Season Server is a temporary server that gives additional leveling and character growth benefits not available on normal servers. In order to enter a Season Server, you must first create a Season Character.


Season Benefits:

  • Season Server Buffs: Combat EXP +300%, Skill Exp +50%
  • Life Rewards: Life EXP +30% (excludes Trading) and +100% basic resources
  • Fughar’s Timepiece: obtain 2 characters by leveling 1
  • Tuvala Gear: special gear for Season Characters
    • get plentiful enhancement items for Tuvala Gear
    • shows higher enhancement chances
    • Tuvala Gear Exchange for Boss Gear
  • Notable Season Rewards:
    • Inventory Slots
    • Season Pass Rewards:
      • Choose 1 pet
      • 100 & 140 Failstacks
    • Challenge Rewards:
      • Level 59: PEN Tuvala Ring
      • Level 60: PEN Tuvala Earring
    • Special Season Gift:
      • PEN Capotia Accessory

Season Server Restrictions:

  • Season Server is temporary, lasting 2 to 3 months.
    • At the end of Season, players graduate, converting their Season Gear to family bound gear.
    • Graduated Season Characters can no longer enter Season Servers.
  • Season Servers can be crowded, especially in the first few weeks.

Season Character Restrictions:

Season Dates

Season 10 (Winter Season) started Dec 14, 2022.

Season start to end is approximately 2 to 3 months.

You can take advantage of Season Server the entire time, or graduate early when it becomes available. (usually one month after start.)

Season Start

Dec 14, 2022 (Wed) after maintenance –→


Season End

Feb 15, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance

Season Character vs Normal

A Season Character is just like a normal character except for a few key differences.

  • Season Characters can enter both Season and normal servers.
  • Season Characters are restricted to wearing certain gear like Naru, Tuvala, Asula, and main quest line gear.
  • In order to obtain Season drops, you will need to enter a Season Server with a Season Character.
  • Season Characters can’t flag for PVP, but can enter a Season PVP Server with a +50% drop rate.
  • Season Characters can’t obtain a T9 Dream Horse from the Stable Keeper.
  • Season Characters frequently get leveling buffs and free items, but can otherwise level, fight, loot, and play normally.
BDO Season Server List

Season Character Creation

Your first step is to create a Season Character.

If you are a brand new player, you will have no choice but to create a Season Character, if a Season is currently active. (since patch July 27, 2022)

You must have one open character slot. (Character Slot Expansion Coupon = 10k Loyalties or 600 Pearls)

Click the button to make a new character.

Next you will be able to customize the appearance of your character.

When you’re finished, make sure of the following:

  • select the option “Season Character”
  • click “Create Season Character”
BDO Season Character Option

Is Season Character Worth It?

In my opinion, yes. Even if you are a fully geared veteran, playing a Season Character gives you advantages besides good gear, items, and faster levels.

  • Experience new content, usually alongside discovering a new class.
  • Super fast leveling with 24/7 Combat and Skill EXP buffs
  • Optionally choose a Season PVP Server (+50% drops) knowing no one is packing full PEN boss gear. 🙂
  • Great way to inexpensively gear up Alts to camp boss spawn spots.
  • Obtain enhancement items that you can use on normal gear later.
    • Exchange Season enhancement stones for Advice of Valks and Valks’ Cry
    • Season Server only drops to exchange for goodies
    • Season only events for extra buffs and even more goodies!

Season Leveling Buffs

Season Servers provide a Life Skill, Combat, and Skill EXP buff for faster leveling. The EXP buff will be active regardless of a character’s level.


Leveling Buffs Schedule EXP Buffs

Weekend/Weekday (24/7)

Combat EXP +300%

Skill EXP + 50%
Life EXP +30% (excludes Trading)

Season EXP Buff

Season Life Skill Rewards

  • Life EXP +30%
    • Season characters gain Life EXP +30% (excludes Trading).
  • Increased Gathering Loot
    • When you use Gathering tools to obtain loot, you get +100% more basic resources.
    • This does not apply to barehanded gathering, digging, milking, and scooping water.
    • The pet Hedgehog’s Talent’s effect stacks with the increased Gathering loot buff in season servers.

