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BDO Beginners Guide (Black Desert Online 2018)

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BDO Beginner Guide BDO Hunting a Giant Wolf while doing Daily Hunting Quests

Just like this cute little BDO baby, we all have to start somewhere. Playing Black Desert Online for the first time can sometimes be overwhelming for newbies. There is so much to learn, but also so many new sights and adventures to discover! My sissy and I have created this Beginners Guide to help those just starting BDO, and for MMORPG fans considering a purchase of Black Desert Online.

Here you will find beginner tips we wish we knew before starting Black Desert Online together. I hope they help you along the way.

HAPPY journeying!!

Best Beginner Class

Choosing the right class for you is a very personal decision. Do you like complexity or simple? Speed or slow and heavy hitting? What's important to someone else, may not be important to you. Ultimately, you will end up playing the class you enjoy the most, no matter what some guide tells you.

Is Witch/Wizard Class right for me?
For beginners to BDO, looking for the easiest class to play, most recommend Witch or Wizard. There are several reasons for this:

Another bonus for beginners who choose this class, is that it has a good reputation for being strong in both PVE and large scale PVP. Some people hate this class because they say it's boring, and others love it. I suggest you play a class that looks fun to you at least until level 56. At level 56, all classes change by getting a new set of combat skills after their Awakening.

BDO Family Name

<Guild Name>
Family Name
Character Name

All the characters that you create on your account will have the same Family name. This Family name will be visible text above your head to players who run into you. It will also be visible in chat. No matter how many different characters you make, you will always have this name. In BDO, you can't role play and experiment with having different characters in different guilds. Each character is tied to the Family name, which you can't hide. When you join a guild, all your alts join as well.

Players can switch between viewing Family or Character names in chat, by clicking the gear icon on the chat tab.

BDO Family Name

To hide other players family names and the text and icons above their heads, press Escape key > Settings > General > Show/Hide

BDO Remove Family Name and Icons

BDO Alerts and Notifications

When you are a beginner, the default window will alert you to many different things that occur in the game. These include Marketplace notifications and other things like when other players fail or succeed at enhancements.

BDO Family Name

If this feels like spam to you, you can customize the messages that are shown. Press Escape key > Settings > Display > General Settings > Alerts

Pearl Shop Basics

To purchase Pearl Shop (F3) items, you must first buy Kakao Cash via the official Black Desert Online website. Use the Kakao Cash to buy a box of Pearls at the Pearl Shop in game. The Pearl box will go into your Pearl Inventory. Access the Pearl Inventory by clicking on the Pearl button at the top of your main Inventory window (I). Right click the box to collect your Pearls. Now you can buy items from Pearl Shop with Pearls.

$100 American dollars buys 10,000 Kakao Cash. 10,000 Kakao Cash can buy a Pearl box with 11,500 Pearls (10,000 base pearls + 1,500 extra)

A limited number of Pearl outfits, pets, and horse gear can be sold at the Marketplace. Always double check that the Pearl item has a Marketplace Value if you plan on purchasing Pearl items to sell on the Marketplace.

How to Give Money & Gifts

Silver can't be given. Player to player trade is very limited in Black Desert Online. Most things cannot be traded to another player and must be sold at the Marketplace. Some exceptions are Health and Mana Potions and some foods and drinks. Also, once these items are traded away, they are bound to that person and can't be re-traded or sold. You can, however, gift Pearl Boxes and a limited number of Pearl items, if you are level 50+.


Your energy pool and knowledge is shared across all your characters (Family). Each character contributes to the energy pool by completing Knowledge topics.

The easiest Knowledge to complete is Character, in which you have to talk to the NPC to gain the Knowledge. Talk to every NPC with a question mark on your mini map to discover them and gain Knowledge. This increases your energy pool, which is used for gathering, hiring workers for nodes, and many other things. Press the H key to see a breakdown of all the Knowledge to be gained. For a more detailed guide on Knowledge, please read our Knowledge & Energy Guide. There is also a Knowledge Locator to help you find the nearest Knowledge to your location.

Passive Energy Restoration Energy Restoration Rate
While logged in 1 energy every 3 minutes (20 energy per hour)
While logged in and sleeping on a crafted bed 2 energy every 3 minutes (40 energy per hour)
While logged in and sleeping on a Pearl Shop bed 3 energy every 3 minutes (60 energy per hour)
While logged out 1 energy every 1 hour (24 energy/day)
Alts logged out 1 energy every 1 hour (24 energy/day)

Energy can be actively restored through quest rewards. Energy can also be increased with potions and buffs; most notable is Blessing of Kamasylve, which increases energy regeneration by 2. It costs 1000 Loyalties (wait 10 days) or 1,250 Pearls. ($12.50). Small energy tonics cost 100 Loyalties.

BDO Blessing of the Kamasylve for Energy Regeneration BDO Blessing of the Kamasylve for Energy Regeneration BDO Blessing of the Kamasylve for Energy Regeneration


Your Contribution pool is shared across all of your characters (Family). Each character adds Contribution exp to the pool by completing quests. To gain more Contribution Points, finish as many quests as you can that award Contribution. (most do) As you gain knowledge and amity with NPCs, more quests will open up to you. You can also obtain Contribution through Alchemy and Cooking, which provide a byproduct that you turn in to an NPC. (You get about 1 byproduct every 5 crafts.)

Contribution has 2 main uses in BDO. Most people spend their Contribution on purchasing Nodes and building their "Worker Empire". It takes Contribution Points to buy lodging for workers. Any kind of workshop housing will cost you CP as well. Renting weapons, armor, and storage space is another option for spending Contribution, for players that don't like crafting or world building.

Beginner Mounts & Navigation

NPC finder window
Beginner Travel Tips
Right clicking anywhere on the World Map (M) or the mini-map will draw a path to that point. Press your T key to have the game auto-run there for you. Auto-path will follow the safety of roads as much as possible. Be careful when doing this outside of roadways, as your character can get stuck on trees and other objects. Not all roads are safe and sometimes auto-path takes overly long routes, so be watchful auto-pathing in areas you're unfamiliar with.

To find merchants and other NPCs, click on the NPC icon in the upper right of your screen.

NPC Finder Button

In the Search field of the "Nearby NPC" window, you can search using an NPC's name or their title. Sometimes certain helpful words are included in the title. For example, the search term "fence" will give you all the NPCs that will exchange fences for Contribution Points so you can start the Farming profession.

NOTE: This NPC finder tool will only show NPCs you have spoken to already. That's another reason to speak to each and every person when you arrive in a new place. The category buttons in the NPC Finder are the exception. (For example, Stable will take you to the nearest <Stable Keeper>, even if it's your first time in the city.)

Beginner Mounts
At level 10, Black Spirit will give you the quest, Big Fish in a Small Pond, in which you will obtain a donkey. He is adorable and soo lovable, but slow and hard to turn. Horses are faster and easier to handle, and most important, just as cute! Beginner Attendance Rewards will often give you a horse for free, but that might take too long for your liking. You can buy and sell mounts at the <Stable Keeper> (Lorenzo Murray in Veila).

You will notice that low level prices of even a tier 5 horse are fairly cheap. Perfect for beginners. The cheap ones go fast, so keep checking if you don't see anything at first.
BDO Horse Market of Beginners: T1 Horse
NPC Horse Market of Beginners: T5 Horse

BDO Beginner Horse Mount If you bought the Traveler's Package or Explorer's Package, a horse is included. Claim your horse by logging into your account at the Black Desert Online website

While you are at the <Stable Keeper>, you may want to purchase food for your horse (carrots) and pets (cheap feed). Horse Stamina and Health can also be recovered cheaply by the Stable Keeper.

If you lose your mount or forget where you left him (poor guy), you can locate him by right clicking on your horse icon in the upper left of your screen. A path will be drawn to your horse. Left clicking on the horse icon will call your mount to you, but if he is too far away, it won't work. You can also retrieve your mount by remote collection at the <Stable Keeper> if he is not stabled in another city. If you left him at Toscani Farm, but you are near Heidel, go to the Heidel Stable Keeper and choose "Remote Collection". If you do this, your horse will lose its health and you will have to pay silver or give him carrots to recover him.

Your mount does take damage! He will loose health from monsters hitting him and from drowning and falling off high places. If your mount dies, recover him at the <Stable Keeper>.

You can only have one mount/wagon out at a time per character.

For a more detailed guide about getting around BDO, pease visit the guide, Movement Speed & Fast Travel.

Pets for Beginning Players

BDO Pet Window You can have up to 5 pets out at the same time. Pets are bought at the Pearl Shop or given as Attendance Rewards. Pets pick up your loot for you. The higher your pet's level, the faster it will loot. They also have 1 special ability and up to 4 skills. Pets level when they are fed. To level your pets faster put them on Agile so your pet's hunger gauge decreases faster. If your pet's hunger level reaches 0%, it will no longer loot or use its special ability. It's skills, however, will still work.

BDO Pet Skill Window: Life XP for Cats

Pet breeding is used to produce a higher tier pet, which is faster and has more skills. Talent % is also increased. Unfortunately, breeding pets (aka pet exchange) actually kills the parent pets. On the bright side, it has been reported by several players that T4 pets have 3 to 4 times faster loot speed.

Cheap Feed can be bought at the <Stable Keeper> for 3,000 silver and restores 12 hunger (pets have a max 200 hunger). Better food can be cooked or bought at the Marketplace.

PetPet Special AbilityPet Talent
detect gatherable resourcesLife XP
Crabdetect gatherable resourcesitem durability
Little Lambdetect PVP playersLife XP
Young Griffon
detect PVP playersitem durability
Dogsdetect PVP playersCombat Skill XP
Birdsdetect rare mobsKnowledge
Polar Bear
afk fish time decrease
(Polar Bear: +20LT & +10 LT/tier)
Life XP
Pandastaunts monsters (draws a mob to you)Combat Skill XP
Desert Fox
resistance to desert heatstroke/hypothermia (up to 35%)item durability
Hedgehogextra gathered resources
(averages about 3x the gatherables of someone that doesn't have this pet)
Life XP

Pet Talents & Special Abilities
When we look at pet talents and special abilities for T1 pets, we see that some pets, like dogs and birds are good for grinding while others, like cats and Hedgehog are good for Life Skills. Pandas currently have a strange mechanic, so you may want to avoid them, unless you think they are too adorable to pass up! (Which they are.) Their aggravate ability only works on one mob every 10 to 4 seconds and it has been reported that this animation takes priority over the pet's animation to pick up loot. (You can turn special abilities off.)

Which Pet is Best for Beginners?
Many players say the Hedgehog is the best pet in BDO. With my own testing, I discovered I gathered 3x less than my sister who has a Hedgehog. This makes a big difference in the amount of time it will take to gather logs for ship building, for example. But Hedgehogs aren't as good for players who don't like to gather and craft. Both the Hedgehog and the Polar Bear have limited availability via game gifting or events. You have to gift a friend or yourself the Black Desert Online game and they must reach level 30. Gifting yourself another account might sound strange, but it has been ok'd by a GM on the official forum. According to their game gifting buy page: "The only restriction will be that you will need to own the game yourself and have purchased it before the first of this month." This means, as a new player, you would have to probably wait until next month to gift someone in order to obtain the Hedgehog or Polar Bear. Currently, you can buy the Gift Pass/Package here for $9.99.

Is BDO Free to Play?

BDO Pet Kuku from Attendance Reward

There is no subscription fee for playing Black Desert Online. Many people consider this model free to play. It also has a 7 day free trial. However, you do have to initially make a purchase of at least $10 to continue playing BDO. This will give you the basic game without any extras.

Is Black Desert Online P2W? (Pay to Win)
This is a hotly debated topic, because everyone has their own definition of what Pay to Win means. But most people agree that you do have to spend more than $10 to make the game enjoyable.

Pets are a good example of what many consider P2W. They aren't required to pick up loot, but if you don't buy them, you will have to repeatedly mash the same pick-up button over and over again after every mob group that you defeat. Mob groups are usually 5+ so that's 5x pressing the R button to do something that quickly gets boring and routine.... (So it's basically, R + Wait for pickup animation... R + Wait for pickup animation... R + Wait for Pickup animation... Not very exciting.)

Even with the maximum of 5 pets, you may have to wait for pets to pick up loot, depending upon how fast you can kill monsters and what tier and level of pets you have. In order to raise a pet's tier, you have to buy another pet and combine two pets into one, so that doubles the price.

BDO Pet Pearl Cost

Tier 1 pet costs: BDO Pet Kuku from Attendance Reward

Note: Recently, BDO has given players a pet Kuku bird and Penguin through Attendance Rewards. Attendance Rewards are game items you obtain every day just for logging into the game. Beginners to BDO will get the "Rookie" Attendance Reward. At the moment of this writing, that included a free Kuku pet. But this is something new they haven't done before and we don't know when or if they will give away pets for free again.

I would guess they normally do pet giveaways once every blue moon... maybe 6 months? All I know for sure is that it's usually a rare occurrence. Also, you will notice you can't have two of same Event pet out at the same time if they are the same kind. You can, however, breed them to create a better Event pet. Kuku birds breed together and Penguins breed together to create a higher tier Kuku or Penguin.

Beginner Quest Tips

quest logIf you enjoy questing, be sure to turn on All quests at level 20, so you won't miss out on any extra quests and rewards. Certain types of quests, like Life Skill quests, will not even show up at the NPC if it is not turned on in your Quest window. Press the O key to open the Quest window.

Quests are important for beginners to BDO, especially the main story quest that is provided by the Black Spirit. It will give you a nice chest piece, Inventory expansions, and other goodies helpful to Beginners.

Main Story Final Chest Piece (Level 56+)
Beginner Chest Piece: Roaring Magical Armor
The main story will lead to this upgraded version of Dim Magical Armor. Dim Magical Armor is upgraded 4 times via quests from the Black Spirit. The first of which is called, Magic Armor Exchange I and is given at level 53. There are also Roaring sub-weapons and accessories.

Another reason to complete the main storyline is it's required in order to obtain a Fairy, which provides a large variety of special buffs you can't obtain any other way, like instant resurrection without death penalty and auto-consumption of health potions.

Extra Storage

It will not take you long playing BDO, when you discover storage is a real issue. When you are first starting out, you may need to choose one Life Skill to focus on. For example, you might want to store Cooking ingredients only and sell Alchemy ingredients to make more room. Cooking is much easier for the Beginner to get started with.

Most small towns and cities have a default storage of 16 slots each. This is where workers from that town or city will place goods they have gathered from Nodes. Storage is shared with all of your characters, enabling you to give gear and other items to alts.

How to obtain more storage in Black Desert Online:

Inventory Quests & Expansion Coupons

BDO Inventory Expansion Coupon via Loyalties

You begin with 20 Inventory slots, but you can raise that by 31 with quests for a total of 51 slots. To increase your inventory beyond 51, you will have to purchase inventory with Loyalties or Pearls. You receive 100 Loyalties each day you log in, allowing you to buy 1 inventory slot every 10 days. Or you can buy 8 slots for 800 Pearls ($8 or 16 slots for $14.50). 8 slots via Loyalties will cost you 2.6 months of waiting. Maximum inventory is 192 per character, so you can purchase up to 141 inventory slots.

BDO Inventory Expansion Coupon via Loyalties
BDO Inventory Expansion Coupon via Pearls

Note: The inventory quests below will not work if you already have the maximum amount of Inventory. You can't exceed 192 slots.

Black Desert Online Inventory Quests
Inventory Quest Level NPC Node Inventory Description
Choose 1 Jarette's headache 1 Jarrett Western Guard Camp Bag space +1 Requires Gathering: Beginner 5
Claus Can't Contain! 15 Claus Western Guard Camp Bag space +1
  Experience of the Ancients 1 Edan Ancient Stone Chamber Bag space +2
Choose 1 A Very Minute Flaw 1 Sealus SE Velia Bag space +1
Eileen’s Request 6 Eileen SW Velia Bag space +1
  Crio and Sandfish 20 Crio Velia (docks) Bag space +2 Have Fishing Quests turned on! Pre-requisite quest: Basic Fishing - A Fishing Rod. Make sure you don't have "Throw away useless items" checked.
  Military Power in Heidel 1 Jordine Ducas Heidel Bag space +2
Choose 1 Puia and the Wooden Box Design 17 Puia Heidel Bag space +1 Requires: Gathering: Beginner 6
Techthon and Quality Iron 15 Techthon Heidel Bag space +1
  Donatt's Will   Cheremio Glish Bag space +2 Freharau storyline
Choose 1 Glazed Naga Oil 18 Seilane Glish Bag space +1
Injured Adventurers... 20 Deborah Glish Bag space +1 Requires: Gathering: Beginner 3
  Trent Worker Experience 40 Spotty Troll Trent Bag space +1 Requires: Gathering: Beginner 2
Have knowledge on Chopping: Beginner
  Calpheon Military Representative 39 Norman Rate Northern Wheat Plantation Bag space +1 "Calpheon and Giant Trolls" quest line. Finish waragon questline or get 100 amity with Martha Kiyen (Northern Wheat Plantation), which unlocks Ruins Excavation Disruption
  Gift for Happiness 40 Soon-to-be Bride NE Calpheon City (behind Skill Instructor) Bag space +1 Uncheck auto-arrange:
(Veil > Wine > Glass).
Item order for inventory quest
Noble doesn't appear at night!
  Keplan, Free of Threats 47 Clam Cessory Keplan Bag space +1 Keplan main story questline

Black Spirit quests can only be completed in order and when your character obtains the correct level. Obtain Black Spirit quests by pressing the (,) key. Co-op quest bosses are challenging, but probably don't require another player. Do bring health pots though and fancy footwork!

Black Spirit Inventory Quests
Inventory Quest Level Node Inventory
[Co-op] Black Spirit and the Giant Imp 15 Velia (NW beach) Bag space +1
[Co-op] Here Comes the Goblin Chief! 17 Ehwaz Hill (E of Velia) Bag space +1
[Co-op] Frenzied Altar Imp Captain 20 Northern Plain of Serendia Bag space +1
[Co-op] Frog on Frog 25 Glish (Freharau storyline) Bag space +1
[Co-op] Muskan of Madness 30 Bloody Monestary Bag space +1
[Co-op] Org the Greedy 33 Orc Camp Bag space +1
[Co-op] Biraghi Den Keeper 35 Bradie Fortress Bag space +1
[Co-op] Kelcas, the Giant Khuruto 36 Old Dandelion Bag space +1
[Co-op] Tower Offense 38 Bree Tree Ruins Bag space +1
[Co-op] A Big, Smart Guy 39 Quint Hill Bag space +1
[Co-op] A large living tree 42 Marni Farm Ruins area Bag space +1
[Co-op] The Mad Scientist's Vestiges 44 Marni's Lab Bag space +1
[Co-op] A possessed Giant 45 Gehaku Plain Bag space +1
[Co-op] The Giant Queen 45 Keplan Vicinity Bag space +1
[Co-op] Saunil Siege Captain 47 Trina Fort Bag space +1

Item Rarity & Colors in BDO

Many item names and icon borders in BDO are color coded to help you determine how rare something is. Workers, Life Skill levels, and items are all colored by grade/rarity. Lowest is gray. Gray items are considered trash for the most part and most can be sold at the vendor. Many mob "trash drops" can be exchanged for more than vendor sell price if you have a large quantity of them and exchange them to a certain NPC that wants them. These vendor trash items are usually white grade. (Having a white colored name/title.) Right click the item to draw a path to the closest exchange NPC.


