Tuvala Gear can be exchanged for a full set of boss gear, excluding accessories, after Season Graduation.

  • 7 PEN Tuvala is exchanged for 7 TET boss gear.
  • Example: PEN Tuvala Gloves = TET Bheg’s Gloves

Obtain boss gear this Season in two different ways.

Both require Tuvala conversion from Season Graduation first.


Obtain Boss Gear via Two Methods:

  1. Boss Gear Exchange Coupon (traditional RNG system. Limit 1 gear)
  2. Jetina’s Guaranteed PEN (safe and predictable. Limit 7 gear)


These are two completely different ways to obtain Boss Gear this Season.

This guide will mainly detail the Boss Gear Exchange Coupon method.

The Boss Coupon method still relies heavily on the traditional method of enhancement. This is because after your Tuvala is converted to a boss gear, you can enhance it in the normal way with RNG playing a big part.

The other method using Jetina’s Guaranteed PEN is a safe and predicatable form of enhancement, without as much RNG, but the cost may be higher.

tet kzarka battle axe jetina boss

Boss Gear Exchange Coupon


Boss Gear Exchange Coupon can only be used on Season Tuvala gear that has been converted after graduation.

You CAN use the coupon on any previous Season’s gear. (Ex. a coupon from Winter Season can be used on Summer Season’s converted gear.)

BDO Boss Gear Exchange Coupon

Obtaining a Boss Gear Coupon

Gift Box Full of Memories

You will be rewarded with a Gift Box Full of Memories at Season Graduation.

It will contain a Boss Gear Exchange Coupon.

→ → You cannot use Tuvala gear with crystals inserted via transfusion for boss gear exchange. Please extract all crystals.

Tuvala Gear Boss Gear
Tuvala Armor Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor
Tuvala Shoes Muskan’s Shoes
Tuvala Gloves Bheg’s Gloves
Tuvala Helmet Giath’s Helmet
Tuvala Main Weapon Kzarka Main Weapon
Tuvala Sub-weapon Kutum Sub-weapon
Tuvala Awakening Weapon Dandelion Awakening Weapon


season gift box full of memories

Boss Coupon: -1 Level

When you exchange a Tuvala gear for a Boss gear, it decreases the enhancement level by one.

Please refer to the table below for details.


Tuvala Gear Enhancement Boss Gear Enhancement
PRI (I) +15


  • For example, using the exchange coupon on TET (IV) Tuvala Shoes will give you TRI (III) Muskan’s Shoes.
  • Tuvala gear used for [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon must be between PRI (I) and PEN (V).
  • Boss gear received via [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon will become Family bound
  • Can’t be sold at Market
  • CAN be enhanced to PEN
  • CAN use Caphras Stones on it and gain Caphras Levels.
tet dim tree armor bound

How to Use a Boss Exchange Coupon


[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon



  1. Graduate your Season Character. (required)
  2. Obtain Boss Gear Exchange Coupon via Gift Box Full of Memories from Graduation
  3. Accept the quest [Season] Even Sharper Weapon *gear name* or [Season] Even Sturdier Armor *gear name* from Fughar.
  4. Go to Tranan Underfoe in Velia and give him the Boss Coupon.
  5. Tuvala Gear must be PRI (I), DUO (II), TRI (III), TET (IV), or PEN (V) without crytals.


Boss Gear Exchange Coupon Quest Names
[Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Kzarka Main Weapon
[Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Kutum Sub-weapon
[Season] Even Sharper Weapon: Dandelion Awakening Weapon
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Giath’s Helmet
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Muskan’s Shoes
[Season] Even Sturdier Armor: Bheg’s Gloves


    What Happens to Season Gear at Graduation?

    You get to keep 1 full set of Tuvala gear and the rest is destroyed.

    Tuvala Gear Conversion

    During graduation Tuvala gear is converted into family-bound gear that can no longer be used on a Season Character.

    Tuvala Gear will maintain crystals and creator Family name for PEN (V) items.

    The game will automatically convert 1 full set of Tuvala, choosing the gear that it thinks is the best. (highest enhancement level)

    All other unconverted duplicate Tuvala is deleted upon Season Server end.

    All Tuvala enhancement materials are destroyed so make sure you exchange, sell, or use all ““Time-filled Black Stone” etc.

    Sources & Additional Info