    Season Gathering Loot Increase

    Lumbering Fluid Collecting Hoe Gathering Butchering Tanning Mining


    Blood, Sap

    Wild Grass

    (Processed once like Sheep Hides)

    Rough Stone


    Example: On a normal server, when mining Iron Ore, you have a 100% chance to obtain Iron Ore. On season servers, you’ll obtain an additional Iron Ore as well.

    NOTE: You can NOT equip Life Skill Mastery items with a season character.

    Season Character Gear

    Season Characters can only equip Naru, Tuvala, Asula Accessories, main quest gear, and other gear that has a special Season icon on them.

    For players, who have already done the main story line, on a different character, you can wear any of your old quest gear.


    Season Character Gear Progresson:


    PEN NaruPRI TuvalaPEN TuvalaTET Boss


    1. PEN Naru gear is exchanged for PRI Tuvala Gear. How-to exchange Naru. (Requires Season Character)
    2. Enhance your PRI Tuvala to PEN with Time-Filled Black Stones
    3. PEN Tuvala gear can be exchanged for TET boss gear. Tuvala Gear Exchange
    BDO Season Gear with Tuvala

    Season Character Tip for Veterans

    You can skip the main quest line, if you have already completed it once before.

    Special Growth Questline:

    • Be a Season Character on a Season Server
    • complete the quest, “Sage of Velia” (part of the main beginner Balenos questline)
    • select “[Crossroad] Simplified” button on the “Select Quest” pop-up window that appears after turning in “Sage of Velia” to Alustin in Velia.
    • From Black Spirit: “[Special Growth] Birth of a Prestigious Family”
    • view progress: press O key then Main tab

    For more details, and other veteran tips, please view our Simplified Main Quest guide.

    simplified main questline

    Season Server Benefits

    Lets look at the many benefits of Season.


    Season Loot

    On season servers, you can obtain special Season-only loot via the Gathering Life Skill, quests, and defeating monsters.

    • This does not apply to barehanded gathering, digging, milking, and scooping water.

    Time-filled Black Stone
    ◆ Enhance Tuvala gear via the Black Spirit.
    ◆ Exchange for other useful items via the NPC Fughar in any major city.

    Tuvala Ore
    ◆ Recover max durability of Tuvala gear lost from enhancement failure.
    ◆ Exchange for Tuvala gear and accessories via blacksmiths in any major city.

    Refined Magical Black Stone
    ◆ Guaranteed enhancement of Tuvala gear (weapons, defense gear) via the Black Spirit (/).
    (PRI (I) – 10, DUO (II) – 15, TRI (III) – 20)

    [Season] Special Item
    ◆ Changes every Season.
    ◆ Exchange for useful items via the NPC Fughar in any major city.

    Rift’s Fragment
    ◆ Rift’s Echo can be crafted with Rift’s Fragment x5 by Simple Alchemy (L).
    ◆ Defeat the bosses summoned from a “Rift Echo” to obtain a decent amount of Tuvala enhancement materials.
    ◆ A party is recommended to take on these mighty foes.


    The above five items fit in the rare resources category and are NOT affected by the pet Hedgehog’s Talent effect.

    Fughar’s Timepiece

    IMHO this is a powerful Season Reward and you get 2 this Winter Season ’22.

    It’s like leveling 3 characters at the same time.

    Fughar’s Timepiece transfers your Season Character’s status, Combat/Skill EXP, and Tuvala Gear.

    Your orginal Season Characters get to keep their levels and Combat/Skill EXP.


    Read the details in our Fughar’s Timepiece Guide.

    Fughar's Timepiece

    Season Graduation Memories Box

    Gift Box Full of Memories is given at Season Graduation.