Some things also have a title, denoting level/grade such as workers.

  1. Artisan
  2. Professional
  3. Skilled
  4. Normal
  5. Naive

We also see color grades reflected in Life Skill levels:

  1. Guru
  2. Master
  3. Artisan
  4. Professional
  5. Skilled
  6. Apprentice
  7. Beginner

Beginner Gear Guide

BDO Gear Window BDO is a gear powered game and with the right gear, you can defeat enemies much higher level than you. Armor and Weapons can be enhanced to increase Defense Points (DP), Attack Points (AP), and other stats. There are no level restrictions to enhanced gear. Even a level 1 character can wear the best PEN (V) gear.

Gear enhancements, in order of the best and most rare is:

  1. PEN (V)
  2. TET (IV)
  3. TRI (III)
  4. DUO (II)
  5. PRI (I)
  6. +1 to +15
Armor can be shared between all your characters. Base armor that has not been enhanced has very low DP (Defense Points). But at beginner levels, this shouldn't effect you too much. You will start to notice you need to upgrade armor after you venture into Calpheon Territory at around level 30. Enhance armor with Black Stone (Armor) Black Stone Armor up to 5 times without fear of failing the enhancement. Click the Black Spirit icon in the lower right of your screen and select Enhancement.

Weapons and Sub-weapons are class specific. Some can be shared with more than one class. The staff, for example, is used by witches and wizards. Awakening weapons are for characters level 56+ who have completed the Awakened quest line.

How to Obtain More Powerful Gear
Most players recommend purchasing already enhanced gear on the Marketplace, since it will most likely save you time and money. This is especially true as you get into the higher levels of enhancement. This is reflected in the scarcity of good, highly-enhanced gear on the Marketplace.

If you can't find already enhanced gear on the Marketplace, start enhancing as soon as you can, focusing on your main hand weapon first. You can't fail upgrading weapons to +7. Then focus on upgrading armor to +5. Thanks to BDOPlanner for the image below. View the often recommended beginner gear on (Grunil Armor set) or beginner gear with Heve Armor set.

BDO Beginner Gear with Grunil and Enhanced

You can put cheap, green grade, crystals in your gear sockets to get added Attack and Movement Speed.

Best Weapons for Beginners

BDO Beginner Main Weapon Rosar

Focus on getting a +7 main and sub weapon before armor so that you can kill monsters faster. If you can dispatch a group of thugs in one hit, who needs armor? :) For main and sub weapons, most players recomend those with the highest AP.

Highest AP Sub Weapons (Green Grade for Beginners):

Yuria used to be the favorite, but now Rosar is the most recomended mainhand weapon in BDO for beginners. So try your best to nab one off the Marketplace ASAP. You will not have to replace this until you are rich enough to afford Boss Gear. Rosar provides 2 crystal slots and has the highest AP of all the green grade weapons.

BDO Beginner Main Weapon Rosar

Rosar is popular, so if you can't find any on the Marketplace, there are cheaper alternatives that might be available.

Mainhand Recommendations (best to worst):

  1. Rosar: Highest AP, 2 Crystal slots
  2. Azwell: Medium AP, 1 Crystal slot, +20 Accuracy
  3. Krea: Medium AP, 2 Crystal slots
  4. Yuria: Lowest AP, 1 Crystal Slot, Increased Damage to Humans


Armor pieces can be upgraded to +5 without chance of failure. Grunil and Heve are the most recomended armor sets and it's easy to see why.

Grunil Armor Set:

BDO Beginner Gear: Heve at the Marketplace

Heve Armor Set:

BDO Beginner Gear: Heve at the Marketplace
Beginner Chest Piece: Roaring Magical Armor

NOTE: You can replace your chest piece with Roaring Magical Armor, which is possible after completing the main story quest. At level 53, the Black Spirit will give you the quest Magic Armor Exchange I, which is the first in a series of 4 upgrade quests for your Dim Magical Armor. Roaring Magical Armor is like having a DUO Ultimate chest and comes with 2 sockets, +50 HP, Accuracy: 20, Evasion: 100, Damage Reduction: 38.

Beginner Accessories

For beginner accessories, it is recomended that you prioritize AP over everything else. Wait to buy enhanced accessories as it's expensive to fill all 6 slots. Your first good accessory set will probably be Jarette's via the free Rookie Attendance Rewards. This is a nice begginner accessory set, focusing on AP. While you wait for these, just use the best cheap AP ones available. Don't get too hung up on accessories as a beginner. When you are ready to head into Mediah, at around level 51, your accessory set will soon be replaced by the Asula Accessory Set. This is the best unenhanced accessory set in the game and will last you quite a while.

Gear Progression: Quested Gear (Calpheon)

To obtain the Dim Magical Sub Weapon and Dim Magical Armor, you must first complete the main story line that leads up to [Boss] Witch-Hunting and then While preparing for Mediah. Then complete certain quests in the World of Enemies Series and Sharper Weapon Series to be able to upgrade them. While in Calpheon, you will be able to upgrade your sub-weapon twice to gain a sub-weapon of Sealed Magical Power. The Dim Armor upgrades and the rest of the sub-weapon upgrades take place later on in Mediah.

World of Enemies Quest Series: Sharper Weapon Quest Series:

Magic Sub Weapon Exchange Quest Line: (first 2 located in Calpheon)

Other Available Calpheon Gear via Questing:

Gear Progression (Mediah: level 51+)

Your goal is to work on enhacing your gear to a level that is recomended for Mediah, with 75 AP and 110 DP. The example set below requires no questing, but will cost you silver. This would allow you to hunt at Abandoned Iron Mine. The image below is just one example of how to obtain 75 AP and 110 DP. View its details on

BDO Beginner Gear: Heve at the Marketplace

Grind in Mediah until you have upgraded and replaced all your accessories with the Asula Set.

