“Cup of Earth’s Sorrows” is used to upgrade top tier earring accessories. Elvia Cups are like enhancement crystals that can be set and removed with a special item.

Want an extra 3 AP to go with that boss earring? Step into an Elvia Realm and begin your grinding journey to more power!

Elvia Cup Earring Upgrade:

  • All AP +3
  • Craft an enhancement stone “Cup” via Processing (L) → Heating.
  • Press RMB on the Cup to begin Enhancement (Only requires 1 cup.)
  • Enhancement Chance is 100%.
  • Elvia accessory enhancements can’t be stacked. (You can’t place more than one buff per accessory.)
  • Use Refined Essence of Emotions to extract the cup or a quest to destroy it from the reformed accessory.


I, a Woosa, usa be sad… But I glued a Cup of Earth’s Sorrows to my earring.
Now everyone waves at me.

cup of earth's sorrows


Cup of Earth’s Sorrows Recipe & Mats


Upgrade Gem Processing > Heating Reform Effect Name Change
Cup of Earth’s Sorrows 30- Magical Shard
50- Shard of the Furious Night
50- Shard of the Tearful Night
100- Shard of the Drained Night
100- Black Stone (Weapon)
AP +3
(hidden AP)



Obtain Cup Mats in Elvia Serendia

Grinding Spots are listed in order of best drop rates.


Shard of Furious Night

  1. Orc Camp: 280+ AP
  2. Castle Ruins: 250+ AP (party of 3 rec.)

 Shard of Tearful Night

  1. Altar Imp Habitat: 240+ AP (party of 2 rec.)
  2. Swamp Fogan Habitat: 260+ AP

 Shard of Drained Night

  1. Elvia Biraghi Den: 240+ AP
  2. Elvia Glish Swamp Naga: 260+ AP


Cup of Earth’s Sorrows: Arboreal Earrings +3 AP Upgrade

Cup of Earth’s Sorrows will add +3 AP to 8 different yellow grade earrings.

List of Arboreal Earrings and their PEN Stats:

Arboreal Earring AP Acc DP DR Evas Arboreal Earring Other Stats
Arboreal Black Distortion Earring 21 16 -5 +3 AP
Arboreal Capotia Earring 13 12 4 4 +3 AP
Arboreal Dawn Earring 14 38 +3 AP
Max Stamina +100
Arboreal Ethereal Earring 12 20 5 15+15 +3 AP
Arboreal Narc Ear Accessory 15 12 5 5 +3 AP
Extra Damage to Kamasylvians +8
Arboreal Tungrad Earring 17 12 +3 AP
Black Spirit’s Rage +10%
Arboreal Vaha’s Dawn 21 16 -5 +3 AP
Arboreal Deboreka Earring - BDO Arboreal Deboreka Earring 19 12 +3 AP
3 set effect: All AP +12


Cup Extraction

Refined Essence of Emotions is a crafted item used to remove a cup enhancement from an accessory. You can then take the cup and reuse it on a different accessory.

If you don’t care about extracting the cup to reuse it later, you can complete a quest to destroy the cup instead.


How to Use Refined Essence of Emotions:

Visit Blacksmith NPC:

  • Click “Extraction” →  “Extract Reform Stone”.


Extract Cup from Accessories:

Moonlit Necklaces
Clouded Rings
Starlit Rings
Tidal Belts
Nightfallen Belts
Arboreal Earrings


Refined Essence of Emotions

Refined Essence of Emotions Recipe


Processing (L) → Heating:


How to Obtain Materials:

Quest to Destroy a Cup

You can remove and destroy a cup, intead of saving it for later use, by completing a quest.

  • Obtain “Cleansed Cup” quest from Lejenti in the underground chamber at Glish
  • Have accessories reformed from cups either equipped or in your Inventory.
  • Do NOT have a Refined Essence of Emotions in your Inventory.
  • You can destroy the Cup in a reformed accessory by giving it to Lejenti through the quest.

NOTE: The Cup is destroyed in this process.

You cannot revert the removal of a Cup.

Branded/copied accessories will no longer be branded/copied after an exchange.

Lejenti <Ahib Audrite Priest>
Location: underground chamber at Glish

Elvia Cups at the Marketplace

If you want to avoid grinding Elvia for materials, you can purchase cups at the Marketplace.

Price and availability is auto updated every 30 minutes.

Elvia CupBase PriceInstockDaily Volume
Cup of Arid Moonlight27000000011794
Cup of a Lonely Cloud44000000001231
Cup of Dwindling Starlight44500000002371
Cup of Lone Tide45900000001218
Cup of Earth's Sorrows4660000000120110
Cup of Tragic Nightfall46600000001832
TOTAL SILVER23030000000
Elvia Cups Chart
Cup of Arid Moonlight
Max HP + 150 (necklace)
Cup of a Lonely Cloud
Max HP + 125 (ring)
Cup of Dwindling Starlight
Critical Hit Damage +3% (ring)
Cup of Lone Tide
+6 DR (belt)
Cup of Tragic Nightfall
All AP +3 (belt)
Cup of Earth’s Sorrows
All AP +3 (earring)

Sources & Additional Info

For guides on Elvia Cup upgrades for accessories: