Lightstones are inserted into Artifacts to improve character growth and stats. Lightstones have an Item Effect and can be used to create a Combo Effect.


Lighstone Facts:


  • Lightstones are obtained via the marketplace, quest, grinding spots, bosses, and alchemy
  • Lightstones can be destroyed with negative Karma. (but not Artifacts)
  • Lighstones + Artifacts can be copied in Tag Character without cost.
  • 3 to 4 Lightstones can be installed to create a Lighstone Combo Effect


Lightstone of Fire: Marked

Fire Lightstone: Marked
All Accuracy: +4

Lightstone Types

  • Lightstone of Fire: attack buffs
  • Lightstone of Earth: defense buffs
  • Lightstone of Wind: special utility
  • Lighstone of Flora: life skills
  • Iridescent Lightstone: powerful Lightstone Combinations



Lightstone Examples

Fire (Offensive Buffs)

Lightstone of Fire: Claws

Fire: Claws → Critical Hit +1


Flora (Life Skill Buffs)

Lightstone of Flora: Uncharted

Flora: Uncharted → Sailing Exp +3%

Earth (Defensive Buffs)

Lightstone of Earth: Fitted

Earth: Fitted → Monster DR +5


Wind (Utility Buffs)

Lightstone of Wind: Combat

Wind: Alert → Combat Exp +25%

Lightstone Basics

To equip a Lightstone, you must have an Artifact with one empty socket.

Each Artifact has 2 Lightstone Sockets.


Install a Lightstone:

RMB on any Lightstone opens the Artifact Menu

Sethra's Artifact: Item Drop Rate

Lightsone Extraction


1. Safe Extraction:

Lightstones can be removed and saved for reuse by using a special tool + NPC.

Lightstone Extraction Tool is purchased at blacksmith or armor NPCs.

Silver Cost: 10,000,000

Select “Extract” option at any blacksmith.


2. Unsafe Extraction:

Lightstone Removal Without a Tool

RMB on a Lightstone in the Artifact UI destroys the Lighstone!!

Lightstone Extraction Tool

Fire Lightstones

(Offensive Buffs)


Fire Lightstone Effect
Rage All AP +2
Marked All Accuracy +4
Predation Extra Damage to Monsters +3
Blight Extra Damage to Humans +4
Roar Extra Damage to Demihumans +5
Fallen Extra Damage to Kamasylvian Monsters +5
Frenzy All Special Attacks damage +0.5%
Ground Down Attack Damage +1%
Aerial Air Attack Damage +1%
Shadows Back Attack Damage +1%
Strike Critical Hit Damage +1%
Earthquake Ignore All Resistance +1%
Rigid Ignore Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +2%
Vines Ignore Grapple Resistance +2%
Meteor Ignore Knockdown/Bound Resistance +2%
Typhoon Ignore Knockback/Floating Resistance +2%
Zeal Attack Speed +1
Rush Movement Speed +1
Claws Critical Hit +1
Blade Critical Hit Rate +2%

Earth Lightstones

(Defensive Buffs)


Earth Lightstone Effect
Iron Wall All Damage Reduction +3
Waves All Evasion +6
Fitted Monster Damage Reduction +5
Veil Damage from Monsters -1%
Disrupt Special Attack Evasion Rate +1%
Mountain All Resistance +1%
Swamp Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +2%
Sand Grapple Resistance +2%
Boulder Knockdown/Bound Resistance +2%
Roots Knockback/Floating Resistance +2%

Wind Lightstones

(Utility Buffs)


Wind Lightstone Effect
Heart Max HP +50
Mind Max MP +50
Lungs Max Stamina +25
Alert (Combat) Combat EXP +25%
Alert (Skill) Skill EXP +5%
Feather Weight Limit +20LT
Fortune Luck +1

Flora Lightstones

(Life Skill Buffs)