    This is when Season ends and your character is converted to a normal character.


    Notable Rewards:


    Season Special Gift Exchange Coupon

    After graduating your season character, pick up Fughar’s quest called, “Season Special Gift”. He will give you a Season Special Gift Exchange Coupon. Select “Season Special Gift” in Fughar’s menu to confirm the gift. You can only choose a gift you haven’t received yet.

    Thes gifts are family bound, so you can transfer to an Alt.

    Choose one of the following:

    Season Season Special Gift
    2020 Summer Season Select one:
    PEN (V) Capotia Earring
    PEN (V) Capotia Ring
    2020 Autumn Season Perilla’s Star
    2020 Winter Season PEN (V) Capotia Belt
    2021 Summer Season PEN (V) Capotia Necklace
    2021 Season+
    2021 Winter Season

    2022 Season: Drakania
    2022 Season: Dawn of Dragons
    2022 Autumn Season
    2022 Winter Season
    Advice of Valks (+100)


    If you have obtained one of the following from a past Season, you cannot get the same reward again. (except Advice of Valks (+100) can be obtained again.)

    season special gift

    Season Special Gift Stats:


    Special Gift Stats Special Gift

    ~ Ring ~
    AP: 17
    Accuracy: 10


    ~ Earring ~
    AP: 13
    DP: 4
    Accuracy: 12
    Damage Reduction: 4


    PEN (V) Capotia Earrings
    ~ OR ~ PEN (V) Capotia Ring

    Press (U) to get 5 min buff:

    Damage from Monsters -5%
    All Damage Reduction +4
    HP Recovery +1 per Hit
    All Resistance +5%
    Movement Speed +5%
    Max HP +200
    Max Stamina +100

    Perilla’s Star



    Equip Effect:
    DP: 1
    DR: 1

    AP: 17
    Accuracy: 10
    Weight Limit +80LT

    PEN (V) Capotia Belt

    AP: 30
    Accuracy: 20

    PEN (V) Capotia Necklace
    Enhancement Chance +100
    Advice of Valks (+100)

    Capotia Necklace gives the best AP and Accuracy.

    Pen Capotia Necklace


    Additional Rewards:

    Cron Stone x50
    Fresh Orange Juice x10
    Sweet Wild Berry Juice x10
    Sour Green Grape Juice x10

    PEN Cloud Accessory

    During Winter Season, you can obtain 1 Cloud Accessory and upgrade it to PEN level.

    • obtain TRI Accessory via Challenge Reward (Y)
    • upgrade via a daily challenge (Y) for 21 “Dreamy Cloud Stone”.
    • equivalent stats to Capotia Accessories
    • beginner friendly PEN accessory
    • equip on both Season and normal characters
    • exchanged for normal Capotia at end of Season.
    Cloud Accessory: PEN Necklace

    Season Challenge Rewards

    These rewards are obtained by reaching specific levels on your Season Character.


    Top Tier Rewards:

    PEN (V) Tuvala Ring (level 59)

    PEN (V) Tuvala Earring (level 60)

    Gold Bar 1,000G x3 (Level 60)


    Event Travel Kit

    Challenge Reward for attaining level 56. Receive extra goodies by opening the Travel Kit from levels 57-60.

    [Event] Lv. 57 Travel Kit
    (Open to Obtain All of the Following)
    [Event] Lv. 57 Travel Kit

