“Green Thumb” is knowledge that allows you to obtain special mini games while gathering. After obtaining this knowledge via a quest line, you can turn on your “Green Artisan” skill which gives a chance to proc a mini game while gathering.

Once you obtain the Green Thumb knowledge, all alts can enjoy Green Artisan gathering mini-games, since it’s a knowledge reward that is shared with family.

Gathering Mini-game Requirements:

  • 10 Energy:
    • Mini-game Success: 10 Energy gives 10x the normal gathering rewards.
    • Mini-game Fails: 1 Energy gives the normal amount of gathering rewards.
  • Gathering Mini-game Questline: “[Green Thumb] Gatherer Across the Sea”, given by Hyunyong <Chorong Merchant Guild> in Nampo’s Moodle Village.
    • Gathering Level: Artisan 1 or more to obtain the quest only. (Green Artisan can proc with lower gathering level. For example, on a Season character alt with Skilled level gathering.)
    • Land of the Morning Light Access: (to obtain the quest only)

Lumbering Mini-game

lumbering gathering mini game
  • Green Thumb gives the skill “Green Artisan” which can trigger a gathering mini game.

Green Thumb & Green Artisan Skill

After completing the Green Thumb questline, you will have the option to enable the Green Artisan skill in your Life Skill window.

  • Turn on Gathering Mini-games: My Information (P) → Life Skill → Gathering Mastery
green thumb gathering artisan


Green Thumb proc rate is reported to be around 5%. With RNG, it’s about 1 every 10 to 30 gathers.

Green Thumb Questline

You will have to complete the following quest line to enable gathering mini-games.

Start NPC: Hyunyon <Chorong Merchant Guild>
Location: Nampo’ Moodle Village (east side of the city)

turtle emoji

Gathering Mini Game Benefits

  • Have fun while gathering using the same amount of energy in less time.
  • Gathering mini-game gives 10x the gathering exp and rewards.
  • Green Thumb game gives all gathering resources, not just basic.
  • Milennial Wild Ginseng is rarely obtained through the gathering mini-game.
    • The drop rate of Wild Ginseng is not increased by gathering level, mastery, or pets such as Hedgehog.
    • Wild Ginseng can be bought and sold on the central market for a steep price.
    • 90 Day Buff for Entire Family:
      • Max HP +100
      • Max Stamina +50
      • All Resistance +2%
      • Max Energy +50
      • Energy Recovery +1
      • Max Weight +50LT
      • Breath/Strength EXP +20%
      • Heat Stroke/Hypothermia Resistance +50%

 Millenial Wild Ginseng

millennial wild ginseng

Green Thumb Gathering Minigames

Every gathering type uses a different gathering tool and produces a unique minigame.


My Gathering Minigame Gear Set

The images below show the minigame loot from a Season Character on a Season Server who can’t use Life Mastery Gear.

  • Low gathering skill – skilled to professional level
  • Yawning Hedgehog Lightstone Combo
  • T4 Hedgehog pet that’s well fed and chubby with cuteness 🙂
  • Season Server → 100% more basic resources.
  • Demihar gathering tool → 80% gathering item drop rate
  • Agris Fever → 150% basic resources.
  • You could also use Treant’s Tear, but I forgot about it so it’s not in the test screenshots below. (Treant’s Tear gives 10% gathering item drop rate.)
gathering tool demihar butcher knife
demihar life tool box

Fluid Collecting Minigame

Minigame Gathering Tool: Fluid Collector

You get 5 chances to fill the fluid collector all the way to full.

Press and hold SPACE to keep the line moving.

Release SPACE when the line is in the blue or green area.

If you release SPACE outside of the blue or green area, you get one FAIL and no fluid fills the syringe.

  • Green Zone is PERFECT → 40% added to fluid collector
  • Blue Zone is GOOD → 30% added to fluid collector
  • Outside blue or green is FAILED → 0% added to fluid collector


fluid gathering mini game 1 perfect 1 fail 2 good
fluid gathering mini game loot
fluid gathering mini game 2 perfect 2 good
fluid gathering mini game loot

Logging Minigame

Minigame Gathering Tool: Lumbering Axe

Time Limit: 15 sec.