Quested Gear in Mediah (PRI +16 level)

Item Name AP/DP Item Effect Obtained By
Black Abyssal Weapons
Black Abyssal Weapons
AP 77-91 Accuracy: 89 Talk to NPC Konah at Altinova Arena if you are Lv. 55 or up.
Go to the Suggested tab of the Quest window (O) to find the quest. This quest can be done once per Family.
Mediah Merchants Union Helm
Mediah Merchants Union Helm
DP 52 Skill EXP +3%
Evasion 84
Damage Reduction 32
Talk to NPC Kesir Baum at Abun if you are Lv. 54+
Go to the Suggested tab of the Quest window (O) to find the quest. This quest can be done once per Family.
Beia's Black Magic Gloves
Beia's Black Magic Gloves
DP 38 Critical Hit Rate +1
Evasion 80
Damage Reduction 19
Interact with the book on top of the tower behind Tarif Storage with the character that has completed the quest [Co-op] Awakened Black Spirit.
Go to the Suggested tab of the Quest window (O) to find the quest. This quest can be done once per Family.
Derek's Light Leather Shoes
Derek's Light Leather Shoes
DP 36 Movement Speed +1
Evasion 76
Damage Reduction 18
Talk to NPC Theo Dango at Highland Junction if you are Lv. 53+
Go to the Suggested tab of the Quest window (O) to find the quest. This quest can be done once per Family.

The Abyssal gear you get in Mediah is equal to about PRI level gear. Here is a snapshot of gear you can obtain via questing in Mediah and through grinding for the Asula Accessory Set: View it on BDOPlanner.

BDO Beginner Gear: Abyssal
Black Abyssal Weapon Quest Line: Derek's Light Leather Shoes Quest Line: Mediah Merchants Union Helmet Quest Line: Beia's Black Magic Gloves Quest Line: Upgrading Sealed Magical sub-weapons (Lv. 53+) You must have completed [Co-Op] Stronger Enemies 1 and 2, which is unlocked by finishing World of Enemies series and For a Sharper Weapon. (These take place in Calpheon Territory) Then you must complete The Shen Merchants Guild's Resources to Tinya's Trust, then Forbidden Book up to Reunion At Last.
  • When you exchange Sealed Magical sub-weapons to Freed and Roaring Magical sub-weapons, the DP and the number of crystal slots will decrease, but the sub-weapon’s AP will increase.
  • The Exchange Quests Given by Black Spirit:

    Magic Armor Exchange NPC: Mevo Muranan of Altinova, Mediah

    Magic Sub Weapon Exchange Quests (last 2 are located in Mediah):

    The lowest hunting area in the next territory (Valencia, hunting Bashims) has a recomended level of 55 with 160AP / 200DP. Many players focus on grinding at Sausans until they have achieved level 56. This area is heavily contested however, because it is considered one of the best hunting areas in the game. To go there, the recomendation is to have level 53 with 90AP / 130DP. Join a group that is already hunting there, unless you're interested in PVP. Solo players that accidentally "steal" a group's "rotation" will often get attacked there. BDO etiqette is, if the spot is taken, ask to join the party. If you are rejected, then switch channels, unless you want to PVP for the spot.

    Gear Progression (Valencia: level 55+)

    I used the BDO Planner to calculate when you could venture into Bashim Base in Valencia. What I found is that a TRI weapon and a DUO subweapon with DUO level armor + Asula Accessory Set would meet the recommended AP/DP. See my example of this DUO Armor set in BDO Planner. This gear set has 171 AP and 206 DP.

    BDO Beginner Gear: Heve at the Marketplace

    Awakened Gear (Level 56+)

    Black Spirit Awakening

    At level 56, you will get a quest from your Black Spirit for the Awakening quest line. This will give you a blue grade Awakening weapon like the Azure Thunder Celestial Bo Staff and a green grade version, like the Practice Celestial Bo Staff (+10). Focus on obtaining an upgraded version of the green grade weapon because it is much cheaper. You can purchase these weapons for 120k from Tulem, the Arms Dealer in Altinova if you can't find any that are already enhanced on the Marketplace. You will want at least +15. The goal is DUO or TRI.

    Around this time you can upgrade your green grade gear into yellow grade with Reform Stones. The Ultimate versions have a 100% success rate. They can be crafted or bought at the Marketplace.

    Armor Ultimate: Each Ultimate Armor Reform Stone will give 5 extra DP and 2 extra Damage Reduction.
    Main Weapon Ultimate: Using Ultimate Weapon Reform Stone will give you 48 extra accuracy, 4 extra AP, +1 Attack Speed, and +1 Critical Hit on your main hand. You can also put Ultimate on your Awakening weapon, increasing its AP by 2.
    Sub Weapon Ultimate: Puting the Reform Stone on your sub weapon will give you 1 extra AP and +1 Special Attack Extra Damage. Special attack increases:

    Boss Gear

    As you approach 400 gear score, you're probably not a beginner anymore! Congratulations! But it's good to have your eye on the prize, so to speak. BIS (Best in Slot) gear in BDO is "Boss Gear" obtained very rarely through killing very powerful boss enemies that spawn at set times and some randomly in BDO. View an example 400 gear score on

    BDO 400 Gear Score

    If you have enough silver, you can keep upgrading your gear. If you want to start PVP, you may want at least TRI armor. TRI your helmet first as it is one piece you will own the longest, because it's less of an upgrade than the other boss pieces. Since Kzarka will be your first boss gear, you can keep your mainhand at DUO.

    BDO Boss Scroll Quests

    How to Obtain Boss Gear:

    Update: 5-30-18 Patch Notes: "Chance to obtain rare loot items for defeating world bosses (not when they are naturally despawned) has doubled." I will update the drop rate %'s here when we know more.

    For help knowing when world bosses might spawn and which channels they are currently alive on, visit the World Boss Discord.