Wind Lightstone Effect
Wildlife Life EXP +3%
Paradise Life Skill Mastery +5
Forest Gathering Mastery +5
Patience Fishing Mastery +5
Track Hunting Mastery +5
Stir Cooking Mastery +5
Malleable Alchemy Mastery +5
Deft Processing Mastery +5
Steed Training Mastery +5
Blue Sailing Mastery +5
Plains Gathering EXP +3%
Bite Fishing EXP +3%
Trap Hunting EXP +3%
Secret Cooking EXP +3%
Time Alchemy EXP +3%
Tool Processing EXP +3%
Gallop Training EXP +3%
Wagon Trading EXP +3%
Harvest Farming EXP +3%
Uncharted Sailing EXP +3%
Haggler Barter EXP +3%

Obtaining Lightstones

Lightstones can be obtained in a variety of ways.


  • Alchemy Life Skill with recipes using Imperfect Lightstones
  • Simple Alchemy on Artifacts
  • Turn Imperfect Lightstones into Lightstones via NPC + silver
  • Give NPC 3 unwanted Lightstones for an RNG one.
  • 1 time family quest line
  • Rare drop from bosses and mid to high AP Grinding Spots
  • Guaranteed drop from a Guild Boss.
  • Marketplace
Purified Lightstone

Lightstones via Grinding Spots

Many grinding spots, starting with Valencia, have a chance to drop Artifacts and Lightstones (Offense, Defense, and Special types.)

Those Artifacts and Lightstones listed have a higher drop chance for their matching grinding spot. (Other types will drop, but at a lower chance.)

View my Grinding Spot Tool for an interactive view of which grinding spots drop which Lightstones.

BDO Grinding Spots for Artifacts and Lightstones

Lightstones via Artifacts

You can destroy an Artifact you don’t want to obtain Purified Lightstones.

Processing (L) → Simple Alchemy on the Artifact.

RMB on a Purified Lightstone to get 1 random Lightstone of any of the 4 types.


 Purified Lightstone Recipes

Simple Alchemy Reward
Artifact x1
1~2 Purified Lightstone
Artifact x1
Ancient Power – Red Shard x1
Ancient Seal – Black Shard x1
2~3 Purified Lightstone


Lightstones via NPC

Interact with Dalishain <Wandering Alchemist> to exchange for Lightstones.

Dalishain Locations:

  • Velia / Heidel / Calpheon City
  • Altinova / Valencia City
  • Grána
  • Duvencrune
  • O’draxxia
  • Eilton, Everfrost

    Dalishain <Wandering Alchemist>
    Location: all major cities


    Lightstone Purify

    Purify Imperfect Fire/Earth/Wind/Flora Lightstone.

    give 20,000,000 silver
    give 1x Imperfect Fire/Earth/Wind/Flora Lightstone

    1x Purified Lightstone of Fire/Earth/Wind/Flora

    RMB to obtain 1x Lightstone of the same type or very rarely Iridescent Lightstone.




    Lightstone Exchange

    Exchange 3 unwanted Lightstones for a random one.

    Requirement: Give 3 Lightstones


    1x Purified Lightstone

    RMB to obtain 1x Lightstone of Fire, Wind, Earth, Flora, or very rarely Iridescent Lightstone.


    Lightstones via Alchemy

    You can craft 4 types of Purified Lightstones with an Alchemy Tool inside your residence.

    Requires Alchemy level of Guru 1.

    RMB any of the following to obtain 1x Lightstone of the same type or very rarely an Iridescent Lightstone.

    • Purified Lightstone of Flora
    • Purified Lightstone of Wind
    • Purified Lightstone of Earth
    • Purified Lightstone of Fire

    There is also a low chance of getting an additional Lightstone of any element when you craft a Purified Lightstone and also when you perform Imperial Alchemy and craft other recipes.