Press SPACE when the yellow bar is within the blue target area.

Each successful strike, makes the target area smaller and more difficult to hit.

Sometimes the yellow bar moves faster than other times.

If you press SPACE outside the blue target too many times the minigame ends in failure.

lumbering axe mini game
lumbering axe mini game loot
logging trees with lumbering axe mini game loot
logging trees with lumbering axe mini game loot

Hoe Gathering Minigame

AKA → Root Demon Hellground.

You get 5 seconds to memorize the location of 4 to 5 twisted roots. A feature was added in a patch that allows you to start the mini-game immediately by pressing SPACE.

After the 5 second preview, all the roots will be covered by 4 different types of ground layers.

  1. Stone Layer
  2. Grass Layer
  3. Light Brown Layer
  4. Dark Brown Pebble Layer

You have 25 seconds to uncover all of the roots.

Move to a square that is hiding a covered root by pressing W, A, S, D until it is over the square.

Press SPACE over a covered root to dig down through the layers until you see the root.

Move to the next buried root and keep going until they are all revealed.

If you dig into a square without a root, then you have to cycle through the layers until you change it back to its original state. (This mechanic was removed in a patch.)

hoe gathering minigame buried roots

A yellow movable square highlights the section you’ll be digging in.

Hoe Gathering Minigame Tips:

The gathering mini-game is much easier now since it has been patched. However, if you are still having difficulty with memory games, try the following strategies.

  • Record the 5 second preview phase.
    • Windows key + SHIFT + S will open a screen capture (Snipping Tool)
    • Use your phone to snap a photo during the preview phase.
    • Put BDO in windowed mode to use a secondary app.
    • None of the above I found helpful, but it has helped others.
  • Mind Mapping Memory Techniques: Try to making image associations in your mind based upon what you see. For example, roots in a C, T, X, Z etc, shape.
  • Count the number of roots you see during the 5 second preview. Speaking out loud may help to remember.
  • Don’t get too frustrated. This is supposed to be fun. Try digging a big hole outside in RL for those Root Demons to die in!!! 🙁
hoe gathering minigame
hoe gathering minigame success loot
hoe gathering minigame success loot
hoe gathering minigame success loot
hoe gathering minigame fail loot

Mining Minigame

Minigame Gathering Tool: Pickaxe

Time Limit: 20 sec.

You have 15 seconds to strike red dots on the rock to find the weak one to attack.

Use W, A, S, D to move the pickaxe around the rock.

Press SPACE to strike the red dots with the pickaxe.

After you strike the weak one, a crack will form.

Keep hitting the the cracked spot a few more times with SPACE.

gathering minigame pickaxe mining
gathering minigame pickaxe mining weak spot
gathering minigame pickaxe mining coal success
gathering minigame pickaxe mining coal success

Butchering Minigame

Minigame Gathering Tool: Butcher Knife

Time Limit: 20 sec.

Hunting Life Skill Exclusions: The butchering mini game does NOT occur when harvesting <wild> mobs that you kill with a matchlock or sniper rifle.


The yellow bar will move quickly back and forth around the dial.

Press SPACE when the yellow bar gets to any highlighted red meat icon.

You have 20 seconds to hit the red meat successfully 3 times.

If you press SPACE outside the target area, your success count is NOT reset to 0/3. (It was updated in patch 10-11-23 so that any failure does NOT make you start completely over.)

butchering gathering minigame snake meat info
butchering gathering minigame snake meat success
butchering gathering minigame snake meat success season mats
butchering gathering minigame snake meat win

Tanning Minigame

Minigame Gathering Tool: Tanning Knife


You have 15 seconds to guide the tanning knife on the left side to the right side without allowing it to touch the dotted lines.

Press SPACE to start.

The tanning knife will start to travel to the finish line on the right.

As the tanning knife travels between the two dotted lines, it sinks downward. (Tanning knives are so heavy and wayward.)

gathering minigame tanning sheep info

A heavy tanning knife that likes to fall down as it travels.

