Epheria Galleass and Improved Epheria Frigate were introduced in the The Great Expedition Update on 23 October 2019. Both ships are upgrades from Epheria Frigate and require an Epheria Frigate to craft.

Upgrade Benefits of Galleass and Improved Frigate:

  • cannon reload is 4 seconds faster
  • cannons are “Captain” controlled (You control the cannon fire by RMB or LMB)
  • cannon number is doubled for increased damage

Upgrading an Epheria Frigate is a huge improvement because of the change in cannon mechanics. Captains cannons mean you can sail and steer your ship and fire cannons at the same time.

Epheria Frigate owners have to stop the ship in order to use their cannons, making solo sea monster hunting with cannons more difficult.



Epheria Frigate Upgrade Comparison Chart
T2 T3 T4
Ship Stat Epheria Frigate Improved Frigate Epheria Galleass
HP 1,200,000 1,200,000 1,200,000
Rations 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,200,000
Base LT 4,000 4,000 8,000
Speed 110% 110% 110%
Accel 110% 110% 110%
Turn 120% 120% 120%
Brake 120% 120% 120%
Inventory 12 slots 12 slots 15 slots
Cabins 10 10 30
Cannon per Side 2 (player) 4 (captain) 4 (captain)
Reload 17s 13s 13s

Upgrade to Improved Epheria Frigate:

  • no improvements to ship stats besides improved cannons
  • less time cost than Galleass (materials are more easily obtainable via worker nodes and processing.)

Upgrade to Epheria Galleass:

  • 4,000  more Weight Limit (has twice as much LT)
  • 20 more Cabins (3x the Cabin room for more Sailors)
  • 3 more Inventory
  • 200,000 more Max Rations
  • greater time cost than Improved Frigate (requires more planning and gathering of rare materials from Barter and Sea Monster drops)

Epheria Galleass & Improved Frigate: Best in Battle

This guide covers the battle ship line of upgrades. Battle ships have less Inventory and Weight Limit, but more damage and Speed/Accel/Turn/Brake.

The upgrade ships from Epheria Frigate are NOT considered best for barter or trade. They are considered best for manuverability and fighting enemies. Galleas & Improved Frigate have 2 more cannons on each side, when compared to the trader line of ships (Epheria Sailboat and its upgrades).

Cannon number is the same for the next tier, Carracks, but cannon reload timer of Carrack: Valor is the best.

For a detailed comparison of all ship stats:

Epheria Galleass vs Epheria Caravel
Barter ——T4 —— Battle
Ship Stat Epheria Caravel Epheria Galleass
HP 1,000,000 1,200,000
Rations 1,100,000 1,200,000
Base LT 10,000 8,000
Speed 100% 110%
Accel 100% 110%
Turn 110% 120%
Brake 110% 120%
Inventory 30 slots 15 slots
Cabins 30 30
Cannon per Side 2 (captain) 4 (captain)
Reload 13s 13s


Improved Epheria Frigate vs Epheria Galleass: Materials

The materials for the Galleass require bartered goods and sea monster drops.

The Improved Epheria Frigate is easier to build. Chances are, you already have a lot of the materials for the Improved Epheria Frigate through nodes, gathering, and quests.

Which Ship Should I Upgrade To First?

Upgrade to Improved Epheria Frigate, if you don’t have a friend that can help you with sea monster hunting. It’s more difficult to hunt sea monsters solo with a lower tier ship. An Improved Epheria Frigate helps in fighting the sea monsters that drop the parts needed for the Galleass.

Upgrade directly to an Epheria Galleass if you have a friend that can help you with sea monsters. It will save you some time and cost, if you can skip the Improved Frigate and upgrade directly to Epheria Galleass.

NOTE: The material costs below assume Artisan 2 level of Processing. (2.5 average yield per process recipe completion) It also assumes 2.5 rate from Alchemy.


