Beginner Black Stones improve Naru Gear by increasing its enhancement level.

Each enhancement level strengthens Naru Gear, making it easier to defeat your foe in combat.


Naru Enhancement Levels:

  1. +1 to +15
  2. PRI (I) +16
  3. DUO (II) +17
  4. TRI (III) +18
  5. TET (IV) +19
  6. PEN (V) +20

Naru Weapons and Armor can be upgraded all the way to PEN.

Naru Accessories have a max enhancement level of TRI.

Beginner Black Stone

Beginner Gear Progression (Season Character)

PEN NaruPRI TuvalaPEN TuvalaTET Boss

  1. PEN Naru gear is exchanged for PRI Tuvala Gear. (Requires Season Character)
  2. Enhance Tuvala to PEN level.
  3. Exchange PEN Tuvala gear for TET boss gear which gives Guaranteed PEN

Beginner Gear Progression (Normal Character)

PEN Naru → Narchillan Gear

  1. Beginner Black Stones are used to enhance Naru Gear to PEN level.
  2. View how to exchange Naru Gear. (Must be PEN level.)

    Should I Keep my Beginner Black Stones?

    YES!!! Beginner Blackstones will help you reach PEN level of Naru Gear, which upgrades to Tuvala and then finally to TET boss gear!

    If you have already enhanced your Naru weapons and defense gear to PEN level and Naru Accessories to TRI, you can sell any extra Beginner Black Stones to the vendor for some silver.

    Beginner Black Stones are bound to character and can’t be removed from inventory. Frequently pause and attempt enhancement by right-clicking the Beginner Black Stone.

    Pen Tuvala Armor

    Enhancing Naru Weapons

    Enhancing your Naru Main Weapon should be your first priority. You will need to do this for your Season Pass.


    RMB a Beginner Black Stone to Enhance to PEN:

    • Naru Main Weapon (Prioritize enhancing this piece for the Season Pass rewards.)
    • Naru Sub-Weapon – low enhancement priority
    • Naru Awakening Weapon (Some classes only. Certain classes like Archer and Scholar begin with Awakening.)

    Enhancement Chances for Naru Weapons:

    • +1 to +7: 100% Enhancement Chance
    • +8 to PEN: 90% to 35% Enhancement Chance


    PEN Naru main, sub, and awakening weapons are exchanged for PRI Tuvala main, sub, and awakening weapons, on a Season Character.

    On normal characters, PEN Naru weapons are exchanged for Narchillan Weapons.

    PEN Naru Longbow Main Weapon

    Enhancing Naru Armor

    You will also need to upgrade your Naru chest piece for the Season Pass.

    RMB on a Beginner Black Stone to enhance Naru defense gear to PEN:

    • Naru Helmet
    • Naru Shoes
    • Naru Gloves
    • Naru Armor (Prioritize enhancing this piece for the Season Pass rewards.)

    Enhancement Chances for Naru Armor:

    • +1 to +5: 100% Enhancement Chance
    • +6 to PEN: 90% to 35% Enhancement Chance


    PEN Naru Helmet, Shoes, Armor, and Gloves are exchanged for PRI Tuvala Helmet, Shoes, Armor, and Gloves, on a Season Character.

    On normal characters, PEN Naru is exchanged for Narchillan Gear.




    PEN Naru Helmet


    How to Obtain Beginner Black Stones

    Beginner Black Stones are easy to obtain with any low level character. Follow the main quest line, which will give you more than enough. The main quest line very important to beginners!

    You will also obtain Beginner Black Stones via Season Pass rewards.

    Be sure to check out the BDO Coupons page. (Sometimes they give away Beginner Black Stones.)

    Season Pass Naru Beginner Black Stones

    Obtain Beginner Black Stones Via Quest

    Follow the main quest line!

    • Press O key then Main tab to view your progress and Beginner Black Stone rewards.
    • After you complete the main quest line for Calpheon, you will have more than enough to fully enhance all of your Naru weapons and armor.
    Naru Weapon Box from Main Quest Line

    Obtain Beginner Black Stones Via Processing

    Processing (L) → Heating can be performed on normal Black Stones to create Beginner Black Stones.

