guild Skill) 20%
State of Nothingness (Guild Skill) 200%
Golden Bell (Pearl Shop) 100%
Black Spirit Energy Burning (Black Spirit → Exchange) 20%
HAN Magic Crystal – Gervish or HAN Magic Crystal – Macalod 1% each
4 set: 5%
All Pets Up to 25%
Rare pet Young Black/Golden Dragon 4% to 45%
Titles Up to 12%
Combat & Skill EXP 530% Scroll (60 min) or
Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min)
530% or 300%
Marni Stone up to 1% of lvl

Combat Exp Stacking

Most Combat Exp items stack.

When you stack combat experience buffs, it can be the difference between +10% and +1,500%.

It means time leveling can be greatly reduced with some smart planning!

Each combat exp buff has its own timer. If it has its own icon, it shows that it has stacked.

Combat Exp Buffs Stack

Combat Exp Scroll +530%

Combat Exp: +530%
Skill Exp: +530%
Duration: 1 hour
Cooldown: 1 hour

One notable reward for begginers is the [Event] Combat & Skill EXP 530% Scroll (60 min) purchased with Loyalties.

These stack with everything but Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min).


About Loyalties:

Earn 200 Loyalties each day for logging in.

  • Collect earned Loyalties: Y
  • Spend Loyalties: F3 → Loyalties tab (If they moved it, just do a search for “530”.)
  • There are rare and limited, so wait to use these until leveling starts to feel slow from hunting mobs.
Combat EXP Scroll 530

Combat EXP from Pets

Combat Exp from Skills:  up to +25% (all pets RNG chance)
Combat Exp from Talent:  up to +20% (a few pets)
Skill Exp from Talent: up to +20% (most dogs and other specific pets)
Duration: continuous, must be out of stable

Pets have a random chance to obtain +5% Combat EXP.

Pets get a random skill when they gain tiers after pet breeding. (Up to 3 skills at tier 4)

With the maximum allowed pets of 5, you could have up to +25% Combat EXP from skills. (Talents can also give Combat Exp.)


Pets with Skill Exp Talents:

Most dogs, Panda, Red Panda, Monster Pets (Red Orc, Golem, Tree Spirit, Chimera, Centaurus, Kama Brown Bear), Midnight Lynx, Sylvian Wolf

Pets with Combat Exp Talents:

Young Black Dragon, Young Gold Dragon

Hedgehog Pet with Skills Combat Gathering

Hedgehog, the perfect combat pet! LOL! 🙂

His chance to learn Combat Exp is one of the top 2.

  • Gathering Exp +5% → 58.14%
  • Combat Exp +5% → 56.62%

Combat EXP with Young Dragons

Young Dragons have a pet talent that could give a possible extra 20% Combat EXP, if you obtain 5 of them and exchange them to Tier 4.

They also have a random chance to obtain the +5% Combat Exp Skill each tier.

  • 1x Tier 4 Dragon = 4% Combat EXP
  • 5x T4 Dragons = 20% Combat Exp
  • 5x T4 Dragons with 5% Combat Exp Skill = 45% Combat Exp

Young Black Dragon

  • Talent: Combat EXP +1% each Tier
  • Special Skill: Hostility Detection

Young Golden Dragon

  • Talent: Combat EXP +1% each Tier
  • Special Skill: Hostility Detection

Combat EXP with Crystals

Crystals can give up to 20% Combat Exp per crystal.

resplendent kydict crystal

TIP: Rugged Helmet offers +3% Skill Exp. It’s good for easy grinding spots and AFK Leveling.

You can stack 14 combat exp crystals. (2 more crystal slots are unlocked by equipping a Fiery Awakening Weapon.)

Kydict Combat Exp HP Crystal Set

Daily Combat & Skill Exp Scroll

A Combat and Skill Exp scroll called “Mercenary’s Experience” can be collected daily via your Challenge Reward (Y).

Combat Exp: +200%
Skill Exp: +30%
Duration: 1 hour
Cooldown: 1 hour


PLEASE NOTE: these scrolls have a special use in Simple Alchemy!

  • You can get up to 600% Combat Exp and 90% Skill Exp by combining 3 of them!


Obtain via Challenge Rewards:

Press Y key or
Esc → Reward → Challenge


This is one of the most important acts you can do every single day!


If you forget to collect your Mercenary’s Scroll, all hope is lost…. Seriously!

