Fughar’s Adventure Log, “Fughar’s Times of Success”, arrived in BDO on March 10, 2021.

It contains 3 books that reward Contribution Points and passive stats for all characters on your account.

Fughar’s Adventure Log is part of the Adventure Log Bookshelf and is also called Fughar’s Log and Fughar’s Journal.


Fughar’s Adventure Log Requirements:

  • Level 57+
  • Quest Requirements:
    • Mediah main quest line (O key, then Main tab)
      • Apocalyptic Prophecy, [Special Growth] Fughar’s Memorandum – Chapter 9, or [Co-op] Awakened Black Spirit
    • Black Spirit quest: Adventure Journal: From the Bottom to the Top (Quests > Suggestions)
  • 1 billion silver in 10x 1000G Gold Bars (For Book 3. You get to keep the Gold Bars.)

Fughar’s Adventure Log Basics:

  • View Fughar’s Adventure Log Menu: press Esc > Adventure > Adventure Log Bookshelf.
  • Completing one Book, opens up the next Book in the series.
  • Pages must be completed in order from page 1.
  • When an Adventure Log’s Goal (quest) is completed, it will receive a sparkly highlight. Click it to receive your reward.
  • A completion stamp will cover the reward, if you have already received it.

Fughars’s Journal: Adventure Log Rewards


———— TOTALS ———–

  • x12 Fughar’s Secret Book (Contribution EXP. Enough to raise 200 CP to 230 CP)
  • +2 Weight Limit LT (All Family)
  • +1 Inventory Slot (All Family)
  • +1 DP (All Family)

Fughar’s Log: Contribution and Stat by Page

  • Book 1:
    • 1.1: Contribution XP
    • 1.2: Contribution EXP
    • 1.3: Contribution EXP
    • 1.4: Contribution EXP
    • 1.5: Weight Limit +2 LT
  • Book 2:
    • 1.1: Contribution XP
    • 1.2: Contribution EXP
    • 1.3: Contribution EXP
    • 1.4: Contribution EXP
    • 1.5: +1 Inventory
  • Book 3:
    • 1.1: Contribution XP
    • 1.2: Contribution EXP
    • 1.3: Contribution EXP
    • 1.4: Contribution EXP
    • 1.5: +1 DP


Fughar’s Log: Rewards & Buffs Chart

Please skip this table to view more details about each of Fughar’s Adventure Log quests.


# Reward Adventure Log Goal Text Notes
1 1 Fughar’s Secret Book Visit the man Fughar met Chat with Patrigio <Black Market>
1 2 Fughar’s Secret Book Hand over Crow Gold Bar to Fughar Questline of 5 quests (Mostly chatting with NPCs)
1 3 Fughar’s Secret Book Obtain all Knowledge in the Calpheon City Merchants category.
Obtain all Knowledge in the Residents of Calpheon City category.
Obtain all Knowledge in the Upper Class of Calpheon category.
Upper Class of Calpheon (16 topics)
Citizens of Calpheon (18 topics)
Calpheon City Merchant (21 topics)
1 4 Fughar’s Secret Book Trade antique from Calpheon slums to Heidel Trader. Purchase and deliver item from <Trade Manager>
1 5 +2LT Excavate the Traitor’s Graveyard kill 777 mobs near Marie Cave
Book 2 of Fughar’s Adventure Log
2 1 Fughar’s Secret Book Gain the Respect of Mediah Traders Questline of 5 quests.
2 2 Fughar’s Secret Book Find out about the Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah Knowledge: Three Legendary Blacksmiths
2 3 Fughar’s Secret Book Become Good Friends with Neruda Shen Get 700 Amity game with Neruda Shen
2 4 Fughar’s Secret Book Explore the hidden Kratuga Ruins Kill 777 Kratuga mobs
2 5 +1 Inventory Slot Connect Altinova-Calpheon Nodes Connect nodes from Calpheon to Altinova
Book 3 of Fughar’s Adventure Log
3 1 Fughar’s Secret Book Complete Crow’s Nest Quests Complete Crow’s Nest Quest Line
3 2 Fughar’s Secret Book Eliminate Hungry Hekarus Kill 1 Hungry Hekaru or Hungry Ocean Stalker
3 3 Fughar’s Secret Book Equip Undying Crow’s Insignia Equip Undying Crow’s Insignia from Pit of the Undying
3 4 Fughar’s Secret Book Show Gold Bar 1kG x10 to the Black Spirit Talk to Black Spirit with 10x 1000G Gold Bars (1 billion silver)
3 5 +1 DP Visit Fughar for a talk Chat with Fughar


Book 1: Chapter 1 – Patrigio

Chat with Patrigio <Black Market> located in major cities.


