Concentrated Boss Crystal is an ingredient required to make Resplendent Reform Stones used in Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear.


  • You can obtain a large amount from a weekly quest and small amounts from looting a boss.
  • 360 Concentrated Boss Crystals are used to create 5 Resplendent Reform Stones to obtain PEN Gear.
  • But don’t fret! You can start upgrading with 60 Concentrated Boss Crystal to make your first Resplendent Stone.


Reform Stones
(Dandelion images)
Boss Crystal
Resplendent Reform Stone I 60
Resplendent Reform Stone II 60
Resplendent Reform Stone III 60
Resplendent Reform Stone IV 60
Resplendent Reform Stone V 120


Each boss gear requires a different type of Concentrated Boss Crystal, but all gear requires the same amounts.

For example, Urugon’s Shoes, requires Concentrated Urugon’s Crystal.

Concentrated Urugon Crystal

Concentrated Boss Crystal Requirements

  • Level 60+
  • Short Quest Line (talking to NPCs)
    • “A Cry for Help” Black Spirit (,) → Quests → Suggestions
    • “Old Moon Guild’s Trade Offer” given by Jetina
    • “[PEN (V) Boss Gear]: The Old Moon Guild’s Best Deal” Black Spirit (,) → Quests → Suggestions

Jetina <Old Moon Guild Manager>
Location: All major cities

Concentrated Boss Crystal Quests

2x Latent Aura = 115x Concentrated Boss Crystal.


After completing the quest “Old Moon’s Guild Trade Offer” Jetina will offer the following quests that give 115 Concentrated Boss Crystal for 2 Latent Aura:

  • Each weekly quest rewards 115 Concentrated Boss Crystal.
  • Concentrated Boss Crystal quests are limited to one per family per week. (You can’t quest for crystals for your Dandelion plus your Kzarka in the same week.)
  • Resets every Thursday at midnight.
  • Concentrated Boss Crystal quests are shared with all characters. (You can pick it up with one character, switch to an Alt to exchange the Latent Aura, then switch back to the first character to finish the quest and obtain the Concentrated Boss Crystals.)

Boss Latent Aura

2 Latent Aura are needed for the weekly quest for 115 Concentrated Boss Crystal.

You will exchange a total of 6 Latent Aura per item to reach PEN level.

6 Latent Aura = 345 Concentrated Boss Crystal

Pick up the remaining 15 Concentrated Boss Crystal from looting a defeated boss.

Boss Spawn Types

Spawn bosses and defeat them to obtain *boss name* Latent Aura and Concentrated *boss name* Crystal.


Aura Qty Boss Spawn Type Boss
3-5 Empowered World Boss Nightmarish Kzarka, Bloodstorm  Nouver,  Thundercloud Kutum, Stormbringer Karanda
1-2 World Boss Kzarka, Nouver,  Kutum,  Karanda, Offin Tett
1-2 Field Boss Dim Tree Spirit, Red Nose, Dastard Bheg
1-2 Dark Rift Red Nose, Dastard Bheg, Muskan, Dim Tree Spirit, Griffon
0-1 Normal Boss Summon Scroll Red Nose, Giath, Bheg, Muskan, Dim Tree Spirit, Griffon, Urugon, Leebur
0-1 Awakened Boss Summon Scroll Red Nose, Giath, Bheg, Muskan, Dim Tree Spirit, Griffon, Urugon
1+ Darkened Boss Summon Scroll Red Nose, Giath, Bheg, Muskan, Dim Tree Spirit, Griffon, Urugon

Boss Spawn Times: Velia Inn and Boss Discord.

Concentrated Boss Crystal from Boss Loot

Concentrated Boss Crystal is commonly obtained by defeating and looting world and field bosses.

The most I have obtained is 5 from the empowered bosses, like Stormbringer Karanda.

Example Stormbringer Karanda:

Karanda Loot: Boss Crystal and Aura

Example Normal Karanda:

Normal Karanda Loot: Boss Crystal & Aura

Concentrated Boss Crystal From Dark Rifts

The most Concentrated Boss Crystal I have obtained from a Dark Rift is 2 .

Dark Rift Bheg Loot

Dark Rift Boss: Bheg
Difficulty: Very Difficult

Dark Rift Loot from Red Nose

Dark Rift Boss: Red Nose
Difficulty: Normal

BDO Dark Rift Griffon Loot

Dark Rift Boss: Griffon
Difficulty: Very Difficult

Dark Rift Loot from Dim Tree

Dark Rift Boss: Dim Tree
Difficulty: Difficult

Time for Concentrated Boss Crystals

Obtaining enough Concentrated Boss Crystals for one PEN will take 3 weeks, unless you take extreme boss grinding measures! 🙂


Concentrated Boss Crystals:
120/week (115 with weekly quest + 5 from boss drop)


1 Gear Piece:

  • 1 Week: Reform Level 2
  • 2 Weeks: Reform Level 4
  • 3 Weeks: PEN Level

You can obtain 1 Guaranteed Pen Boss Gear every 3 weeks from the weekly Concentrated Boss Crystal quest.

At this rate, a full set of gear (7 slots) can be obtained in about 5 months. (147 days)

Potentially, you could speed up the 3 week time by grinding more bosses.


Karanda Example:

Karanda is a world boss spawn occurring 12 times in one week. Spawn times here.

In one to two weeks, you might get enough Concentrated Karanda Crystals to make an extra level 1 to 4 Reform Stone.

  • 12 Stormbringer kills * 5 = 60 Concentrated Karanda Crystals

But look at some of those spawn times… Ummm sleep much anyone? Ha! No sleep for Karanda, means no sleep for good-doers like you either! 🙂

Note to Self: sleep is good. Uninterrupted sleep is even better!

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