They do not stack in Challenges like most Challenges do. If you forget, they will not stack. Capeesh?

Mercenary Scroll for Combat Exp

Challenge: Daily Focus Time!

Look for it at the top of the Challenge list.

Daily Blood Frenzy for Combat & Skill Exp


Still have the old blue grade Mercenary’s Scrolls left?

Simple Alchemy:

  • Mercenary’s Experience (Combat EXP +100%) x2 + Mercenary’s Skill (Skill EXP +15%) x2
  • Mercenary’s Experience (Combat EXP +200%) x1 + Mercenary’s Skill (Skill EXP +30%) x1

Simple Alchemy on the old Combat EXP +600% and Skill EXP +90% scrolls:

  • Mercenary’s Experience +600% x1 + Mercenary’s Skill +90% x1

Book of Old Moon: +100% Combat Exp

  • Combat EXP +100%
  • Skill EXP +50%
  • Life EXP +50%
  • Reset (enhanced) skills freely
  • Change skill add-ons freely
  • Change Skill Preset in Safe Zone (Cooldown: 10 min)
  • Buy villa scrolls via your campsite without having a villa invitation
  • Stable slot +1 (for all regions)
  • Wharf slot +1 (for all regions)

Pearl Cost: 1250 (15 Day Duration)
Loyalties: 2000 (1 Day Duration)

Secret Book of Old Moon is a great item to have on at all times because of the bonus buffs to Life, Skill, etc.

Old Moon Book

Golden Bell: Combat Exp +100%

Golden Bells give a nice bonus to Combat EXP for one hour. It’s one of the nicest BDO leveling buffs in the game because it is shared with everyone on the server you use it on.

Pearl Cost: 1800 Pearls (normal cost without sales/discounts)

Golden Bell Combat Exp Buff for Leveling

Feeling Pearl poor? Never fear, generous friends are here to help! Keep track of current Golden Bells through Discord:

  • Bellcord Global – Channels and time left for current Golden Bell buffs on NA, SEA, and EU servers (+100% XP)

Keep the faith!

Golden Bells have been heavily discounted in the past and even given away as free gifts from time to time.

Sealed Book of Combat: Combat Exp +100%

Combat Exp: +100%
Skill Exp: +50%
Duration: 24 hours
Cooldown: 1 hour
Days: 1 to 30


Sealed Book of Combat is sometimes available via the Loyalty shop and given for free during events.


Most often given for Challenge (Y) Rewards:

icon Achieved Lv. 50!
Achieved Lv. 56!
Achieved Lv. 58!
[New Adventurer] Reached Lv. 50!!
[New Adventurer] Reached Lv. 40!!
Season Character Reached Lv. 40!!
Sealed Book of Combat

Note: After activating a Book of Combat, the buff does not immediately start. You must right click Book of Combat again, so that you see a 24 hour Combat Exp buff in your buff list.

The combat buff is character specific and not shared with the entire family, but you can move the book via a Storage Keeper.

Combat Exp for Low Levels

Combat or Skill Exp is available for characters from level 15 to 60.

Limited to 1 buff per day.

How to Access Challenge Rewards:

Press Y key or

Esc → Reward → Challenge

BDO Combat Fame Buff
Combat Fame Achievement Reward Combat Exp Training Exp
0-300 [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger I [Fame] Combat EXP +20% (60 min.) [Fame] Skill EXP +20% (60 min.)
301-600 [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger II [Fame] Combat EXP +40% (60 min.) [Fame] Skill EXP +20% (60 min.)
601-900 [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger III [Fame] Combat EXP +60% (60 min.) [Fame] Skill EXP +20% (60 min.)
901-1200 [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger IV [Fame] Combat EXP +80% (60 min.) [Fame] Skill EXP +30% (60 min.)
1201+ [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger V and VI [Fame] Combat EXP +100% (60 min.) [Fame] Skill EXP +30% (60 min.)

The Combat EXP amount is determined by your Combat Fame.

Combat Fame is a calculation of the levels of all of your characters, with bonuses for higher levels.

Characters of level 56 and up will get twice the Combat Fame points and characters of level 60+ get 5 times the Combat Fame points.

Combat Fame Example Calculation:
3 characters of level 60, 1, and 58 = (60×5)+(58×2)+1 = 417

NOTE: This Challenge reward will not stack or accumulate, so if you don’t use it before server reset, you lose the XP buff.

