Panokseon is a large battle ship that arrived with Land of the Morning Light on June 15 2023. It has superior defense and its sailor capacity is 1.5 times larger than a Carrack, which allows players to customize its stats. Panokseon is the only ship that has a frontal fire attack.

Panokseon Facts:

  • Panokseon can be improved with sailors, gear, and sea crystals.
    • Panokseon has 150 Cabin space vs Carrack’s 100.
    • Sailors can increase ship stats like Speed, Turn, Acceleration, Brake, and cannons.
  • “Unbeaten” ship skill deals wide-range flame damage in front, without turning to aim cannons.
  • Crafting Requirements:
    • 100,000 Crow Coins obtained via sailing quests and barter.
    • 3,000 Sangpyeong Coin obtained via LoML quests.
    • Panokseon requires 15 weekly quests and time to craft.
    • Build in shipyard in Nampo’s Moodle Village in Land of the Morning Light
    • Land of the Morning Light access:

Panokseon Stats

Ship Stat Panokseon
Ship Durability 2,000,000
Ration 1,300,000
Inventory 20
Weight Limit 12,500 LT
Cannon 9 on each side
Cannonball Capacity 2,000
Cannon Fire Rate 13 sec
Speed 105%
Acceleration 100%
Turn 110%
Brake 115%
Cabin 150


Panokseon Comparison

Pankokseon doesn’t look very powerful at first glance. It’s stats like Speed, Acceleration, and Turn are lower than all of the Carracks.

But you’ll notice that the sailor room is superior, which allows you to use more sailors to better customize your ship.

Barter Carracks vs Battle Carracks 7 Day Ship LoML Ship
Barter —————- T5 Carracks ————- Battle T6 BIS
Ship Stat Carrack (Advance) Carrack (Balance) Carrack (Volante) Carrack (Valor) Epheria Galleon Panokseon
HP 1,350,000 1,300,000 1,250,000 1,300,000 3,000,000 2,000,000
Rations 1,300,000 1,400,000 1,400,000 1,500,000 3,000,000 1,300,000
Base LT 16,500 15,000 13,500 13,500 30,000 12,500 LT
Speed 110% 115% 120% 115% 180% 105%
Accel 100% 100% 110% 110% 185% 100%
Turn 115% 115% 125% 125% 170% 110%
Brake 115% 115% 125% 125% 175% 115%
Inventory 40 slots 35 slots 20 slots 20 slots 50 slots 20
Cabins 100 100 100 100 0 150
Cannon per Side 9 (captain) 9 (captain) 9 (captain) 9 (captain) 4 9 (captain)
Reload 13s 12s 12s 11s 10s 13 sec


The Panokseon starts out with stats more similar to the Caravel and Galleass.

However, you’ll notice a few important differences. The Weight Limit, Cabin Space, and HP of the Panokseon are much superior to both T4 ships.

Cannon number is much larger and it should have comparable damage to the Carrack: Valor (source: patch notes copied below)

Panokseon vs Epheria Caravel and Epheria Galleass
Barter —————-T4 —————- Battle
Ship Stat Epheria Caravel Panokseon Epheria Galleass
HP 1,000,000 2,000,000 1,200,000
Rations 1,100,000 1,300,000 1,200,000
Base LT 10,000 12,500 LT 8,000
Speed 100% 105% 110%
Accel 100% 100% 110%
Turn 110% 110% 120%
Brake 110% 115% 120%
Inventory 30 slots 20 15 slots
Cabins 30 150 30
Cannon per Side 2 (captain) 9 (captain) 4 (captain)
Reload 13s 13 sec 13s


Where to Craft Panokseon

Panokseon can be crafted after purchasing the Shipyard located in Land of the Morning Light at Nampo’s Moodle Village. You will also need Panokseon materials placed inside the Moodle Village storage and at least 1 worker to start.

House Name: Morning Light Nampo 4 → Shipyard

Contribution Required: 1 CP for Shipyard and 1+ CP for workers available at other houses. LoML workers are usually cheap.


But… give up my 4 cheap worker Lodging? 🙁

panokseon crafting shipyard

Panokseon Recipe & Mats

Recipe Materials How to Obtain
 30x Blueprint: Panokseon

Obtain 2 per week from quest [Weekly] Pirate Trouble
Given by Yooan <Wharf Manager>
Location: docks of Nampo’s Moodle Village.

