The best way to obtain Tuvala Gear is to exchange Naru Gear for it. This option will give you PRI level of Tuvala that is already enhanced for you.

Otherwise, you have the option of exchanging Tuvala Ore for Tuvala Gear that is not enhanced.

BDO Tuvala Gear

Get Tuvala Gear via Naru Gear


Exchange Naru Gear:

PEN Naru armor and weapons can be exchanged to Fughar for PRI Tuvala.

Learn the requirements and how to do this in our Naru Exchange Guide.


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Get Tuvala Gear with Tuvala Ore

Tuvala Gear is purchased with Tuvala Ore, exchanged to blacksmiths like Tranan in Velia.


Tuvala Gear Tuvala Ore
Armors 1x
Weapons 1x
Accessories 5x


How to Obtain Tuvala Ore:

  • Season Server monster drops
  • Region kill quest (auto accepted upon entering zone)
  • Season Pass reward
  • Season Leveling Aid Box
  • Weekly Season kill quest
  • Rifts Echo
  • Daily Season quest for Red Battlefield
  • Exchange 10 Time-Filled Black Stones

Tuvala Ore Monster Drop Locations:

  • Valencia, Kamasylvia, Drieghan, and O’dyllita monster zones

Tranan Underfoe

Tuvala Ore

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