(I’ll refrain from making toddler diaper jokes here. 🙂

Press SPACE before the tanning knife touches the bottom dotted line. But don’t go gung ho. You may only need to press it once, since hitting the top dotted line will cause a failure.

If at any time, you touch a dotted line anywhere, you fail. Evil Dots!!!

You also fail from an invisible timer if you never ever press SPACE. (Of course I would NEVER do silly like that. Not while desperately learning what to do. 🙂

gathering minigame tanning sheep failed
gathering minigame tanning sheep 140 140 20t2
gathering minigame tanning sheep 70 70 season items
gathering minigame tanning sheep 50 70 shard

My 2 Cents on Gathering Minigames

I think the gathering minigames added some much needed spice and variety to the gathering life skill.

Gathering without a minigame can feel pretty repetitive and monotonous. Sometimes you want to relax like that, but other times it’s just boring. I like that you can turn Green Thumb on or off depending on your mood.

I think the gatherng minigames are fun and I’m excited to see them pop up.

But I didn’t get any Millenial Wild Ginseng yet? 🙁


Gathering Mini-game Official Animations 


Gathering with a Hoe

Hoe all the roots and gather the herbs!

– Use W, A, S, D to move the slots and SPACE to use the hoe.

– Dig the same spot 3 times to fill back the hole with dirt.

* After digging up all the roots, the areas without roots should be restored to their original state.



Butchering with a Butcher Knife

Win the mini-game 3 times by timing it right!

– Use SPACE to stop the gauge where the meat icon is.



Tanning (Skinning) with a Tanning Knife

Cut the leather without going beyond the guidelines!

– You can adjust the position of the falling icon using SPACE.

– You must reach the target point without crossing the guidelines.



Mining with a Pickaxe

Target the weak parts of the rock to successfully mine it!

– Use W, A, S, D to move the pickaxe and SPACE to use it.

– If you find a weak part on the rock, you must keep hitting it until it cracks.



Lumbering with a Lumbering Axe

Win the mini-game 5 consecutive times by timing it right!

– Swing your axe in the specific area within the moving gauge!

– Swing your axe without going outside the gradually shrinking area.



Gathering with a Fluid Collector

Fill up the fluid collector with liquid!

Hold SPACE to fill up the bar.

Release SPACE when it aligns with a blue or green area.

Sources & Additional Info


Dev Commentary from youtube.com:

Finally, let’s talk about the changes to life skills. In the Land of the Morning Light, you can embark on adventures which are centered around “life skills.”

During this process, you can acquire the “Green Thumb” knowledge. And once you learn this knowlege, you’ll obtain a new skilled called, “Green Artisan.”

This gives you the chance to activate a new mini-game when you Gather after learning this skill.

The mini-games activate through various gathering activities such as Lumbering, Fluid Gathering, Hoeing, Butchering, Mining, and Tanning and it was designed with simple controls. You’ll use more energy to clear the mini-game, but you can get a lot of gathering materials, which overal allows you to significantly reduce the time required compared to traditional gathering methods.

Additionally, there’s an extremely rare item that can only be obtained in these mini-games!

Introducing the “Millennial Wild Ginseng!” In the Morning Light, this herb is highly valued, surpassing any treasures of gold or silver.

When used, it provides a unique buff to your character that lasts for approximately three months.

You can gather and use it yourself, or trade it on the Central Market at a high price.

You could see this as a “jackpot” drop for the gathering content.

New herbal medicine and food items have been added as well. You’ll be able to use them separately from Cron meals, elixirs, and perfumes.

As they have powerful effects, they are designed only to be used at crucial moments. For example, although they have a cooldown of 22 hours, there’s food which restores your HP by +5000 and an herbal medicine that restores energy by +500 and then gives +30 energy recovery for an hour.

Oh, and how can we forget about gukbap!? We’ve added a perfect pairing for gukbap. It’s a small change, but Makgeolli, which will now be called “Makgeolli,” will be available as well.