  • Destroy Goldmont Pirate Ship x3
  • Hand over Goldmont Pirates’ Artifact x3 to Yooan
 250x Wooden Nail Soaked in Seawater Defeat Goldmont Small/Medium/Large Battleships
 300x Finely Polished Pine Plywood Exchange Sangpyeong Coin
Exchange NPC: Yooan <Wharf Manager>
Location: docks of Nampo’s Moodle Village
Total Required: 3,000 Sangpyeong Coin
 200x Glue With Traces of Deep Waves Exchange 500 Crow Coins for 1
Exchange NPC: Livenia, Ravinia, or Rebinia
Location: Oquilla’s Eye, Lema, Crows Nest, LoML
Total Required: 100,000 Crow Coin


ship license panokseon

Finely Polished Pine Plywood

300 Finely Polished Pine Plywood are required to build Panokseon.


Obtaining Finely Polished Pine Plywood:

  • Exchange a total of 3,000 Sangpyeong Coin to Yooan, the Wharf Manager of Nampo’s Moodle Village to obtain enough Finely Polished Pine Plywood to build 1 Panokseon.
Finely Polished Pine Plywood

10x Sangpyeong Coin = 1x iconFinely Polished Pine Plywood


Exchange NPC: Yooan <Wharf Manager>
Location: docks of Nampo’s Moodle Village
Total Required: 3,000 Sangpyeong Coin

Sangpyeong Coin


Daily Sangpyeong Coin & Contribution Quests in Moodle

There are 19 daily quests that reward Contribution EXP and Sangpyeon Coin in Moodle Village. Most are very easy and fast to complete and all of the below are located in Nampo’s Moodle Village, Land of the Morning Light. 


  • Level 56+
  • For quests with item requirements, the items can be purchased on the marketplace or at an NPC, except for the fishing quests.

Total Daily Quest Rewards (19 quests):

  • Contribution EXP: 8,100
  • Sangpyeon Coins: 119
    • or 99 Sangpyeon Coin without fishing
Daily Quest for Sangpyeong Coin Quest NPC

[Daily] Flexible and Smooth

• Chat with Haehwa in Moodle Village


<Basket Vendor>

200 5

[Daily] Before Dew Forms on the Rice Sheaf

• Pick up Rice Sheaf Box and carry it to Okja in Moodle Village


<Basket Vendor>

200 5

[Daily] Healthy Is Best

• Give  High-Quality Carrot Juice x5 to Morong in Moodle Village


<Stable Keeper>

700 10

[Daily] Like ’em That Much? (random chance)

• Give Shinhee x1  Pepper (of any grade).


<Herb Vendor>

500 7

[Daily] Like ’em That Much? (random chance)

• Give Star Anise x3 to Shinhee in Moodle Village


<Herb Vendor>

500 7

[Daily] Scent of Barley from Across the Sea

• Give Dark Beer (CHAR BOUND) x1 to Kwaksoo


<Material Vendor>

300 6

[Daily] Intricate and Beautiful

• Chat to Dalhoon a blacksmith at the shipyard of Moodle Village


<Furniture Dealer>

200 5

[Daily] The Blast Furnace Will Never Go Out

• Give Log x5 to Dalhoon in Moodle shipyard



200 5

[Daily] Grocery Shopping (random chance)

• Chat with Doodol, Joyoung, and Minhyuk in Moodle Village


<Little Auntie of Moodle>

200 5

[Daily] Grocery Shopping (random chance)

• Chat with Doodol, Joyoung, and Shinhee in Moodle Village


<Little Auntie of Moodle>

200 5

[Daily] Grocery Shopping (random chance)

• GivePersimmon x 3 to Naye


<Little Auntie of Moodle>

200 5

[Daily] Hard as the Turtle Shell

• Give Dark-banded Rockfish x1 to Surong


<Armor Vendor>

700 10

[Daily] The Best Finishing Material

• GiveBoxfish x1 to Okyoung


<Arms Dealer>

700 10

[Daily] Quality Goods Bring In Customers

• Give Salt x10 to Minhyuk

Minhyuk 200 5

[Daily] Flowers and Plants Feed On Love

• Give Inorganic Fertilizer x1 to Bangchul


<Luxury Vendor>

300 6

[Daily] Food They Are Looking For (random chance)

