The best way to obtain Tuvala Gear is to exchange Naru Gear for it. This option will give you PRI level of Tuvala that is already enhanced for you.

Otherwise, you have the option of exchanging Tuvala Ore for Tuvala Gear that is not enhanced.

BDO Tuvala Gear

How to Get Tuvala Gear


Method Requirement Obtained By

Enhance the Naru Gear you obtain from the main questline to PEN (V) enhancement level.

Exchange PEN (V) Naru Gear for PRI (I) Tuvala Gear.

Exchange Naru Guide


Collect Tuvala Ore that is obtainable from defeating monsters in Valencia, Kamasylvia, Drieghan, and O’dyllita.

① Bring the Tuvala Ore to a Blacksmith in a major town/city.

② Exchange for your desired Tuvala Gear.

Get Tuvala Gear via Naru Gear


PEN Naru armor and weapons can be exchanged for PRI Tuvala.

This is the best way to obtain Tuvala armor and weapons.

Tuvala Accessories are excluded.

Learn more in our Naru Exchange Guide.


Get Tuvala Gear with Tuvala Ore

Tuvala Gear is purchased with Tuvala Ore, exchanged to blacksmiths like Tranan in Velia.


Tuvala Gear Tuvala Ore
Armors 1x
Weapons 1x
Accessories 5x


How to Obtain Tuvala Ore:

Tuvala Ore Monster Drop Locations:

  • Valencia, Kamasylvia, Drieghan, and O’dyllita monster zones

Tranan Underfoe

Tuvala Ore

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