    Purified Lightstone Lightstone Alchemy Recipe

    Fire (Attack)
    Imperfect Fire Lighstone x1
    Black Gem Fragment x10
    Black Stone (Weapon/Armor) x10
    Powder of Flame x50
    Clear Liquid Reagent x50

    Earth (Defense)
    Imperfect Earth Lightstone x 1
    Black Gem Fragment x 10
    Black Stone (Weapon/Armor) x10
    Powder of Earth x 50
    Pure Powder Reagent x 50

    Wind (Utility)
    Imperfect Wind Lightstone x1
    Black Gem Fragment x 10
    Black Stone (Weapon/Armor) x10
    Powder of Crevice x 50
    Clear Liquid Reagent x 50

    Flora (Life Skill)
    Imperfect Flora Lightstone
    Black Gem Fragment x 10
    Black Stone (Weapon/Armor) x10
    Powder of Time x 50
    Pure Powder Reagent x 50

    Magical Lightstone Crystals can replace Black Gem Fragments.

    Lightstones via Mediah Quest

    The main Mediah quest line will reward 2 Lightstones.


    Quest Requirements:

    • Level 51+
    • Only one time per account or family
    • Mediah quest line requires all of Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon main quest lines
    • Speak to Black Spirit and find quest Series: “A Gift for Leaping Forward”

    Lightstones Rewarded:


    • Lightstone of Wind: Alert (Combat) → Combat EXP +25%
      • Requires one of the following quests: ‘A Curious Find’, ‘The Silence of Adults’, ‘[Media Tour] Tarif Leader, Ahon Cyrus’, ‘[Special Growth] Fughar’s Memorandum Chapter 6’
      • Black Spirit Quest: ‘A Gift for Leaping Forward II’
    • Lightstone of Wind: Alert (Skill) → Skill EXP +5%
      • Requires one of the following quests: ‘Three Days of Darkness’, ‘Sarma Outpost’, ‘Ancient Ruins Excavation Site’, ‘[Media Tour] Ancient Giant Chief’, ‘[Special Growth] Fughar’s Memorandum Chapter 7’
      • Black Spirit Quest: ‘A Gift for Leaping Forward III’

    Black Spirit → Main Quest

    Artifact & Lightstone Quests


    Bonus Artifacts:


    You will also obtain 2 different Artifacts:

    • Lesha’s Artifact: Monster DR +9
    • Marsh’s Artifact: +6 Monster AP


    Lightstones via Valencia Quest

    The main Valencia quest line will reward 2 Lightstones.


    Lightstones Rewarded:

    • Lightstone of Fire: Predation → Monster AP +3
      • Requires Quest: ‘[Valencia] To Prince Barhan’
      • Black Spirit Quest: ‘A Gift for Leaping Forward V’
    • Lightstone of Fire: Predation → Monster AP +3
      • Requires Quest: ‘[Valencia] Secret Revealed ‘
      • Black Spirit Quest: ‘A Gift for Leaping Forward VI’


    Quest Conditions:

    • Level 56+
    • Only one time per account or family
    • Valencia quest line requires Mediah, Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon main quest lines
    • Speak to Black Spirit and find quest series: “A Gift for Leaping Forward”

    Lightstone Bonus Quests from Life Skills

    Quest Name: “[Bonus] Dalishain’s New Route for Business”

    Quest Objective: Talk to Dalishain and receive a gift

    There is a small chance you will instantly obtain a lightstone quest during the following Life Skill activities:

    • Imperial Fishing Delivery
    • Imperial Delivery (Trading)
    • Imperial Horse Delivery
    • Imperial Crafting Delivery (Cooking/Alchemy)

    Life Skill activities for Gathering, Hunting, Sailing, Barter, & Farming are excluded.

    The quest you obtain is random and rewards a Sethra’s Artifact or Imperfect Lightstone of Flora. (Both of these can be used in obtaining Lightstones.)


    NOTE: You must have less than 30 quests in progress.