Patrigio Locations:

He can be tricky to find, since he likes to hide in secret places to sell his Black Market items!

You can chat with Patrigio at all times, eventhough his shop is only available at night.


  • Velia (inside an old warehouse in western part of city)
  • Heidel (second floor of the warehouse in eastern part of city)
  • Calpheon City (hiding in a bush outside house. NW city)
  • Altinova (in a dark alcove along a busy street. NE city)
  • Valencia City (N part of city)
  • Grana (N part of city)
  • Duvencrune
  • O’draxxia

 Patrigio <Black Market>

For maps of his location, please visit our Black Market guide.



Milano Belucci <Imported Fruit Handling>



Book 1: Chapter 3 – Calpheon City Knowledge

Complete three seperate Knowledge categories.

Press H key > Character > People of Calpheon



Book 1: Chapter 4 – Deliver Trade Good

Go to Harden <Trade Manager> of Calpheon City.

Purchase: Calpheon Slum Antique

Weight: 68.70 LT
Lifespan: 1d

Sell this Trade Item to the <Trade Manager> of Heidel, Siuta.

Book 1: Chapter 5 – Traitor’s Grave

Kill 777 mobs that spawn by attacking Traitor’s Gravestones.

Marie Cave node. SE of Calpheon City. East of Behr.

Thank you to somethinglovely.net for the map below. View Marie Cave node location there.

Recommended AP of 160+

Recommended DP 280+

The mobs here can really hit hard. Bring lots of HP pots! With the recommended DP, you will need them.

Green Orc Skeleton Warrior

  • Attack “Traitor’s Gravestones” to attract “Grudge-Bearing” enemies
  • Enemies will spawn and try to destroy the Traitor’s Gravestone
  • If they destroy the gravestone, you will have to wait for the tombstone to respawn or travel to the next Traitor’s Gravestone.
  • You can rotate between 5 Traitor’s Gravestones.
  • A new elite Green Orc Skeleton Warrior will respawn every time one is defeated.
  • There is never a resting period, when nothing spawns, unless the tombstone is destroyed.



Book 2: Chapter 1 – Questline

Talk to Black Spirit and click on Quests then Suggestions:

– [Adventure Log] Sweet Sunlight

Purchase from Greco Gorda:

2x Manos Stone
5mil each

– [Adventure Log] Another Opportunity
– [Adventure Log] Larc’s Dream
– [Adventure Log] Buying Favors
– [Adventure Log] News Flies

Greco Gorda <Black Crystal Dealer – Jeweler>



Book 2: Chapter 2: Knowledge

Complete a questline to obtain the Knowledge, The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah.

  • This knowledge can only be obtained by completing a quest series in Mediah.
  • Find this Knowledge topic within your Knowledge window.
    • Press H key > Adventure Journal > Mediah Journal > Mediah Adventure Journal II.



BDO Legendary Blacksmiths



Book 2: Chapter 3: Amity

Interact with Neruda Shen and select the “Conversation” option.

Complete the Amity mini-game until you have 700 Amity with him.

Location: Altinova

His interests are from the Politics II Knowledge category.

Try the following for Amity, but be careful to note the requirements:

1. Shen Merchant Guild
2. Scattered Faith, Shroud
3. Mediah Merchant Union
4. Valencia Mission
5. Fallen Monarch
6. Leader of Altinova

BUG NOTE: it has been reported the dialog option to complete this will not appear for characters that have completed the Simplified Main Quest, and only appears for characters that have completed Mediah main questline in the normal way.



Neruda Shen <Mediah Merchants Union Chairman>




Book 2: Chapter 4 – Kratuga Ruins

Kill 777 mobs inside Kratuga Ruins.

Location: Hasrah Cliff node, SW Mediah Territory

Deep inside the cave there is a “Sealed Door”

Entrance Requirement:

  • Ruins Slate or Black Spirit’s Claw Piece
  • Recommend 250+ AP
  • Recommend 350+ DP




 Thank you to somethinglovely.net for map of Hasrah Cliff!