• GiveLamb Meat x 3

• GiveOlive Oil x 5


<Big Auntie of Moodle>

700 10

[Daily] Food They Are Looking For (random chance)

• GivePaprika x 5
• Give Cheese x 1


<Big Auntie of Moodle>

700 10

[Daily] Food They Are Looking For (random chance)

• Give Base Sauce x 5
• Give Cooking Wine x 1


<Big Auntie of Moodle>

700 10

[Daily] The Indispensable Item of the Apothecary

• Chat with Merchant by the Moodle shipyard.


<Herb Vendor>

200 5

[Daily] Lining Out the Door

• Chat with Haehwa, Namwook, and Wolim


<Work Supervisor>

200 5

[Daily] Strong and Beautiful

• GiveiconUsable Scantling x5 to Cheolsum


<Side Table Vendor>

200 5

[Daily] Berth Report

• Chat with Customs Officer Gapdol


<Chief of Moodle>

200 5

[Daily] A Jewel on a Tree

• GivePersimmon x2 to Nurong

Nurong 200 5

[Daily] An Escapee Chick

• Chat with Okja’s Chick


<Basket Vendor>

200 5

Glue With Traces of Deep Waves

200 Glue With Traces of Deep Waves are required to build Panokseon.

Obtaining Glue With Traces of Deep Waves:

  • Exchange a total of 100,000 Crow Coin to a Crow Coin Exchange NPC: Livenia, Ravinia, or Rebinia.

500x Crow Coin = 1x Glue With Traces of Deep Wave

Crow Coin Shop NPCs

<Crow Coin Exchange>

Wooden Nail Soaked in Seawater & Goldmont Pirates’ Artifact

250 Wooden Nail Soaked in Seawater are required to build Panokseon.


Obtaining Wooden Nail Soaked in Seawater & Goldmont Pirates’ Artifact:

  • Hunt Goldmont Pirate Ships in the Vadabin Sea in the fleet area SE of Nampo.
    • 1 Goldmont Pirates’ Artifact per kill (regardless of ship size: small, medium, and large)
      • 3 Goldmont Pirates’ Artifact are needed each week. Make sure you pick up the weekly quest [Weekly] Pirate Trouble before hunting Goldmont Battleships. This will also give you 2 Panokseon Designs.
    • 1 Nail for Goldmont Small Battleships
    • 2 Nails for Goldmont Medium Battleships
    • 3 Nails for Goldmont Large Battleships.

These are not influenced by Agris or loot scrolls.

For the [Weekly] Pirate Trouble quest, you must kill Vadabin pirates only, but you can kill any ship type (small, medium, and large). You can’t store up Artifacts and just turn them in later. You have to kill 3 Vadabin ships after picking the quest up.

Panokseon Gear (Haemo)

Panokseon gear of green grade was introduced with a patch on 6-21-23 soon after Land of Morning Light went live.

Purchase green grade Panokseon gear at the Crow Coin Shop of Livenia, Ravinia, or Rebinia.

Panokseon Gear
Crow Coin
Panokseon: Haemo’s Cannon 10,000
Panokseon: Haemo’s Sail 10,000
Panokseon: Haemo’s Figurehead 10,000
Panokseon: Haemo’s Plating 10,000


Crow Coin Shop NPCs

<Crow Coin Exchange>

Panokseon: Haemo’s gear is enhanced with Solar Black Stone and Lunar Black Stone. Same as Carrack: Toro’s gear.

Solar Black Stone Lunar Black Stone
Processing > Heating (L)
 Fiery Black Stone x10
 Starlight Crystal x1
Processing > Heating (L)
 Frosted Black Stone x10
 Starlight Crystal x1


Starlight Crystals can be purchased at the Crow Coin shop for 100 Crow Coins.



Panokseon Gear Stats

Panokseon Gear is very important to help make your ship more powerful in battle. Cannons increase damage and plating is important for Barter. The sail has the biggest impact on ship speed and manuverability.