    Gold Bar 100G x1

    Black Stone (Weapon) x30

    Black Stone (Armor) x30

    Memory Fragment x20

    [Event] Elion’s Tear x3

    [Event] Lv. 58 Travel Kit

    [Event] Lv. 58 Travel Kit

    Gold Bar 100G x1

    [Event] Splat Fisher’s Clothes Set (7 Days) x1

    [Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x5

    Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon) x2

    Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor) x2

    Advice of Valks (+20) x1

    [Event] Lv. 59 Travel Kit

    [Event] Lv. 59 Travel Kit

    Gold Bar 100G x1

    [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days) x1

    Book of Training – Combat (3 Hours) x3

    Book of Training – Skill (3 Hours) x3

    Advice of Valks (+30) x1

    [Event] Lv. 60 Travel Kit

    [Event] Lv. 60 Travel Kit

    Gold Bar 100G x1

    [Event] Shakatu’s Luxury Box x1

    Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon) x5

    Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor) x5

    Artisan’s Memory x10

    Advice of Valks (25-35) x1



    Lvl Season Challenge Reward
    50 Blessed Message Scroll (120 min) x5
    [Event] Juice Gift Set
    Celestial Horse Calling Horn (15 Days)
    Inventory +4 Expansion Coupon
    [Event] Item Collection Increase x10
    56 Time-filled Black Stone x150
    Sealed Compass (7 days)
    Combat & Skill EXP 300% (60 min) x5
    [Event] Lv. 57 Travel Kit
    58 Time-filled Black Stone x250
    Cron Stone x50
    Valks’ Cry x10
    Advice of Valks (+50)
    [Event] Shakatu’s Shiny Box (Combat)
    59 PEN(V) Tuvala Ring
    1000 Loyalties
    [Event] Shakatu’s Shiny Box (Life)
    60 PEN(V) Tuvala Earring
    Advice of Valks (+60)
    Gold Bar 1,000G x3


    Season Pass Rewards

    Season Pass is a series of goals that reward Season Characters with goodies.

    Rewards must be collected in consecutive order, but most can be completed out of order ahead of time. (You just can’t collect right away.)

    Notable Rewards:

    1. Frozen and Boiling Tides Black Stone: 100% Enhancement for TET to PEN on Tuvala Gear – save hundreds of Cron Stones.
    2. +6 Inventory
    3. Advice of Valks (give Failstacks of +30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80)
    4. [Season] Violet Fan Charm
      • Advice of Valks (+100)
      • Advice of Valks (+140)
      • Choose Your Pet Box:
        • Flondor Duck (900 Pearls)
        • Shaggy Dog (900 Pearls)
        • Phoniel Squirrel (900 Pearls)
        • Otter (Premium pet – 1100 Pearls)
        • Lost Penguin (Rare pet – 1100 Pearls?)
        • Fluffy (900 Pearls)

    Season Violet Fan Charm


    [Season] Violet Fan Charm is a rare item obtained on Season Servers and exchanged for top tier rewards like a pet and other Pearl items.


    Obtaining [Season] Violet Fan Charm:

    • Season Pass Rewards (small icon at the top right of the screen)

    TOTAL from Season Pass: 80
    TOTAL with Pearl Shop purchase: 120


    Season Violet Fan Charm

    Season Black Stones

    Time-Filled Black Stones are used to enhance your Season Gear.


    They can also be exchanged for Fail Stacks:

    • 40 = Valks’ Cry x1
    • 30 = Advice of Valks (+10)
    • 100 = Advice of Valks (+20)
    • 200 = Advice of Valks (+30)
    • 500 = Advice of Valks (+40)

    Note that these Failstack items, that increase Enhancement Chance, can also be used to enhance normal gear later. So make sure you turn them in before Season Graduation!


    Season Gear Enhancement Items:


    Time-Filled Black Stone

    View our Time-Filled Black Stone guide.

    Season Afuaru

    Afuaru is a rare spawn while defeating mobs. Chase him down and kill him for loot.

    On Season Server, Afuaru spawns like on normal servers, but drops Season goodies.