Improved Epheria Frigate Materials

Ship Mats Additional Info
Standardized Timber Square x250

Base Amounts:

  • Usable Scantling (1180)
    • Log (4720)
Steel x200

Base Amounts:

  • Melted Iron Shard (400)
    • Iron Ore (800)
  • Coal (400)
Pine Plywood x500

Base Amounts:

  • Pine Plank (1860)
    • Pine Timber (3720)
Flax Fabric x100

Base Amounts:

  • Flax Thread (400)
    • Flax (800)
icon Hard Pillar x30

Base Amounts:

  • Log (300)
  • Plywood Hardener (300)
    • Pure Powder Reagent (200)
      • Sugar (80)
      • Silver Azalea (80)
      • Grass (80)
      • Purified Water (80)
    • Bloody Tree Knot (600)
    • Fir Sap (800)
    • Trace Of The Earth (600)
icon Ultimate Weapon Reform Stone x10

Base Amounts:

  • Grade 3 Weapon Reform Stone x100
    • Steel (500)
      • Melted Iron Shard (1000)
        • Iron Ore (2000)
      • Coal (1000)
    • Melted Platinum Shard (300)
      • Platinum Ore (600)
    • Black Crystal (300)
      • Rough Black Crystal (600)
    • Red Tree Lump (200)
    • Clown’s Blood (200)
      • Spirit’s Leaf (80)
      • Powder of Darkness (80)
      • Clear Liquid Reagent (80)
        • Salt (32)
        • Sunrise Herb (32)
        • Weed (32)
        • Purified Water (32)
      • Blood 1 (wolf) (160)
    • Black Stone Powder (4000)
  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard x10
icon Epheria: Old Prow x1 Read our guide on Old Epheria Ship Parts.
icon Epheria: Old Plating x1
icon Epheria: Old Cannon x1
icon Epheria: Old Wind Sail x1


Epheria Galleass Materials

Ship Mats Additional Info
icon Graphite Ingot for Upgrade x100

Base Amounts: Process > Heating

  • Zinc Ingot (10,000)
    • Melted Zinc Shard (37,040)
      • Zinc Ore (74,080)
  • Sea Monster’s Ooze (100) [Looted from Hungry Sea Monsters]

Ravinia Quest Line Days 1 & 4 (x50 total)

icon Timber for Upgrade x100

Base Amounts: Process > Chopping

  • Old Tree Bark (10,000)
  • Red Tree Lump (10,000)
  • Sea Monster’s Ooze (100) [Looted from Hungry Sea Monsters]

Ravinia Quest Line Days 1 & 4 (x50 total)

icon Adhesive for Upgrade x100

Base Amounts: Process > Heating

  • White Cedar Sap (10,000)
  • Acacia Sap (10,000)
  • Elder Tree Sap (10,000)
  • Sea Monster’s Ooze (100) [Looted from Hungry Sea Monsters]

Ravinia Quest Line Days 1 & 4 (x50 total)

icon Ship Upgrade Permit: Epheria Galleass x1 Sold by Philaberto Falasi  in Port Epheria 600,000,000 silver
icon Island Tree Coated Plywood x100 Barter 1x Sea Trade Good for Plywood x100
[Level 2] Filtered Drinking Water
[Level 2] Narvo Sea Cucumber
[Level 2] Pirate Gold Coin
icon Tide-Dyed Standardized Timber Square x3
icon Cobalt Ingot x2

Crow Coin Shop: 300 Crow Coins

Barter 1x Sea Trade Good for 2x Cobalt
[Level 2] Pirate Ship Mast

[Level 2] Supreme Oyster Box
[Level 2] Sea Survival Kit

icon Moon Scale Plywood x10
icon Epheria: Old Prow enhanced to +10 Read our guide on Old Epheria Ship Parts.
icon Epheria: Old Plating enhanced to +10
icon Epheria: Old Cannon enhanced to +10
icon Epheria: Old Wind Sail enhanced to +10


How to Upgrade Epheria Frigate

To upgrade Epheria Frigate to the Improved Epheria Frigate or Epheria Galleass, vist the <Wharf Manager> in Veila, Port Epheria, or Illya Island. Check out your Frigate and remove any gear currently equipped, then check the ship back inside the wharf.

Be sure to have all the materials for the upgrade in your inventory, then simply click the Upgrade button. It only takes about a minute to complete the upgrade process.


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