    It is usually recomended to replace/upgrade Boss Gear in the order of importance as to how much it will empower your character. Here is a popular recomendation:

    1. Kzarka Mainhand Weapon
    2. Bheg's Gloves
    3. Urugon’s Shoes or Muskan's Shoes
    4. Dandelion Awakened Weapon
    5. Dim Tree Spirit's Armor
    6. Griffon's Helmet or Giath’s Helmet

    View the full boss gear on BDOPlanner. You can also replace one piece of Asula, without loosing the set bonus. Red Coral Earring for the extra accuracy, would be one good choice.

    There are different opinions on which boss gear you should focus on first. Boss gear is not easy to come by. If you do happen upon some, it's ok to go out of order, but you might want to wait on enhancing the helmet, since it's not that big of a difference and would be costly to upgrade. Consider switching out accessories with Red Coral Earring first, and then Basilisk's Belt or Ring of Crescent Guardian

    BDO Leveling Guide

    BDO Velia Fishing Hotspot

    There is no level cap in BDO. However, there is what people call a "soft cap", where it gets to be nearly impossible to obtain a certain level. You see this refected in the image I obtained of one of graphs available on Smite Datamining, which shows the amount of xp needed per level. As you can see, the xp needed for level 63 is much more than the amount needed for level 56. Getting to level 56 is fairly quick, but after level 61, leveling gets extremely difficult.

    Below, you will find Oweia0's (u/oweia0) recomendations for grinding locations with opinions on Xp and Silver/hour, edited from his helpful Reddit post. Another helpful resource for grinding locations is, which has a nice node map, with grinding locations and recomended AP/DP/Levels. Just check the "Leveling Areas" box in the filters section. There is also Inochii's Valencia grinding map

    BDO Grinding/Leveling Areas Sorted by Highest XP
    Grinding Spot
    EXP/Hour at lvl 56
    Sausans (solo) 53
    4 - 12 (8)
    7.72 - 9.74 (8.73)
    heavily contested
    Pirates (solo, M2) 56
    6 - 15 (10.5)
    7.84 - 8.22 (8.03)
    heavily contested, red and blue coral earring
    Bashims 55
    3 - 8 (5.5)
    7.05 - 8.10 (7.58)
    heavily contested
    Gahaz Bandits 55
    4 - 12 (8)
    6.97 - 7.42 (7.20)
    Pirates (party, M2) 56
    6 - 15 (10.5)
    6.43 -7.80 (7.12)
    heavily contested, red and blue coral earring
    Cadry 55
    5 - 9 (7)
    6.32 - 6.84 (6.58)
    cadry ring
    Shultz Sausans 56
    4 - 12 (8)
    6.23 - 6.52 (6.34)
    shultz belt & necklace
    Desert Fogans 55
    5 - 10 (7.5)
    5.61 - 6.33 (5.97)
    seraph necklace
    Crescents 55
    4 - 11 (7.5)
    4.26 - 6.76 (5.51)
    crescent ring
    Desert Nagas 55
    5 - 10 (7.5)
    5.15 - 5.70 (5.43)
    Scroll Written in Ancient Language, Black Magic Crystal - Swiftness, Serap's Necklace
    Pila Ku 57
    7 - 12 (9.5)
    4.83 - 5.86 (5.35)
    sicils necklace
    Sausans (party) 53
    4 - 12 (8)
    4.97 - 5.52 (5.25)
    heavily contested
    Basilisks 56
    4 - 12 (8) (5.15) Scroll Written in Ancient Language, Basilisk's Belt, Black Magic Crystal - Assault, Basilisk's Belt
    Sulfur Mines 56
    6 - 11 (8.5)
    4.80 - 5.13 (4.97)
    arch. & travel maps, sicils necklace, Part for Explorer's Compass
    53 - 57
    3 - 10 (6.5) (4.80) Forbidden Book, Ancient Weapon Core
    52 - 56
    3 - 10 (6.5) (4.50) Forbidden Book, Asula's Crimson Eye Belt, Outlaw's Ring
    50 - 55
    80/120 3 - 7 (5) (4.20) Forbidden Book, Ancient Guardian's Seal (Golems & Cave), Asula's Crimson Eye Earring & Ring, Scarla Necklace
    52 - 56
    4 - 10 (7) (3.90) Forbidden Book, Belt of Shultz the Gladiator, Necklace of Shultz the Gladiator
    52 - 56
    3 - 10 (6.5) (3.80) Forbidden Book, Belt of Shultz the Gladiator, Necklace of Shultz the Gladiator
    Soldiers Grave
    53 - 57
    3 - 11 (7) (3.70) skill exp, Forbidden Book
    43 - 52
    60/90 2 - 6 (4) (3.20) Ancient Relic Crystal Shard
    36 - 46
    45/70 4 - 10 (7) (3.00) Ancient Relic Crystal Shard

    Making Money In BDO

    Making money when you first start BDO can be challenging. Attendance rewards that can be sold at the Marketplace help offset the costs of upgrading armor and weapons.

    The easiest and cheapest way beginners can make money right away is with afk fishing. Equip a fishing rod, walk towards the water, press your space bar. That is all you have to do to afk fish. Set this up over-night. Be sure to check the throw away junk box.

    The <Fish Vendor> Crio, sells fishing rods with 30 durability for 500 silver each. Better fishing rods can be crafted and sold at the Marketplace, but it will be hard for new players to get them. Many fishing rods have a skill level requirement. Read the fine print!

    Fishing Vendor in Veila Crio

    Like many things in BDO, fish have different quality levels. White is the lowest quality and worth the least amount, followed by green, then blue, and lastly gold. Besides fish, you can rarely catch silver keys and ancient relic crystal shards. The shards are selling for about 800,000 - 900,000 silver each.

    Fresh fish steadily decreases in value the older it gets. After 24 hours, your fish will be useless. If your fish is almost expired and worthless, dry it. Open the processing window (L key) and select the fish icon that represents the drying process. Insert fish, dry, and you'll have your fish forever. Dried fish can be sold at the Marketplace and used in cooking. One fresh fish = 2 dried fish in recipes.

    BDO Velia Fishing Hotspot

    Beginner Fishing Hot Spot
    West of Veila, along the beach, near where you defeated your first summoned boss, you will find a small group of players fishing all together. This fishing spot is well known for catching higher quality fish (gold and blue). Karon, the <Imperial Fishing Delivery> NPC on the dock in front of the <Storage Keeper> in Veila, will buy blue and gold quality fish at 250% of their base value, but he only buys a certain number of each type of fish during a set period. After his fish quota is filled, he will no longer buy your fish. Always try to sell your fish to him first, then sell what is left over to the <Trade Manager> Bahar. Use the NPC finder to locate him.