    Enhancements for Tuvala Gear:

    • Refined Magical Black Stones
    • Tuvala Ores
    • rarely Frozen Tides Black Stone (free TET (IV) to PEN (V) enhancement for Tuvala gear.)
    • spawns in normal monster zones and those grinding spots recommended for parties of 3 on Season Server
    [Skittish] Afuaru Zones
    Desert Naga Temple
    Bashim Base
    Crescent Shrine
    Titium Valley
    Roud Sulfur Mine
    Pila Ku Jail
    Manshaum Forest
    Fadus Habitat
    Polly’s Forest
    Tshira Ruins
    Blood Wolf Settlement
    Sherekhan Necropolis (Day)
    Sherekhan Necropolis (Night)
    Cadry Ruins
    Taphtar Plain
    Gahaz Bandit’s Lair
    Navarn Steppe
    Mirumok Ruins
    Protty Cave
    Forest Ronaros
    Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper)
    Marie Cave (Traitor’s Graveyard)


    Season Party of 3 Zones:

    The following grinding spots were converted to 3 party difficulty on Season Server:

    • Waragon’s Nest
    • Basilisk Den
    • Shultz Guard

    Afuaru will drop loot for up to 3 Adventurers.

    Rift’s Echo


    Rift’s Echo is a rare item that spawns a boss event, in which 3 or more different bosses spawn in consecutive order on Season Server.


    Lucky players may get a rare boss spawn.


    Each boss defeated rewards enhancement items for Tuvala Gear.


    • Average Loot per Normal Boss:

    4 – Time-filled Black Stone
    4 – Tuvala Ore
    2 – Refined Magical Black Stone

    BDO Rift's Echo

    Season Rift’s Butterfly

    [Season] Rift’s Butterfly is an item drop that occurs while defeating monsters and gathering on Season Servers.

    Exchange to Fughar:

    x10 = Time Filled Black Stone Bundle
    x20 = Tuvala Ore Bundle
    x20 = Refined Magical Black Stone Bundle

    x5 = High-Quality Draught Box
    x10 = Valks’ Cry
    x20 = Advice of Valks (+20)
    x25 = Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min)
    x30 = Item Collection Increase Scroll
    x100 = Advice of Valks (+40)
    x150 = Advice of Valks (+50)

    <1 Quest per Family>
    x15 = Premium Elixir Box

    Monster Loot Locations:

    Valencia, Kamasylvia, Drieghan, and O’dyllita


    Season Rift's Butterfly

    Season Alchemy Stone

    After completing a series of 9 quests, you will be rewarded with a very nice Alchemy Stone, Treant’s Tear. You will also be rewarded with other helpful Life Skill goodies.


    Treant’s Tear Effects:

    • Life EXP +30%
    • Cooking/Alchemy Time -1 sec
    • Processing Success Rate +10%
    • Weight Limit +50
    • Gathering/Fishing +2
    • Gathering Item Drop Rate +10%

    How to Use: Press RMB to equip the item in your Inventory, and press (U) to use. You can use it along with Alchemy/Spirit Stone of Life.


    Duration: 10 min
    Cooldown: 10 min
    Durability: 150
    Fuel: Mystical Spirit Powder


    BDO Treant's Tear

    Season Riding Crop

    “Fughar’s Riding Crop” is a season character exclusive riding crop.

    • Item Effect:
      • Max Mount Speed +20%
      • Max Auto-run Speed +50%
      • Auto-run sprint speed +20%
    • This item can only be equipped by season characters and it will be removed after the season ends.
    • This item cannot be enhanced or registered on the Central Market.


    How to Obtain: Claim this item as a Challenge (Y) Reward on a season character during Season.

    Season Quests for Atoraxxion

    Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea and Sycrakea and Yolunakea provide an extra chest for Season Characters. This unique chest has many enhancement items for Tuvala Gear.

