Fughar’s Timepiece allows you to transfer your Season Character status, gear, and EXP to another character in your family that is level 25 or below.


UPDATE: Since patch 9-20-23, you can no longer obtain a new Fughar’s Timepiece. (The quest to obtain it was removed and it’s unkown if it will ever be added again.) Also all the old Fughar’s Timepiece were deleted in patch December 27, 2023. Sorry folks!) 

IMPORTANT: Tag Characters also allows you to share Combat Exp, Skill Exp, and gear. However, Season Characters can’t be tagged, so you will have to wait until after graduation.


What is Transferred?

  • Combat Experience
  • Skill Experience from combat (not the total amount of Skill Points. Skill points awarded from quests will not be copied over. )
  • Optionally, Tuvala Weapons using coupons. (The remaining Tuvala can be transferred via Storage Keeper.)


Fughar’s Timepiece Requirements:

  • Requires an extra normal (non-season) character (Level 25 or below) in your Family.
  • Complete Quest: “[Season] Fughar’s Special Timepiece”.
    • Speak to Fughar to pick up quest on a level 25+ Season Character.
    • Reach level 56 on your Season Character.
  • Press RMB on Fughar’s Timepiece on your Season Character on a normal server.
  • Your Season Character must unequip all gear before use.
  • Right clicking Fughar’s Timepiece opens the Season Character Transfer window.
Fughar's Timepiece

Lost Fughar’s Timepiece?

Look in your Season Character’s Pearl Inventory.

fughar timepiece season transfer window


  • Season Character quest progress is NOT transferred! The main story quest progress does NOT transfer.
  • The simplified main questline CAN be done again, even if you already completed it on your original Season Character. (see patch notes below.)
  • Misty Breeze Skill Books are NOT transferred and can’t be used on a non-season character so use them before using Fughar’s Timepiece!


  • Inventory slots, weight, Pearl outfits, life skill mastery, etc is NOT transferred.
  • Season Character status cannot be reversed once complete!
  • This spring season, visit Fughar to obtain 1 Fughar’s Timepiece per family.
  • EXP is ADDED and not replaced.

Fughar’s Timepiece Benefits

This is a great time to try out a new class!

If you don’t like the class you created, you can transfer your progress to a class you know you will like.


Keep Season Character Progress:

Combat and Skill Experience is transfered.


Two for One Special:

Your original Season Character gets to keep all of their levels and experience. Character EXP cloning FTW!

bdo classes and characters

After Using the Timepiece: Tuvala Weapon Class Change

After using Fughar’s Timepiece, your former season character will have Tuvala Weapon Exchange Coupons in their inventory.


Change the Class on Tuvala Weapons:

You get 3 Tuvala Weapon Exchange Coupons:

  • Tuvala Main Weapon Exchange Coupon
  • Tuvala Sub-weapon Exchange Coupon
  • Tuvala Awakening Exchange Coupon
Tuvala Weapon Exchange Coupon
tuvala main weapon exchange
tuvala sub weapon exchange

Transfering Gear after using Fughar’s Timepiece:

  • Transfer all Tuvala gear via the Storage Keeper to your new Season Character from your old Season Character.
  • Tuvala Coupons can be found in the inventory of the previous Season Character after using Fughar’s Timepiece.
  • Tuvala Awakening Weapon Exchange coupon can’t be used on unconverted Tuvala Pendant. Hold onto the Tuvala Ccoupon and stay tuned for future news from BDO.

Tuvala Exchange coupons can be used on converted or unconverted Tuvala weapons. (as of patch 1-5-22 copied below)

Before Using Fughar’s Timepiece

Before using Fughar’s Timepiece, please check the following so that you don’t accidentally miss any Season content on your first Season character. Most of these are optional, so if you don’t like your first Season character, it’s ok to only complete them on your second character.

  • Complete the main quest line including Mediah. (O key then Main tab)
  • Level your character to 61.
  • Complete all of the Season Pass.
  • Claim all of the Season only Challenge Rewards (Y).
  • Claim all of the Season only Login Gifts inside Black Spirit’s Safe (B).
  • PEN all of your weapons then armor. PEN accessories if you have enough resources. (You can only keep 1 set of Tuvala at Season end.)
  • Obtain the season alchemy stone Treant’s Tear. (1 time per family)
  • Double check all the Season Quests you would like to do.
  • Use Fughar’s Timepiece after you have leveled your Season Character to 61 or more. (You can do it earlier, but copying more levels is better.)
  • Finally, complete the Simplified Main Questline on the Season character you transferred to using Fughar’s Timepiece.


  • Additional tips before Season Graduation or Season End:
    • Exchange your special Season Pass item (Season Summer Seal) via exchange quests with Pulvio in Veila. (pet box, etc)
    • Exchange special season drop item (Season Coelacanth) to Fughar.
    • Turn extra Time-Filled Black Stones into Advice of Valks (+10 to +40) or Valk’s Cry. (Or sell if you need silver more.)
    • Sell extra Tuvala Ore and Refined Magical Black Stones for silver.
    • Use all Rift’s Fragments and Rift’s Echo.

Sources & Additional Info


Deleting to Change Season Characters

Source: https://www.naeu.playblackdesert.com/en-US/Wiki?wikiNo=240

You can also change your season character by deleting and recreating your season character.

However, deleting a character requires a certain period of processing time which varies depending on the character’s level. Also, any Season Pass rewards claimed by your current season character will be deleted as well.

Season Pass rewards are only able to be claimed once per Family, and if you delete a season character that has already claimed them once, you won’t be able to receive them for the season again.

If you choose to delete your season character to change them, we strongly recommend that you make sure that you’ve moved all seasonal rewards (such as the Leveling Aid Box) into your storage.


Using Tuvala Coupons on Unconverted Gear

Source: https://www.naeu.playblackdesert.com/en-US/News/Detail?groupContentNo=2414

Also take note that if you used Fughar’s Timepiece once on a new season character, then delete that character, you will not receive an additional timepiece for the rest of the season.

Before After

Only available for Tuvala weapons equippable by a season character

Unavailable for Tuvala weapons that have been converted to only be equippable by normal characters

Available for all Tuvala weapons
(regardless of whether weapon is equippable only by season or normal characters)



Simplified Quests After Using Fughar’s Timepiece

Source: https://www.naeu.playblackdesert.com/en-US/News/Detail?groupContentNo=1326

– Changed the simplified quest from ‘acceptable once per family’ to accepted by any season character. This was changed after Adventurers gave us their feedback about wanting to do the simplified quests again after deleting or transferring a season character.


Skill Point Transfer from Fughar’s Timepiece

Source: https://www.naeu.playblackdesert.com/en-US/News/Detail?groupContentNo=1376

July 14, 2021

Fughar’s Timepiece – Changed the item description to mention that Skill EXP acquired from combat and not the total amount of Skill Points are transferred when using the item.