    Only heat Black Stones to obtain Beginner Blackstones if you don’t want to do the main questline or are feeling impatient. It’s expensive and you will get all you need for free from the main questline eventually.

    Result Processing (L) → Heating
    x1 Beginner Black Stone x3 Black Stone
    x10 Beginner Black Stone x30 Black Stone
    x1 Black Stone Powder


    Beginner Black Stones for Naru Enhancement

    • Beginner Black Stones give much higher than normal Enhancement Chances.
      • PEN enhancement chance is 35% for weapons/armor (compare to .30% for normal gear)
    • Lower than normal Enhancement cost
      • only loose 2 Max Durability on enhancement failure (compare to 20 for PEN Blackstar Weapon)
      • costs only 3 Cron Stones for Pen (compare to 3,670 Crons for PEN Blackstar Weapon)
    • Beginner Black Stones are required to enhance Naru Accessories as well.
      • Naru accessories can be enhanced to TRI.
      • Enhance your weapons and armors first!!!
      • Accessories cost 5 Beginner Black Stones each
      • You can skip the Naru accessories if you like and focus on obtaining Asula Accessories, which are much better.

    Beginner Black Stone Costs & Enhancement Levels

    TOTAL Beginner Black Stones Required for PEN Naru Armor:
    110 (minimum required, without enhancment failure)

    Lvl Enchancement Chance Defense Evasion H-evasion DR H-DR Cron Cost Item Effect Black Stone Cost
    0 100.00 8 4 18 4 1 Max HP+200 1
    +1 100.00 9 4 20 5 1 Max HP+200 1
    +2 100.00 10 5 22 5 1 Max HP+200 1
    +3 100.00 11 5 24 6 1 Max HP+200 1
    +4 100.00 12 6 26 6 1 Max HP+200 1
    +5 90.00 13 6 28 7 2 Max HP+200 3
    +6 87.00 15 7 30 8 2 Max HP+200 3
    +7 84.00 17 8 33 9 2 Max HP+200 3
    +8 81.00 19 9 36 10 2 Max HP+200 3
    +9 78.00 21 10 39 11 2 Max HP+200 3
    +10 75.00 23 11 42 12 3 Max HP+200 5
    +11 72.00 25 12 45 13 3 Max HP+200 5
    +12 70.00 27 13 48 14 3 Max HP+200 5
    +13 65.00 29 14 51 15 3 Max HP+200 5
    +14 60.00 33 16 54 17 3 Max HP+200 5
    +15 55.00 37 18 57 19 4 Max HP+200 10
    PRI 50.00 41 20 62 21 4 Max HP+200 10
    DUO 45.00 45 22 67 23 4 1 Max HP+200 15
    TRI 40.00 49 24 72 25 6 2 Max HP+200 15
    TET 35.00 53 26 78 27 8 3 Max HP+200 15
    PEN 57 28 84 29 10 Max HP+200


    Exchange Beginner Black Stones

    You can exchange Beginner Black Stones to Fughar for any Naru Gear.

    Fughar is usually located next to <Stable Keepers> in cities.

    <Crow Merchants Guild Chief Manager>

    Beginner Black Stone Exchange for Naru Armor
      Naru Gear Price Naru Quest & Black Stone Requirements
    Naru Main Weapon Box x1

    Have item: 


    finished Serendia Main Quest Line or equivalent:

    The Eyewitness or The Greedy Overlord
    or The Securing of Safe Passage

    Naru Sub-weapon Box
    Naru Armor
    Naru Gloves
    Naru Helmet
    Naru Shoes
    Naru Belt


    Have item: 


    finished Calpheon Main quest line or equivalent:

    Quest: Looking for Adventurers

    Naru Earring
    Naru Necklace
    Naru Ring


    Exchange Naru Gear for Tuvala Gear

    PEN Naru armor/weapons are exchanged for even better gear called Tuvala.

    For full details on how to exchange Naru for PRI Tuvala or Narchillan, please see our Naru Exchange Guide.