Combat Fame is beneficial for earning silver as well.

Combat Fame Silver
Combat Fame Silver/Day
0 – 14
15 – 300 4,200,000
301 – 600 4,900,000
601 – 900 5,600,000
901 – 1200 6,300,000
1201 – 1500 7,000,000
1501 – 1800 7,700,000
1801 – 2100 8,400,000
2101 – 2400 8,900,000
2401 – 2700 9,400,000
2701 – 3000 9,900,000
3001 – 3300 10,400,000
3301 – 3600 10,700,000
3601 – 3900 11,000,000
3901 – 4200 11,300,000
4201 – 4500 11,600,000
4501 – 4800 11,800,000
4801 – 5100 12,000,000
5101 – 5400 12,200,000
5401 – 5700 12,400,000
5701 – 6000 12,500,000
6001 or higher 12,600,000


Black Spirit Energy Combat +20%

Combat Exp: +20%
Skill Exp: +8%
Duration: 30+ minutes
Cost: 50+ Energy
Level Requirement: 50+

Black Spirit (,) → “Exchange”

  • You can have the Combat EXP buff and the Skill EXP buff going at the same time for 100 Energy.

BDO Black Spirit Energy Burning XP Buff

Combat Exp +15% via Church Buff

Obtain combat buffs by exchanging silver to NPC priests found in churches of large cities.

Learn more in our Church Buff Guide

Church Buffs for Combat

Church Buffs:

  • Elionism’s Blessing – Attack:
    • All AP +8
    • All Accuracy +8
  • Elionism’s Blessing – Protection:
    • All Damage Reduction +8
    • Max HP +150
  • Elionism’s Blessing – Experience:
    • Combat EXP +15%
    • Skill EXP+15%

Undying Crow’s Insignia Combat Exp

Undying Crow’s Insignia, which can be obtained from the Pit of the Undying, gives a Combat Exp buff up to +30%.

Pit of Undying Tome Combat EXP
 PRI (I) Undying Crow’s Insignia 5%
 DUO (II) Undying Crow’s Insignia 10%
 TRI (III) Undying Crow’s Insignia 15%
 TET (IV) Undying Crow’s Insignia 20%
 PEN (V) Undying Crow’s Insignia 30%


Guild Skills with Comat Exp

Purchase [Guild] Pledge of the Blood at a <Guild Manager>. You cannot store guild items in personal storage.


Experienced Cry:

Combat Exp: +10% & Life Skill Exp +10%
Learning Cost: 15 Guild Points
Cool Down: 4 hours
Duration: 2 hours
[Guild] Pledge of the Blood: 25


Guild Skill: Experienced Cry


Call to Battle:

Combat Exp: +10% & Skill Exp +10%
Learning Cost: 15 Guild Points
Cool Down: 4 hours
Duration: 2 hours
[Guild] Pledge of the Blood: 25

Tier 1

Call to Battle Guild Skill: Combat Exp


State of Perseverance:

Combat Exp: +20% & Skill Exp +20%
Learning Cost: 20 Guild Points
Cool Down: 4 hours
Duration: 2 hours
[Guild] Pledge of the Blood: 300

This Guild Skill requires learning the previous skill, Call to Battle.

Tier 2

Guild Skill: State of Perseverance


State of Nothingness:

Combat Exp: +200% & Skill Exp +50%
Learning Cost: 50 Guild Points
Cool Down: 4 hours
Duration: 2 hours
[Guild] Pledge of the Blood: 2000

This Guild Skill requires learning the previous 2 skills.

Since patch March 6, 2024 [Guild] Covenant of Blood from a Guild Drill is no longer required for this skill.

Tier 3

State of Nothingness Guild Skill Combat Exp

Combat Exp from Titles

900 titles give the maximum Combat Exp boost of 12%. This buff is shared with all your characters.

Other Buffs: You also get boosts to Luck, Energy, and Stamina. The max buffs you can gain from Titles is currently +8 Max Energy, +3 Luck, +200 Stamina, and +12% Combat EXP.

Title Categories:

  • World Titles: World titles are received as you complete quests, events, knowledge, enhancement milestones
  • Combat Titles: Kill a certain amount of different monsters.
  • Life Titles: Life Skill and crafting milestones.
  • Fishing Titles: Catch a certain amount of different fish.