    Quest Reward: RNG chance to obtain 1 of:


    Sethra’s Artifact
    Life Exp +3%
    Life Mastery +7
    Fishing Exp +5%
    Fishing Mastery +10
    Trading Exp +5%
    Alchemy Exp +5%
    Alchemy Mastery +10
    Cooking Exp +5%
    Cooking Mastery +10
    Processing Exp +5%
    Processing Mastery +10
    Processing Rate +5%
    Mount Exp +3%
    Training Exp +5%
    Training Mastery +10

    Lightstones from Winter Mountain

    After completing the main Winter Mountain quest line (Everfrost), you can return there for a series of quests that rewards Artifacts and Lightstones. (One quest line is for combat Artifacts and a separate one gives Life Skill Artifacts.)


    Lightstone Quest Requirements:


    • level 56+
    • Quest “[Everfrost] Beyond the Doors of Alyaelli.” This is toward the end of the Winter Mountain quest line, requiring over 100 quests.
    • limited to one time per family

    <Dragon Museum Overseer>
    Location: Eilton, central east side


    Quest Quest Requirements Quest Rewards
    Simple Test for Membership I Hand over Dragon Scale Fossil x100 to Ulan Choose 1:
    Purified Fire Lightstone
    Purified Land Lightstone
    Purified Wind Lightstone
    Simple Test for Membership II Hand over Garmoth’s Scale x10 to Ulan Choose 1:
    Purified Fire Lightstone
    Purified Land Lightstone
    Purified Wind Lightstone
    Ulan’s Regards Deliver Ulan’s regards to Lando, who is currently standing near Jordine’s Hideout Choose 1:
    Purified Fire Lightstone
    Purified Land Lightstone
    Purified Wind Lightstone
    Between D.A.S. Members I Deliver Oxiterr Crystal x50 to Reinhardt at Pilgrim’s End Choose 1
    Purified Fire Lightstone
    Purified Earth Lightstone
    Purified Wind Lightstone
    Between D.A.S. Members II Deliver Oxiterr Crystal x50 to Caspara at the Shrine of Silent Prayers Choose 1
    Purified Fire Lightstone
    Purified Earth Lightstone
    Purified Wind Lightstone
    Are You a Dragon Aficionado? Acquire Knowledge x100 or more about the people of Everfrost
    Acquire Geographic Knowledge x18 or more about the Mountain of Eternal Winter
    Acquire Knowledge x150 on the Mountain of Eternal Winter Journal
    Purified Fire Lightstone
    Purified Earth Lightstone
    Purified Wind Lightstone
    Appointed: Official Member of D.A.S. Talk to Ulan and receive a gift All:
    1x Purified Fire Lightstone
    1x Purified Earth Lightstone
    1x Purified Wind Lightstone
    Choose 1:
    Artifact – Monster AP
    Artifact – Monster DR

    * You can obtain the title, [Official D.A.S. Member], upon completing all of the consecutive quests above.

    Lightstones via Guild Boss

    Resplendent Lightstone is a guaranteed drop from guild bosses.

    This lightstone has a much higher probability of giving you a more valuable lightstone compared to Purified Lightstone.


    Guild Boss:

    • Khan
    • Giant Mudster
    • Ferrid
    • Ancient Puturum


    Imperfect Lightstones

    There are 2 methods for turning Imperfect Lightstones into Lightstones you can equip.


    • Take an Imperfect Lightstone + 2x 100G Gold Bar to Dalishain <Wandering Alchemist>. She will give you a Purified Lightstone of the same type.
    • 1 Imperfect Lightstone is an ingredient in making Purified Lightone of Fire/Earth/Wind/Flora. Requires Guru 1 level of Alchemy.
    Imperfect Lightstone of Earth

    Imperfect Lightstone of Earth

    Imperfect Lightstone of Fire

    Imperfect Lightstone of Fire

    Obtaining Imperfect Lightstones

    The Lightstone drop locations below are categorized into those that have a higher drop chance. It is still possible to obtain other lightstones in these regions at a lower chance.

    Remember to check Black Spirit repeatable quests to obtain Normal / Awakening / Dark Summon Scrolls.


