Deboreka Earring is a yellow grade boss tier accessory focused on AP and Accuracy. It can be used with other Deboreka accessories to obtain a 3 set effect: All AP +12.

Deboreka Earring Stats:

Enhancement AP Accuracy
+0 9 2
PRI (I) 11 4
DUO (II) 13 6
TRI (III) 15 8
TET (IV) 17 10
PEN (V) 19 12


Deboreka’s Joke:
How much did Igor Bartali pay for his Deboreka Earrings?
A buck-an-ear


Deboreka Earring was released with Land of the Morning Light on June 14 2023.

Deboreka Earring PEN

PEN: Deboreka Earring

Deboreka Earring Comparison

Lets compare Deboreka Earring to other similar boss earrings.

Cup of Earth’s Sorrows will add +3 AP to 8 different yellow grade earrings. (elvia earring cup)

List of Arboreal Earrings and their PEN Stats:

Arboreal Earring AP Acc DP DR Evas Arboreal Earring Other Stats
Arboreal Black Distortion Earring 21 16 -5 +3 AP
Arboreal Capotia Earring 13 12 4 4 +3 AP
Arboreal Dawn Earring 14 38 +3 AP
Max Stamina +100
Arboreal Ethereal Earring 12 20 5 15+15 +3 AP
Arboreal Narc Ear Accessory 15 12 5 5 +3 AP
Extra Damage to Kamasylvians +8
Arboreal Tungrad Earring 17 12 +3 AP
Black Spirit’s Rage +10%
Arboreal Vaha’s Dawn 21 16 -5 +3 AP
Arboreal Deboreka Earring 19 12 +3 AP
3 set effect: All AP +12


Deboreka Earring is better than a Tungrad Earring because it has 2 more AP and the Deboreka Accessory set effect of +12 AP.

Deboreka Earring is clearly a best in slot earring for those who want the highest AP without penalizing their defense. Only Vaha’s Dawn and Black Distortion Earring have better AP, but also come with a -5 DR penalty.


Obtaining Deboreka Earring

Deboreka Earring can be obtained via Boss Blitz encounters from Land of the Morning Light.

  • Deboreka Earring of up to DUO level can be obtained as a weekly Boss Blitz reward for Calamity levels 4-10.
  • You can also obtain the material to craft a Deboreka Earring from Boss Blitz of Calamity level 4 and higher.

Access for Boss Blitz requires completing the Land of the Morning Light main quest line.

deboreka earring duo

Deboreka Earring Recipe

Deboreka Earring can also be crafted from 4 different materials.


Processing (L) → Manufacture:

Deboreka Accessory Price

The maximum price for Deboreka Necklace, Earrings, and Belt at the Central Market:

Enhancement Level Max Price
0 825,000,000 Silver
PRI (I) 2,480,000,000 Silver
DUO (III) 7,400,000,000 Silver
TRI (III) 21,000,000,000 Silver
TET (IV) 99,000,000,000 Silver
PEN (V) 300,000,000,000 Silver

Deboreka Earring Player Opinion

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