NOTE: You do not need to get only Combat Titles to get the Combat EXP buff. All titles are added together.

View titles on

Buffs from Titles

Titles Luck Маx Energy Combat Exp % Max Stamina
50 1
60 2
70 2 1
80 2 2
90 2 3
100 2 3 3
150 3 3 3
200 3 4 3
300 3 4 6 50
400 3 5 6 50
500 3 5 9 50
600 3 5 9 100
700 3 6 9 100
800 3 6 9 150
900 3 6 12 150
1000 3 7 12 150
1500 3 8 12 150
2000 3 8 12 200

View Titles: P → Titles tab

BDO Titles

Conqueror Quests

If you leave a spot open in your quest log, you can randomly pick up a Conqueror quest that will reward a Combat XP buff and Combat Skill XP buff.

  • These quests will be automatically accepted when you obtain Dark Energy items from these areas.
  • Cannot accept more Conquest Quests if you already have the maximum amount of quests.
  • You can complete the quest via the Black Spirit and will be rewarded with Combat and Skill EXP buffs.
  • You can start another Extra Quest as soon as you complete one.

Conquerer’s Might Buff

– Combat EXP +300%
– Skill EXP +100%

– Duration: 30 min

[Extra] Conqueror of the Bashim Base!
[Extra] Conqueror of Taphtar Plain!
[Extra] Conqueror of the Basilisk Den!
[Extra] Conqueror of the Cadry Ruins!
[Extra] Conqueror of the Gahaz Bandit’s Lair!
[Extra] Conqueror of the Desert Naga Temple!
[Extra] Conqueror of the Crescent Shrine!
[Extra] Conqueror of Roud Sulfur Mine!
[Extra] Conqueror of Pila Ku Jail!
[Extra] Conqueror of Waragon Nest!
[Extra] Conqueror of Titium Valley!
[Extra] Conqueror of the Abandoned Iron Mine!
[Extra] Conqueror of the Manes Hideout!
[Extra] Conqueror of the Wandering Rogue Den!
[Extra] Conqueror of the Omar Lava Cave!
[Extra] Conqueror of Marni’s 2nd Lab!
[Extra] Conqueror of Helms Post!
[Extra] Conqueror of Elric Shrine!
[Extra] Conqueror of Sausan Garrison!
[Extra] Conqueror of the Undead!
[Extra] Conqueror of the Hasrah Ancient Ruins!
[Extra] Conqueror of the Wilderness Golem!
[Extra] Conqueror of the Kuit Islands!
[Extra] Conqueror of the Shultz Guards!

Combat Exp from Marni Stones

Wacky Toshi sells Marni’s Stones that you can fill up with monster kills to exchange for Combat Exp or Elvia items. The stones require a certain amount of monster kills in Valencia, Kamasylvia, Elvia, and Drieghan.

3 Marni’s Stone Types:

Tier 1: cost 60k silver → 250 Mob Kills
Tier 2: cost 110k silver → 500 Mob Kills
Tier 3 Great: rare drop → 40k to 80k Mob Kills


Level Requirement: 57+
Elvia Level Requirement: 61+


Marni Stone Guide

marni stone t1 bashim

Combat EXP Event Items

During special events, you can obtain items that reward Combat Exp upon use.

  • [Event] Sweet and Sour Pumpkin Candy (or Pouch) – 50 to 150% Combat Exp
  • [Event] Sweet Sikhye – 100% Combat Exp
  • [Event] Spring’s Herbal Decoction – 100% Combat Exp
  • [Event] It’s Boba Time Drink – 20% Combat Exp
  • [Event] Foxfire – 100% Combat Exp
  • [Event] All We Need is Love (Combat) – 50% Combat Exp
  • [Event] Cold Dark Beer – 20% Combat Exp
  • [Event] Packaged Pineapple Skewer – 100% to 200% Combat Exp
  • [Event] Dragon King’s Hyangon Wine  – 200% Combat Exp
  • [Event] Special Grape Parfait – 10% Combat Exp
  • [Event] Special Valentine Chocolate – 8% Combat Exp
  • [Event] Flondor Golden Goose Egg – 300% Combat Exp
  • [Event] Anniversary, Birthday, and event cakes – 100% Combat Exp
  • [Event] 3333-Day Cake – 333% Combat Exp
Sweet and Sour Candy Combat Exp
Event Spring Herbal Decoction 100 Combat Exp



Sources & Additional Info