    Nodes & Hand Gathering
    Selling raw produce from nodes and hand gathering can net you a good amount, but processed materials are inherently worth more. (Most of the time.) Study the Marketplace under the Materials tab and discover what products sell the most and the price they sell for. Items in BDO have a set value range determined by the game developers. Each item has a minimum and maximum it can be sold for.

    Some crafted items like Beer, a worker stamina regeneration food, and Good Pet Feed will be in high demand. They have always been profitable, but that could change if the developers decide to update the price. You can also find items in which too many crafters have flooded the Marketplace and the price has dropped to the Minimum. Keep in mind that many items are not profitable to make! You can actually loose money crafting vs selling the processed goods on the Marketplace. It's important to do research before diving into a Life Skill or crafting.

    Beginner Grinding for Silver
    You will often hear players say that grinding is the best money per hour. This is probably true. But for beginners, grinding is a bit more complicated. Grinding for loot is heavily dependent upon how fast your pet can pick up loot. Many beginners probably won't have 5 pets and are probably trying to do their best with tier 1 pets. Not to mention, they might not have the best, already enhanced gear like veterans. You will probably start making pretty good money by grinding Saunils around level 36. Stay here as long as you can, if you're interested in making money. You will notice that the silver per hour is reported as being 4 to 10 million per hour. This is really good money at such a low level.

    Buying Silver with Real $$$
    For super fast money, you can always sell Pearl Shop items (Outfits, Horse Gear, and Pets) at the Marketplace. Double check in the lower left window of the Pearl item you are considering. Hover over the icons to make sure they have a marketplace value. If they don't have a marketplace value, they can't be sold on the Marketplace and will be bound to you once purchased.

    PVP & PVE Death Penalties

    BDO PVP Activation Swords

    Characters of level 49 and under are safe from PVP, but player versus player combat is enforced at level 50 and beyond (it can not be turned off). After you complete the quest that lets you move past level 49, another player can attack you at any time, except in safe areas like cities and towns. Unwanted PVP occurs most often because of hunting territory squabbles. If you don't like PVP, stay away from other player's "rotations" for popular grind spots. You will still get occasionally PVP'd while grinding when someone wants to take your spot, but it's not an every day occurance. Switch channels when grind spots are full.

    Some players just enjoy playing the bad guy and having negative Karma (aka red Karma). Negative Karma occurs when you "flag up" and keep killing players that aren't flagged for PVP (red named) and your Karma points sink below 0.

    PVP & PVE Death Penalties Depend Upon Karma: PVP penalties do not apply during node war, RBF (Red Battlefield), guild war declarations, duels, or arena.
    PVE Penalties don't apply for boss deaths.

    Guild Benefits

    BDO Guild Combat Skills Joining a guild has tangible benefits besides socializing and group activities. Guilds can earn points though guild quests and player advancement that they can spend on passive buffs to stats like Gathering, Fishing, and AP. There is also a daily contract payout amount that starts low and increases with time.

    Also, joining a medium or larger guild gives an extra daily attendance reward.

    Summary of Life Skills

    Pressing your P key will bring up a window with your character's information, including a list of Professions (Life Skills) at the bottom. There are 7 ranks for each life skill and 10 levels in each rank. Master has 30 levels and the highest rank of Guru has no cap that I'm aware of.

    We see color grades reflected in Life Skill levels:

    1. Guru
    2. Master
    3. Artisan
    4. Professional
    5. Skilled
    6. Apprentice
    7. Beginner


    Gathering is a profitable activity that lets you gather all kinds of crafting materials used in other Life Skills and worker workshops. In many quest lines, it's a requirement that opens up other Life Skill quests. Each gatherable resource requires it's own tool to gather. Buy gathering tools at a <Material Vendor> or on the Marketplace. Or purchase a Tool Workshop and have your worker craft them for you.

    BDO Gathering by a Fruit Tree
    Gathering Tools
    AxeUse on trees to chop wood
    HoeUse on vegetation to gather herbs, weeds, seeds, and flowers (Barehanded gathering without a tool will mostly reward weeds which are used in alchemy)
    Tanning KnifeUse on animal corpes to gather hides and feathers
    Butcher KnifeUse on animal corpses to gather meat (Also used in the Hunting Profession to gather multiple materials and Hunting XP)
    Fluid CollectorUse on corpses to gather blood or trees to gather sap (which are used in Alchemy)
    PickaxeUse on rocks, ore, and gem nodes to gather rough stone, ores, and gems
    Empty BottleUse to gather river and sea water
    Shabby ShovelUse in the desert of Valencia to gather muddy water, vanadium and titanium ore and shards, blue and violet crystals

    All gathering methods have a chance to proc the very valuable Hard and Sharp Black Crystal Shards which are used in enhancing gear.  Lucky and Magic Tools increase luck while gathering. There is debate on how much, if any, Luck plays in gathering Shards.

    Empty Bottle for leveling Gathering SkillIf you would like to increase your Life Skills, I recomend leveling up your Gathering Skill to at least Beginner 7 ASAP. This is easily done via Empty Bottle gathering at the fountain in Heidel. Purchase 34 Empty Bottles at the Material Vendor near the fountain. Or you can use any river/lake for gathering water. I like Heidel because the Material Vendor is only a couple steps away from the water source.

    BDO Gathering Fountain Water for Processing Quests BDO Gathering Water for Processing Quests

    Speedy Tip: Get to Apprentice 4 Gathering Skill to bypass 9 prerequisite Processing advancement quests. You may want to do them anyway, though, since they give you a free fence and other goodies.
    BDO Apprentice 4 Gathering for Processing quest line

    Gathering level Apprentice 4 is a little more challenging to obtain. You will need about 274 Empty Bottles filled. If you do skip the prerequisite quest chain for processing, then you will miss out on the Shabby Fence and some housing furniture, as well as additional Gathering/Processing XP.


    Press L to open the processing window. No tools are needed to process materials. Processed materials are inherently worth more than raw materials at the Marketplace. Processing, like fishing, is a good AFK way to generate extra income after it is leveled up. There is a questline to complete before you can process at higher levels. See our guide for the Beginner Processing Knowledge Questline.