    Fire Lightstone Grinding Spots

    (Offensive Lightstones)


    • Valencia
      • Basilisk Lair
      • Pila Ku Jail
      • Crescent Temple
      • Gahaz Bandits Lair
      • Desert Naga temple
      • Roud Sulfur Mine
      • Aakman Temple
    • Kamasylvia/Calpheon
      • Stars End
      • Forest Ronaros (Tooth Fairy)
      • Ash Forest
      • Abandoned Monastery
      • Fadus (Loopy Tree)
    • O’dyllita
      • Thornwood Forest
    • Drieghan
      • Blood Wolf Settlement
    • Winter Mountain
      • Jade Starlight Forest
    • Protty Cave
    • Kratuga Ancient Ruins

    Fire Lightstone Bosses

    These bosses have higher drop rates for Imperfect Fire Lightstones.


    • Nouver
    • Mirumok Destroyer Offin
    • Kzarka
    • Bheg
    • Garmoth
    • Muraka
    • Red Nose
    • Saunil Siege Captain
    • Narc Bishka

    Earth Lightstone Grinding Spots

    (Defensive Lightstones)


    • Valencia
      • Waragon Nest
      • Hystria Ruins
      • Titium Valley
      • Cadry Ruins
    • Kamasylvia
      • Navarn Steppe
      • Manshaum Forest
      • Gyfin Rhasia Temple
    • O’dyllita
      • Olun’s Valley
      • Tunkuta
    • Winter Mountain
      • Mrowek’s Labyrinth
    • Schultz Guards
    • Sherekhan’s Necropolis
    • Sycraia (Lower)
    • Padix Island

    Earth Lightstone Bosses


    • Kutum
    • Giath
    • Muskan
    • Red Nose
    • Griffon
    • Dim Tree Spirit
    • Urugon
    • Quint
    • Titium
    • Ronin
    • Puturum
    • Mogulis

    Wind Lightstone Grinding Spots

    (Utility Lightstones)


    • Valencia
      • Centaurs
      • Bashim’s
    • Kamasylvia
      • Mirumok Ruins
      • Polly’s Forest
    • Winter Mountain
      • Winter Tree Fossil
    • Crypt of Resting Thoughts
    • Tshira Ruins
    • Traitor’s Gravestones (Marie Cave)
    • Sycraia (Upper)
    • Kuit Island

    Wind Lightstone Bosses


    • Mudster
    • Black Shadow
    • Karanda
    • Katzvariak
    • Muraka
    • Urugon
    • Leebur
    • Hexe Marie

    Fire, Wind, & Earth Lightstones

    Same Probability for the following:


    • Dark Rifts
    • Guild Boss (Mudster, Ferrid, Puturum, Khan)
    • Atoraxxion Reward
    • Winter Mountain
      • Erebjork
      • Erethea’s Limbo Reward 

    Flora Lightstones

    Flora Lightstones are obtained from most Life skill activities.

    Excludes bare-handed gathering, water gathering, and shoveling.

    Exchange 10,000x Golden Seal – [Work Supervisor] to NPC Santo Manzi in Velia.

    Golden Seal Work Supervisor

    Iridescent Lightstone

    Iridescent Lightstone is used to make the most powerful Lightstone Combinations.

    It has no effects.

    For more details please visit my Iridescent Lightstone guide.

    Iridescent Lightstones

    Iridescent Lightstone Locations

    Iridescent Lightstone can be obtain anywhere a normal Lightstone can be obtained.

    However, the bosses and grinding spots below have a higher drop rate.

    • Field Bosses
      • Katzvariak
      • Black Shadow
      • Bheg
      • Red Nose
      • Dim Tree Spirit
      • Mudster
    • Guild Boss
      • Mudster
      • Ferrid
      • Puturum
      • Khan
    • Boss Summon Scroll (Normal / Awakened / Dark)
      • Red Nose
      • Giath
      • Bheg
      • Muskan
      • Dim Tree Spirit
      • Ahib Griffon
      • Urugon

    Sources & Additional Info