Haemo’s Ship Gear Totals
+10 Enhancement
Defense (DP): 110
Damage Reduction: 110
Weight Limit: +4,300 LT
Max Rations: +90,000
Movement Speed: +14%
Max Durability: +90,000
Turn: +7%
Brake: +7%
Sea Monster Damage: +10,000 x9 hits
Ship Damage: +7,000 x9 hits
Panokseon Ship Gear (Green Grade) +10 Enhancement

Haemo’s Figurehead

Haemo’s Plating

Haemo’s Cannon

Haemo’s Sail
DP: 55
Movement Speed +7%
Acceleration +5%
DP: 55
Max Durability +45000
Weight Limit +2500LT
Max Rations +90000
Max Durability +45000
Weight Limit +1800LT
Extra Damage to Sea Monsters +10000 x9 hits
Extra Damage to Ships +7000 x9 hits
Movement Speed +7%
Turn +7%
Brake +7%

Panokseon Blue Grade Gear – Byukgye

Byukgye gear is crafted from +10 green grade Haemo gear. Base Byukgye gear starts out at one level higher performance than Haemo gear.

Craft Byukgye gear in the Byukgye Ship Part Workshop in Nampo’s Moodle Village in the Land of the Morning Light.

Byukgye Materials How to Obtain
“Blueprint: Byukgye’s Panokseon Equipment x10 (1 of cannon/sail/figurehead/plating)”
Obtained through worker operations at Dallae Pier Quarry Production Node
+10 Haemo’s Panokseon Equipment (1 of cannon/sail/figurehead/plating)
“Purchase and enhance at the Crow Coin Shop (Starlight Crystal, Solar/Lunar Black Stone)”
 Finely Polished Pine Plywood x50 Exchange Sangpyeong Coins x10 with Yooan in Moodle Village for Finely Polished Pine Plywood x1
 Delicately Polished Support x50 Purchase from Crow Coin Shop or Manufacture (L) with 1 Violent Sea Monster’s Bone + 1 Starlight Hardener
 Wave Residue Adhesive x50 Purchase from Crow Coin Shop or Manufacture (L) with 1 Sea Monster’s Ooze + 1 Starlight Emulsifier
 Permit for Reinforcing Panokseon Parts x1 Purchase from Chulong in Nampo’s Moodle Village for 1 billion Silver


Byukgye’s Gear Enhancement

Panokseon: Byukgye’s Equipment can be enhanced with Sunset Black Stones, like Chiro’s Equipment for the Carrack.


Sunset Black Stones

Sunset Black Stones can be crafted at a Ship Part Workshop.

  • Iliya Island 3 – Chiro’s Ship Part Workshop, Iliya Island, Balenos Territory
  • Morning Light Nampo 2 – Byukgye Ship Part Workshop, Nampo’s Moodle Village, Land of the Morning Light

Sunset Black Stone Recipe:

sunset black stone chiro ship part

Workload 200 (10 min with worker speed 150, 40 min with worker speed 50)

Panokseon Skills

Panokseon has an additional skill unavailable to other ships.


Panokseon’s Fire Attack: Unbeaten

“Unbeaten” is an offensive fire attack only available to the Panokseon.

Unbeaten deals flame attack damage to enemies in front.

It can be used flexibly depending on the combat situation, while moving forward or backward during the skill.

However, just like other skills like “Ram”, cannons cannot be used while using the Unbeaten.

Skill & Requirement Skill Description
(Sailing Beginner 1)
Able to spew fire forward while moving forwards or backwards.
Command: Press X or ↓ + X while idle or sailing


Move Forward (Command : X) Move Backward (Commands: ↓ + X)


Other Panokseon Skills

Panokseon also has all of the ship skills that other great ocean ships have.