    Processing Examples
    raw material T1 T2 T3
    BDO timber unprocessed
    BDO Processed Timber by Chopping: Plank
    BDO Processed Timber by Chopping: Plywood
    sturdy plywood
    BDO Processed Timber: Sturdy Timber
    BDO ore unprocessed
    melted shard
    BDO Processed Ore by Melting: Melted Shard
    BDO Processed Ore by Melting: Ingot
    pure crystal
    BDO Processed Ore: Pure Crystal
    In BDO, the Processing Skill allows you to chop, heat, dry, filter, shake, and grind resources into processed materials. These refined items are often used in higher level crafting recipes. Everyone is able to do basic T1 processing. However, if you would like to do the second level of processing, (to create plywoods, ingots, cloth, etc.), BDO requires you to obtain "Beginner" Processing Knowledge. There are up to three tiers of processing: T2 Beginner, T3 Skilled.


    Cooking is one of the first Lifeskills you will most likely level early on as you need to make Beer to feed your workers. Check out this Beer making guide, which also goes into greater detail on how to begin cooking. Cooking requires a Cooking Utensil installed in your residence. Purchase a Cooking Utensil from chefs or innkeepers. Utensils can sometimes be sniped on the Marketplace, or have your worker craft one in a Tool Workshop.

    The image below shows the location of all the Velia grain/cereal nodes you can purchase to make beer. ( I obtained the map's background from Thanks Fam! )

    BDO Grain Nodes Near Velia for Making Beer


    Riding and leveling your mount increases training skill. You need Beginner 5 Training Skill to capture a horse in the wild. Read a more detailed guide about training in our Training Guide.


    When I first started BDO, AFK fishing over night was the easiest way to earn money and it probably still is. To AFK fish, press Space Bar, and let it go. You will automatically loot the fish after 3 minutes. Catching rare fish levels your fishing skill faster. With better fishing skill, you can use better fishing rods. Active fishing takes more keyboard warrior skill. To actively fish, approach water, equip a fishing rod, and press Space Bar to begin fishing. After you get a bite, press Space Bar to reel it in. You must successfully complete 2 mini-games to loot the fish. If you fail either one, the fish gets away. Read more about fishing in our Fishing guide.


    You need a matchlock to hunt. To level your hunting skill, you need to butcher wild animals or do hunting quests. To get started with Hunting, you should know about the Hunting quest line detailed in this Hunting guide.


    You need a fence and seeds to begin Farming. Pruning, killing pests, breeding, and harvesting crops increases Farming Skill.

    Farming for Grain
    Farming is another profession you can do as a beginner that will help you get grain for making worker food. There is a low level quest line which will give you a free fence, or you can spend 3 CP on a Small Fence. Seeds can be acquired through gathering vegetation, the Marketplace, and seed vendors. A Withered Seed, sold by vendors, is the lowest quality seed, which will not yield very good results. But the good news is that you can breed them and there is a chance to obtain better seeds, which produce better crops. The next tier after Withered Wheat is the normal white grade Wheat Seed, which after about 5 hours from planting, will yield an average of 70 wheat.

    The image below shows the location of Camelia Loggia, who you can purchase Withered Wheat Seed from for 220 silver. It also shows the location of a Small Fence vendor, Martina Finto. ( I obtained the map's background from Thanks Fam! )

    BDO Withered Wheat Seed Near Velia for Making Beer

    Fences are rented from NPCs with Contribution Points. When you return the fence, your Contribution Points are refunded. Each fence type has a limited number of spaces for seeds. A small fence has 4 grid spaces. Grain seeds only take up 1 space each, so you can plant 4 grain seeds in 1 small fence.

    Fence Rental NPC Locations & CP Costs:
    Fence Number of Spaces Contribution Cost Vendors That Rent Fences Vendor Location Nearest City
    Small Fence 4 3 Martina Finto <Node Manager> Finto Farm Veila
    Enzo <Node Manager> Dias Farmr Calpheon
    Plain Fence 7 6 Finlin <Material Vendor> Tarif Tarif
    Paola Toscani <Farm Vendor> Toscani Farm Veila
    Norma Leight <Node Manager> Northern Wheat Plantation Calpheon
    Mercianne Moretti <Node Manager> Moretti Plantation Heidel
    Mayeri <Furniture Dealer> Trent Trent
    Goolie Gianin <Node Manager> Gianin Farm Keplan
    Strong Fence 10 10 Flaviano <Material Vendor> Heidel City Heidel
    Geranoa <Material Vendor> Calpheon City Calpheon
    Lashir <Material Vendor> Altinova City Altinova
    Shabby Fence 1 0 Quest reward from Jemkas Wyrmsbane: Because I Like You (Requires Gathering: Beginner 7 or quest chain) Northern Guard Camp, north of Heidel Heidel


    Trading is the act of obtaining one Trade Good and selling it to a <Trade Manager>, (for, hopefully, a profit). Trading is often touted as a profitable profession in the game, but you can actually loose money doing it, if you're not careful. Before getting into trade, be sure to read up on it. It is not usually recomended for beginners.


    Alchemy creates potions (most have a shorter buff than foods), magic crystals, and reagents for Skilled Processing (Plywood Hardener, Metal Solvent, Gem Polisher). Alchemy requires an Alchemy tool installed in your residence. Purchase an Alchemy tool from a General Vendor, or on the Markeplace, or have your worker craft one in a Tool Workshop. Alchemy isn't as easy to get started with as Cooking. All Alchemy recipes require rare materials that you have to gather yourself or rarely obtain through nodes. This profession will take lots of time to level up, but help boost your character's power in many ways.


    A beginner sailing boat can be purchased at the Wharf Master. You can sail at low levels to find fishing hotspots and other adventures, but it's not recomended to go too far out (Ross & Margoria Seas) until you are higher level and have an Epheria Sailboat. Sailing is very slow and the waters that are far out have sea monsters that quickly destroy a slow and weak boat. Building a good boat takes time and effort. Read more about Sailing in the Sailing Guide

    BDO Hotkeys (Default)

    The image below shows the default Hotkeys or Keyboard Shortcuts for different commands in BDO. The one you will use the most will be the Escape key. Through this, you can pretty much do anything you want, including accessing a helpful crafting knowledge database (F2) with recipes and item drop locations.

    One very handy tool in the Escape Menu is the Marketplace button. You can't actully purchase anything, but it's nice to be able to view markeplace demand on the go.

    BDO Hotkeys: Default Keyboard Key Commands

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