Hasrah Cliff Map: Kratuga Ruins



Log 2.5: Nodes

Purchase all the nodes that lead from Calpheon City to Altinova.

  • 0 CP: Calpheon
  • 2 CP: Falres Dirt Farm
  • 1 CP: Marni Farm Ruins
  • 1 CP: Oze Pass
  • 1 CP: Bradie Fortress
  • 1 CP: Northern Plain of Serendia
  • 1 CP: Lynch Farm Ruins
  • 0 CP: Heidel
  • 3 CP: Eastern Border
  • 2 CP: Kamasylve Temple
  • 2 CP: Ahto Farm
  • 1 CP: tonetail Horse Ranch
  • 1 CP: Asula Highland
  • 1 CP: Highland Junction
  • 1 CP: Altinova Entrance
  • 0 CP: Altinova

TOTAL Contribution: 18





Node Connection from Calpeon to Altinova

Thank you to somethinglovely.net for their awesome node route finder.

Click Calpheon City, then the select box, “Find shortest connection to…”

 Book 3: Chapters 1 & 3 – Questline

Talk to Black Spirit if you have already completed this quest line starting at:

– [Crow’s Nest] A Strange Tale from the Great Ocean

Find this questline in your quest window. Press O key > Suggested > [The Great Expedition] Crow’s Nest.

After finishing the quest line, you will obtain a PRI: Undying Crow’s Insignia.

For help with this quest line, please visit our Pit of Undying Guide.

Crow's Nest Questline




Book 3: Chapter 2 – Hekaru

Kill 1 Hungry Hekaru or Hungry Ocean Stalker with your boat cannons.

Hungry Sea Monsters are located south of Iliya Island.

I recommend taking at least an Epheria Sailboat for this.

Click image to enlarge the map.

BDO Crow's Nest & Oquilla's Eye Map


Book 3: Chapter 4 – Gold Bars

Have 1,001,000,000 silver in your inventory or storage and visit any <Storage Keeper>.

Click “Currency Exchange” and purchase 10x Gold Bar 1000G.

Chat with Black Spirt and show him the bars.


NOTE: Race back to <Storage Keeper> to convert your bars back to silver! LOL!!!


Ernill <Storage Keeper>


Book 3: Chapter 5 – Chat with Fughar

This part is soooo difficult!

I rage quit!!!!!


Sources & Additional Info

Thanks for all the wonderful info and help!


Fughar’s Log Patch Notes

Source: playblackdesert

New adventure log, “Fughar’s Times of Success”, has recently been published. Follow the trail of Fughar and how he became a successful Chief Manager in the Crow Merchant Guild with nothing but an apple in his hands.

– Upon completing the Mediah Main Questline, if you’re Lv. 57 or higher, you can accept the quest “Adventure Journal: From the Bottom to the Top” by talking to the Black Spirit.

– This adventure log consists of 3 volumes, with 5 chapters per volume for a total of 15 chapters altogether.

– You can use Fughar’s Secret Book, a secret text of the Crow Merchants Guild, to gain a large amount of Contribution EXP.

* If your maximum Contribution Points (CP) shared by your Family is 200 CP, once you complete all of Fughar’s Times of Success, you will be able to increase your Family-wide CP to 230 CP.


Fughar’s Times of Success Reward
Volume 1 Chapters 1-4 1 Fughar’s Secret Book per chapter
Volume 1 Chapter 5 Weight Limit +2LT (Family-wide)
Volume 2 Chapters 1-4 1 Fughar’s Secret Book per chapter
Volume 2 Chapter 5 Inventory +1 Slot (Family-wide)
Volume 3 Chapters 1-4 1 Fughar’s Secret Book per chapter
Volume 3 Chapter 5 All DP +1 (Family-wide)



‘Contribution Points (CP) are an absolute must to fully enjoy the various, deep content of Black Desert. However, to attain a decent amount of CP requires a large investment of time, and many novice adventurers may feel daunted by this prospect when playing Black Desert for the first time. To address this issue, we added “Fughar’s Times of Success” as the 12th adventure log. By following the footsteps of Fughar, who made a name for himself with his own two bare hands, you will find that you’ve accrued quite the Contribution EXP upon completing this log.