Taebaek’s Belt is a yellow grade boss tier belt focused on AP and Accuracy. It also offers players a 1 minute burst of combat power for nearby allies every 10 minutes.


Taebaek’s Belt Stats:

Enhancement AP Accuracy Max HP Weight
+0 7 2 20 + 80 LT
PRI (I) 9 4 30
DUO (II) 11 6 40
TRI (III) 13 8 50
TET (IV) 15 10 60
PEN (V) 17 12 70


Belted Thought of the Day: Lets get a 5 man party and coordinate Taebaek Belt buffs! 😛


Taebaek’s Belt was released with Land of the Morning Light on June 14 2023.

Taebaek's Belt PEN

Taebaek’s Belt & Blessing Party Buff

Taebaek’s Belt Buff

Taebaek’s Belt is the first accessory in BDO to offer a friendly player buff called “Blessing of Taebaek”. This buff gives nearby allies a short burst of DPS and Defense.

Blessing of Taebaek:

  • AP: 5 to 30 (+5 every enhancement level)
  • DP: 10 to 50 (+10/15/20/25/35/50 depending on enhancement level)
  • Accuracy: 0 to 5% (+1% every enhancement level)
  • Duration: 60 seconds
  • Cooldown Time: 10 minutes
Taebaek's Belt Blessing

Taebaek’s Blessing buff gains strength with each enhancement level of Taebaek’s Belt.

Taebaek’s Belt Comparison

Lets compare Taebaek’s Belt to other similar boss belts.

Cup of Tragic Nightfall adds +3 AP to 8 different yellow grade belts. (You also have the option of adding 6 DR with a different elvia belt cup.)

List of Nightfallen Belts and their PEN Stats:

Nightfallen Belts AP Acc DP Evas LT Nightfallen Belt Other Stats
Nightfallen Basilisk’s Belt 20 12 80 All AP +3
Nightfallen Capotia Belt 17 10 80 All AP +3
Nightfallen Centaurus Belt 12 20 20+40 80 All AP +3
Max HP+150
Nightfallen Orkinrad’s Belt 17 12 5 5+5 80 All AP +3
Max HP+125
Nightfallen Tungrad Belt 21 12 80 All AP +3
Self-obtainable Black Spirit’s Rage +20%
Nightfallen Turo’s Belt 17 34 80 All AP +3
Nightfallen Valtarra Eclipsed Belt 20 12 80 All AP +3
Max HP+125
Nightfallen Taebaek’s Belt 17 12 80 All AP +3
Max HP +70
Taebaek’s Blessing


Taebaek’s Belt is very similar to Capotia Belt, except it has 2 more Accuracy and +70 Max HP at PEN level. Taebaek’s Belt is also the only belt that can buff the entire party for 1 minute every 10 minutes giving a large boost to combat.


Obtaining Taebaek’s Belt

Taebaek’s Belt is crafted using a rare drop from Land of the Morning Light boss encounter, Boss Blitz.

Essence of Taebaek → LoML boss drop

Essence of Taebaek is a rare drop from every boss difficulty available in the Black Shrine.

Taebaek’s Belt Player Opinion

What’s your opinion on this new belt with a twist? I’m happy to see PA jumping out on a limb and trying new ideas.


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Sources & Additional Info


Dev Commentary from youtube.com:

Let’s move on to new loot and items. I’m certain that many of you are brimming with anticipation. But first, I’d like to reveal the subjugation rankings that is part of this update.

The subjugation ranking shows how fast you cleared each boss by difficulty level. But unlike the existing ranking system, this one will be applied to each “class” individually rather than collectively.

The difficulties of each boss won’t be fully available at first, but they’ll gradually unlock as each class successfully subjugate the previous difficulty.

For example, if you were playing Warrior, an adventurer must initially clear a specific difficulty as a Warrior in order to unlock the next difficulty level for all other Warriors.

As each class in Black Desert possesses their own set of unique abilities and combat style, strategizing a plan may be more or less challenging, depending on the characteristics of the boss and that particular class.

In the end, we adopted this approach to give skilled adventurers who have extensively studied and gained experience with a particular class the opportunity to achieve greater glory. We hope that this opens up more challenging opportunities for adventurers

Alright, let’s move onto loot and new items that can be obtained from these bosses. Allow me to introduce the new accessory, “Belt of Taebaek,” which comes with a special option that activates new skills immediately upon equipping it.

The belt grants the “Blessing of Taebaek” skill and activates a protective buff for you and your nearby allies.

But, it’s important to note that it has a relatively long cooldown. And as you defeat these bosses, there is a small yet certain probability that you’ll obtain special loot…