    Quest: “[Co-op][Weekly] Vestige of the Rifts Bestowed by Vaha”
    Quest: “[Co-op] [Weekly] Vestige of the Rifts Bestowed by Syca”
    Quest: “[Co-op] [Weekly] Vestige of the Rifts Bestowed by Yolu”
    Start NPC: Fughar
    Chest Reward: Atoraxxion: Rift Chest

    Also obtain Atoraxxion: Rift Chest x1 for each Challenge:


    Challenge Name Requirement
    [Season] On the Lucretia Dagger! Defeat Apex Urukios of Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea
    Learn “On the Lucretia Dagger” knowledge
    [Season] On the Corrupt Yolun Dagger! Defeat the Maleficent Centilutos
    Learn “On the Corrupt Yolun Dagger” knowledge
    [Season] On the Voidlight Dagger! Defeat Yolunakea Boss Amarillos
    Learn “On the Voidlight Dagger” knowledge


    Season Atoraxxion Requirements:

    • Level 60+
    • “Invitation from I” Black Spirit main questline
    • Completed Succession or Awakening questline
    • Completed the quest “[Atoraxxion] Talibre’s Tear” in the quest line “[5-person Co-op] The Last Stronghold, Atoraxxion” which allows you to interact with the Sol Magia in the Ancient Stone Chamber.
    • Afterwards, you can defeat the final boss in Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea/Sycrakea/Yolunakea and get the weekly rewards without doing the main questline.
    Invitation from I quest line

    Season Grinding Spots

    Grinding spots on Season Servers are identical to normal servers, with a few important differences.


    Season Grinding Spots:

    • drop Tuvala Enhancement materials
    • spawn a special Afuaru that gives enhancement mats
    • earn 300% Combat EXP and 50% more Skill EXP
    • can enjoy the hunt without concern of PVP. (unless you enter a special PVP Season Server)
    • may have crowded grinding spots, especially at the start of Season


    3 zones are “Party Monster Zones.” (Normal and season servers.)

    Party of 3 Recommended

    Monster Zone Recommended Gear
    Waragon Nest PRI (I) – DUO (II) Grade Tuvala Gear
    Basilisk Den DUO (II) – TRI (III) Grade Tuvala Gear
    Shultz Guard TRI (III) – TET (IV) Grade Tuvala Gear

    Season Ancient Weapon Event

    Kill a certain amount of mobs and there is a chance an Ancient Weapon Invasion Event may start.

    • Spawn Locations: Mediah and Valencia monster zones
    • A warning message will appear and Ancient Weapons will spawn after 5 minutes
    • The more adventurers there are nearby, the more will spawn.
    • Expect an event boss to spawn.

    A large red circle in the sky. Ancient Weapons spawn below.

    Season Ancient Weapon Event

    Possible Event Rewards:


    Time-filled Black Stone
    Tuvala Ore
    Refined Magical Black Stone
    Specter’s Energy
    Sharp Spirit Stone of Destruction
    Sharp Spirit Stone of Protection
    Tuvala Accessory up to DUO
    Enchanted Scroll (+20)
    Enchanted Scroll (+30)
    Enchanted Scroll (+40)
    Gold Bar 1G
    Gold Bar 10G
    Gold Bar 100G
    Soiled Ogre Ring


    With Loot Scroll:


    300 Time-filled Black Stone

    120 Tuvala Ore

    110 Refined Magical Black Stones


    Example Boss Loot:

    Season Ancient Weapon Event Loot

    Season Quests

    There are many helpful quests for Season Characters. Here is a summary of a few:


    Season Quests from Main Questline:

    Speak to Black Spirit after completing Valencia, Kamasylvia, Drieghan, and O’dyllita.

    Reward: Tuvala enhancing materials


    Achieve Tuvala Enhancement Success:


    • obtain TRI (III) —> Advice of Valks (+40)
    • obtain TET (IV) —> Advice of Valks (+60)

    [Season] Weekly monster kill quests:

    Choose 1:

    Season Weekly Quests

    For more details about Season Quests, click the button below.

    Season with New Class

    Season is frequently released with a new class. Leveling a new class gives special Challenge rewards even if they aren’t your Season Character.

    (Season 10 released with Woosa and Maegu both!)

    Level Challenge Rewards – Drakania

    Advice of Valk (+60)

    Valks’ Cry x10

    Mystical Cron Stone Bundle

    [Event] Memory Fragment Bundle (x50~100)

    [Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll x10

    Sources & Additional Info