Ship/Sailing Skill Description Ration Stam Key Skill
icon Volley:
switch to FocusFire mode, and fire cannons from the left or right cannons quickly and precisely.
0 0 Q or E Beginner
icon Ram:
It is like horse instant accel for ships. Makes the ship rush forward for 5 seconds. Stops the ship for a couple seconds afterwards. Damage is done at the end or back of the ram animation. 20,000 Durability per sucessful hit. Max 9 hits.
3700  10 F + Sailing Beginner
Fires right or left cannons. (Hold RMB or LMB to increase range.)
0 0 LMB or RMB Beginner
icon PowerAccel:
It is like horse start accel. Use when standing still to instantly speed up for a short time.
5500 64 Space + W Apprentice
icon BreezySail:
After reaching full speed, get a surge of speed for 5 seconds. Like horse sprint skill for ships. Ship item called Ebenruth’s Nol allows 2nd use at 0 Stamina. (Item costs 2 mil. Crow Coin and requires a Carrack.)
8150 80 Shift + W Skilled
icon Quick-Retreat:
Makes sailing backwards faster
2000 0 Shift + S Professional
icon AbruptTurn:
While sailing, quickly change direction
3700 0 S+ A/D Artisan
icon Smooth-Turn:
Turn faster while standing still (standby).
2000 0 A/D Master
icon Bull’s-Eye:
Cannon reload time shortened by 1 second
0 0 Passive Guru



Panokseon Facts

Source: patch notes linked below

  • Damage repair costs 3,000,000 Silver per 10% damage. (Damage to the ship increases upon remote collection or destruction of the ship.)
  • Supplies are necessary when first registering the Panokseon.
  • While the Panokseon is quite slow due to its weight, and its stats are comparatively lower than that of the Epheria Carrack, its distinctive characteristics are the large number of crew members it can accommodate and its sturdy deck cover structure that gives the ship high defensive stats.
  • Also, it has higher Ram damage than that the Epheria Carrack.

Panokseon ships can be equipped with sea crystals.

Sources & Additional Info


Commentary from Official Patch Notes

You can pick a specific type of Epheria Carrack depending on your preference: Advance, Balance, Volante, and Valor. When completed, these carracks offered fixed stats. The recently introduced Panokseon was designed to be different by giving you the flexibility to set the ship’s stats by giving it a large cabin. However, we apologize for not being able to fully consider the consequences of the balance between these ships as thoroughly as possible. With this patch, the cabin of the Epheria Carracks was doubled. As a result, the combat-oriented “Epheria Carrack: Valor”, shouldn’t be too different in stats compared to the Panokseon. Additionally, Epheria Carrack: Valor will maintain the fastest rate of fire among all ships, meaning it has the shortest reload time. On the other hand, the Panokseon now has the new “Unbeaten” skill that deals wide-range flame damage, which makes it more like the turtle ship. This skill will enable you to attack nearby enemies without needing to turn the ship.


Commentary from Official Patch Notes:

We have added the Panokseon, a ship that embodies the beautiful and robust spirit of the Land of the Morning Light. While the basic stats of the Panokseon are comparatively lower than those of the Epheria Carrack, its distinctive feature lies in the ability to utilize 150 cabins to accommodate a large number of crew members, thereby increasing its overall capabilities. As seen in its appearance, the sturdy deck cover structure provides not only high defense but also deals high damage when using the Ram skill. Thanks to these characteristics, the Panokseon can be utilized as a versatile vessel that can be adapted for different purposes. It can serve as a reliable and formidable ship not only for various tasks but also in combat as a sturdy and threatening opponent on the battlefield.

Ever since we introduced the Panokseon, many Adventurers have expressed their eagerness to acquire it as soon as possible. However, as the vessel is made with considerably high technological expertise relative to its era, the construction process will not be an easy task. It will require significant assistance from the people of Moodle Village, thus it is crucial to maintain strong relations with them through activities such as eliminating the Goldmont Pirates that threaten the village, exchanging currencies or Crow Coins, etc.


Dev Commentary from

You’ll also be able to construct a new ship, the Panokseon, through shipbuilding.

The Panokseon may appear to be primarily used for combat, as evident from its exterior design, but its true charm lies in the flexibility of the ship’s performance, as it is able to hold quite a large crew.

In other words, while the overall performance of the ship may be lower than that of the existing carrack, it can be customized and prepared for different purposes by adjusting the number of crew members or assigning certain equipment.

The Panokseon can be constructed using crafting materials from the Land of the Morning Light and Sea Coins.

To build the Panokseon, you will need Sea Coins, which means construction will be easier for those who already possess a carrack.

However, it’s important to note that the ship’s construction period is intentionally designed to require consistent effort and dedication in order to complete the process.


Official Image Shares from patch notes: