BDO Rifts Echo is a rare item that summons a series of boss encounters on Season Servers. After defeating the summoned bosses, you obtain enhancement items for Tuvala Gear.


BDO Rifts Echo:

  • Summons 3 bosses with a chance for a rare spawn
  • No death penalty, with quick resurrect nearby
  • Requirements
    • Restricted to Season Characters
    • Only usable on Season Servers
    • Level 50+
    • Use at a specific location west of Velia
    • Party Leader summons (Solo NOT recommended!)

I highly recommend doing these. They are a fun way to break up the usual grind and help gear up our Season Characters.

BDO Rift's Echo

Rifts Echo Loot & Rewards

Each Rift’s Echo will summon 3 encounters. You will be able to loot after each boss you defeat.

If you are in a party, you will still be able to loot, even if you don’t have a Rift’s Echo.

Make sure your pets are out or you manually loot yourself.


  • Average Loot per Boss:

4 – Time-filled Black Stone
4 – Tuvala Ore
2 – Refined Magical Black Stone


Rift’s Echo can drop up to a TRI (III) Tuvala accessory.

BDO Rift's Echo Loot
BDO Rift's Echo Loot

Rift’s Echo Rare Boss Loot

Ancient Puturum gives an unusual amount of loot, but is also a rare RNG spawn.

Rift's Echo Ancient Puturum Loot
Rift's Echo Ancient Puturum Loot


Very rare goblin chest spawn event gives the best rewards, up to TRI Tuvala Accessory.

Rift Echo Rare Boss Chest Spawn

Rift Echo Tips

I highly recommend you do these in a full party of 5, especially if you are young in your Season Character progression.

These are difficult and a few of them are especially difficult. (Ancient Puturum)

The greatest benefits to joining a party, is that everyone gets loot and it’s much quicker.

    Find a Rift Echo Party:

    • Press Esc → Community → Find Party/Platoon
    • Try a broader world chat search
    • Go to the Rift Echo summon location. (See below)
      • Type in “General” chat that you are forming or seeking a party.
      • Currently it’s very busy and takes a couple minutes to find a party.

    Rift Echo Location Map

    Rift Echo occurs at a specific spot west of Velia. It is north of the Loggia Farm node, where you will spawn after death.

    BDO Rifts Echo Map

    Using Rift’s Echo

    The party leader can RMB on Rift’s Echo to summon for your party, however there is another method as well. Either way, everyone will be able to obtain loot.

    1. Summon and talk to the NPC Faded Ancient Relic west of Velia.
    2. Place 1 to 3 Rift’s Echo into the Faded Ancient Relic that matches the stage that the party leader selects.
    3. All party members have to put in the same amount of Rift’s Echo.
    Stage Number of Rift’s Echo
    1 1 per party member
    2 2 per party member
    3 3 per party member
    Rift's Echo

    Regardless of the number of party members, the boss’s difficulty and rewards will differ according to the number of Rift’s Echo registered by the leader, so it is highly recommended to use the Rift’s Echo together in a party.

    • The higher the stage, the stronger the enemy that will appear, but also the greater rewards.


    Rift Echo Bosses

    Normal Rift Echo Spawns:

    • Red Nose
    • Dastard Bheg
    • Kavali
    • Saunil Siege Captain


    Rift Echo Rare Spawns:

    • Ancient Puturum (most ouchy)
    • Goblin group spawn (most rare and best loot)
      • gives giant treasure chest
      • kill all the goblins before they run away from the center spawn point

    Red Nose

     ** Ancient Puturum **

    AKA: 2 Die 2 Death

    Dastard Bheg

    Rift Echo Rare Spawns:

    If you are lucky, you may get an additional rare spawn.

    These rare spawns give much better loot and even extra enhancement goodies like Caphras Stones.

    TIP: When you die to Puturum, don’t use Elions, since the respawn is right there and you don’t get a death penalty! Enjoy! 🙂

    Obtaining Rift’s Echo

    Rift’s Echo is going to be somewhat rare. Plan to easily obtain 2 to 3 every week and more if you are persistant.

    • 1 from weekly kill quest
    • Rare drop from Nagas, Bandits, etc
    • Rare drop from Gathering Life Skill
    • 1 Rift’s Fragment per day from Red Battlefield (see below)

    Rifts Echo via Rift’s Fragments

    5 Rift’s Fragments are used to create a Rift’s Echo.


    Rift’s Echo can be crafted with Rift’s Fragment x5 by Processing → Simple Alchemy (L)

    • Obtained By:
      • Rare Drops from mobs in Valencia and Kamasylvia
      • Red Battlefield (see below)


    Rift’s Echo for Red Battlefield

    The Season quest for Red Battlefield can be completed once a day.

    Quest Objective: Obtain 1x Battlefield Token from completing a Red Battlefield.

    • Gives 1 Rift’s Fragment, allowing you to obtain about 1 Rift’s Echo every week.
    • To join Red Battlefield press Esc > War (F7) > Red Battlefield (1)
    • You can join in the first 10 minutes of Red Battlefield.
    Win or Lose RBF Reward
    Victory Reward Battlefield Token x5
    10,000,000 Silver
    Defeat Reward Battlefield Token x2
    6,000,000 Silver


    Season Quest Quest Rewards

    [Season Daily] Battle It Out at the Red Battlefield!

    Level 55+

    Choose 1:
    25 10 5

    Daz <Red Battlefield Quartermaster>


    Note: You cannot accept both the season quest and “Victory at Red Battlefield!” at the same time. You must complete one before accepting the other.

    Rift’s Echo from Weekly Season Quest

    The weekly Season Quest is a kill quest, in which you defeat mobs in Valencia and Kamasylvia.


    Rift’s Echo (boss summon)
    – Contribution EXP (300)

    For more details about available quests, please view our Season Quest Guide.

    Time-filled Black Stone Regional Quest

    Rift’s Fragment via Gathering

    On season servers, you can obtain Rift’s Fragment via the Gathering Life Skill.

    • This does not apply to barehanded gathering, digging, milking, and scooping water.

    All of the following can be obtained via gathering. They fit in the rare resources category and are NOT affected by the pet Hedgehog’s Talent effect.

    Time-filled Black Stone
    ◆ Enhance Tuvala gear via the Black Spirit.
    ◆ Exchange for other useful items via the NPC Fughar in any major city.

    Tuvala Ore
    ◆ Recover max durability of Tuvala gear lost from enhancement failure.
    ◆ Exchange for Tuvala gear and accessories via blacksmiths in any major city.

    Refined Magical Black Stone
    ◆ Guaranteed enhancement of Tuvala gear (weapons, defense gear) via the Black Spirit (/).
    (PRI (I) – 10, DUO (II) – 15, TRI (III) – 20)

    Rift’s Fragment
    ◆ Collect five fragments and combine them in your Inventory (I) to create a “Rift’s Echo,” which can summon powerful bosses to battle.
    ◆ Defeat the bosses summoned from a “Rift Echo” to obtain a decent amount of Tuvala enhancement materials.
    ◆ A party is recommended to take on these mighty foes.



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